Super Gene - Chapter 1057 - Bullying the Shura Prince

Chapter 1057 - Bullying the Shura Prince

Chapter 1057: Bullying the Shura Prince


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

Zhou Ping looked at Han Sen. He and the others agreed with what the old officer had told them, but they really did not want the human compet.i.tor to lose.

Yu Tuoshan looked at his opponent and said, “I must say I never expected to encounter a human as honorable as you.”

“Our culture is richer than you might think; we’re not all composed of heartless rabble. Maybe when this is through, you can consider trying to learn more about us?” Han Sen was not fond of this compliment, as it suggested something quite sour.

“Let’s strike.” Yu Tuoshan’s muscles suddenly rippled and exploded with a number of green, pulsating veins.

The muscles now looked like steel cannons, and the shura’s once-pretty face looked hideous and demonic.

“If he’s transforming now, he must only now be preparing to fight for real. This time, he means business,” Ji Hailan said, with a frown.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures,” Zhao Yongbo said.

Ji Hailan replied, “Of course, that’s what Angel Gene specializes in.”

“You…” Zhao Yongbo’s face looked like he had been delivered a very personal insult.

“Stop arguing,” Bai Yishan said, to quell any possible bickering that may have arisen.

Back in the arena, Han Sen watched Yu Tuoshan transform but remained unfazed. He stayed motionless.

After the transformation, he noticed Yu Tuoshan’s lifeforce had increased considerably. The prince was now of much greater strength than Han Sen.

And again, he was unfazed. Raw strength was not absolute, and it was only one component of the art of combat. Han Sen had more than a few tricks up his sleeve, ready to deal with this simple, brutish threat.

Yu Tuoshan was not as strong as a king spirit of the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

When it came to fitness, Han Sen was lacking against king spirits, too. But his skills and abilities were, for all intents and purposes, just as strong.

Yu Tuoshan believed Han Sen was weak, but the truth was the opposite, and Han Sen knew it.

Raw power wasn’t the end-all.

Han Sen had been fortunate, though. His experiences during his time in the sanctuaries had led to him having nine open gene locks at a fitness level that was believed to be almost impossible. No one had ever achieved what he had done before.

Yu Tuoshan noticed Han Sen wasn’t moving an inch, so he took the opportunity to strike. As if his arm was a blade, he swung it towards his despised opponent.

He was using Shura Slash this time, wanting to ensure he ended the fight now and avoided allowing any more unfortunate mishaps to occur.

Yu Tuoshan’s hands were like metal cannonb.a.l.l.s, nearing Han Sen at a frightening pace with the plain desire to break him.

“Ah, that is the prince we all know and love. Witness the power, people! If Han Sen even thinks of blocking those fists, he can say goodbye to his hands.” Lian Chan’s smug att.i.tude had returned.

This was partially true for all the shura now. Excitement and fervor had returned to them in spades, which made Zhou Ping worry quite a bit.

Shura Slash was devastating against most humans who were unfortunate enough to be at the receiving end of it.

While it appeared fairly ordinary, the power it delivered was more frightening than any weapon.

Yu Tuoshan had reached the zenith of what was possible with this skill. He had mastered it, well and truly, and it would bring ruin to any human that sought to withstand it—or so it was believed.

Everyone thought Han Sen would dodge the strike, but just like before, Han Sen reached out his hand and attempted to grab his opponent’s fist.

“Fool!” Lou Lan said.

The shura who watched the stream yelled in delight.

But Han Sen was successful. He grabbed Yu Tuoshan’s hand, and the metallic cannonb.a.l.l.s were brought to an abrupt stop.

His hands were like pythons, and following the stop, Han Sen lifted Yu Tuoshan into the air and threw him down on the ground.


Han Sen walked forward and grabbed the shura by the waist, piledriving him into the ruined floor of the arena.

Roar! Yu Tuoshan raged like a monster. He leapt to his feet and ran towards Han Sen.


Han Sen side-stepped, grabbed the shura’s arm, and suplexed him into the ground.

The third-rank shura prince’s nose snapped.

Given a breath, Yu Tuoshan got back to his feet and tried to madly attack Han Sen once again. But it was like they were stuck in a loop because the same thing started to happen over and over. The prince would be thrown to the ground by Han Sen’s mountain-strong muscles, before leaping up to try again and falling prey to the same parry.

Everyone was quiet. There was no booing, and neither was there any thunderous applause. There was just silence. It was incredibly difficult to fathom what their eyes were relaying to them; they were now actually witnessing Han Sen bully a shura prince.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Despite the countless times he was thrown to the ground, Yu Tuoshan refused to concede. And eventually, he was spending more time on the ground than on his feet.

Yu Tuoshan’s hard body was as flimsy as an old dishcloth now.

It was a horrifying scene, one that nearly petrified all those who watched.