Super Gene - Chapter 1054 - Shura Punch

Chapter 1054 - Shura Punch

Chapter 1054: Shura Punch


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Lian Chan is streaming! Hmm, but that place doesn’t look remotely shura. There are human artifacts everywhere.”

“That’s because it is a human place. I wonder what My G.o.ddess is doing there?”

“Say something, My G.o.ddess! What is this place you have gone to?”

“It looks like a fighting arena. Are humans going to fight us again?”

“Whoa, is that Yu Tuoshan? Who is his opponent, I wonder?”

“Really? Yu Tuoshan is there?”

“Who is stupid enough to challenge him?”

“Look! A human has gone up as his opponent. He looks a bit young, though, doesn’t he?”

“Why are they putting some kid up against Yu Tuoshan? I hope they don’t get mad when this child gets beaten to death.”


Everyone believed Han Sen was too young to stand a chance. After all the years spent fighting humans, they had learned a lot.

Due to the advent of sanctuaries, humans became stronger the older they got. Someone who was that young was typically quite weak.

Lian Chan did not want the chief to find out she was streaming, so she stayed silent with the camera positioned just right.

Han Sen, who was now on stage, looked at Yu Tuoshan. Just as the intel stated, he had a muscular body that was complimented by purple eyes that glared wildly.

The purple horns protruding from his forehead were another confirmation that he was royal.

Shura dictated royalty differently than humans did. The shura monarchy was not based on lineage, and the heirs of a king would not always ascend the throne following their pa.s.sing. It was possible for any shura to become king, but they had to prove themselves as the most powerful of their kind, bar none.

The shura were so strong because of their culture, which revolved around fighting.

Han Sen and Yu Tuoshan eyed each other from opposite ends of the arena.

The shura disdained humans, and it was no different for Yu Tuoshan. Unlike many of the others, however, he would not underestimate an opponent.

Yu Tuoshan observed Han Sen carefully, placing much faith in what his eyes and gut instincts were telling him. It was very much the same way for Han Sen.

After giving him a good look, Yu Tuoshan could detect an aura of some power in his rival. His caution was appropriate.

Han Sen’s eyes were calm and full of confidence. It was a common look for him, but the shura believed there were generally only two reasons why an opponent would appear this way.

First, Han Sen could be a reckless character, uncaring for who he fought against.

Or secondly, Han Sen was confident in his own power after a careful examination of Yu Tuoshan himself.

Yu Tuoshan did not think the president of the Alliance would allow his daughter to marry someone so reckless, so Han Sen had to possess some amount of power.

Still, he wasn’t afraid. Yu Tuoshan was firm in the belief he’d win, and that hadn’t changed. But his excitement had increased, learning his opponent wasn’t going to be a total wimp.

“I am Han Sen. Please go easy on me,” Han Sen said.

If Han Sen won, they’d have to go exploring the crystallizer ruins together. Having an enemy for a companion on such a venture would be pointless.

The shura were still lacking an understanding for the subtleties and undertones of human emotions, though. They simply believed Han Sen was afraid. The fact he was just being polite never crossed their minds.

“Humans are so lame! Is that kid scared already?”

“Has he peed himself yet?”

“Haha, can you blame him? Our prince is far too powerful.”

“Humans can be tricksy, you know. Perhaps the boy is trying to lull the prince into a false sense of security, by presenting himself as a weak child?”

Whatever their opinion of Han Sen was, it was in some capacity bad.

“Humans have been known to fake things before,” Lian Chan said.

The beliefs and traditions of the shura and humanity could not be more different, so right now, it really was difficult for the shura to believe Han Sen was just being polite.

“I know what you’re doing, but I’m not going to hold back,” Yu Tuoshan said, staring at Han Sen with his bloodthirsty eyes.

In response, Han Sen spread his arms and said, “Please do.”

Yu Tuoshan’s muscles were like steel pistons, immediately launching Han Sen’s way.

The fist made the air ripple with shockwaves. It traveled at a blistering pace, in a bid to finish Han Sen in a single opening move.

“Shura Punch.” Many of the shura were shocked to see this skill used.

It was a punch every shura knew of, as it was a basic starter skill.

That being said, it made for a great canvas. Countless shura had modified it, using it as a template for new skills of their own.

It was nothing entirely special, but it was solid. It couldn’t be knocked, really.

Its simplicity was reflected in its appearance, but that’s not to say it looked fragile or weak in any way.

Han Sen hit back with Sonic-Thunder Punch.

Yu Tuoshan’s flesh and bone trembled with the simmering power that carried his strike, and effortlessly, it destroyed Han Sen’s attempt.


When their fists collided, Han Sen was knocked back a few meters, with skids marks tracing his knockback.

“This shura really is strong. Maybe I am a little out of my league here,” Han Sen calmly thought to himself.