Super Gene - Chapter 1053 - Battling Shura Again

Chapter 1053 - Battling Shura Again

Chapter 1053: Battling Shura Again


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

The shura agreed that Han Sen could take the place of one other human member on one condition: he would have to defeat the shura leader to prove himself.

“We can pick whoever we want to go, so why should we require their permission now?” Han Sen frowned, upon hearing the terms for his acceptance.

“We are co-operating with the shura. We need to take their views into consideration and deal with the entire matter responsibly. Things were settled, but it was you who wanted to change what we had already established. It is only fair for them to make a request, in exchange,” Ji Ruozhen explained.

“Fair enough,” Han Sen said.

Han Sen knew there was a limit to the number of people who could go, and there was a certain requirement of strength needed to be shown for going.

Only surpa.s.sers were able to go. Only they possessed the minimum requirement of strength, and the maximum, also. Demi-G.o.ds were considered too powerful, and were forbidden from entry.

For the shura, only fighters of the third rank could go. Any higher than the third rank would also be deemed too powerful. At the third rank, they would have a fitness of around the two thousand mark on the human scale.

This was actually a little higher than the humans who were going though, where the average sat at around one thousand eight hundred.

But with that being said, humans had advantages elsewhere, which helped level the playing field. Unlike the shura, humans could open gene locks and wield elements and hyper geno arts. The shura had to rely on raw physical strength.

Han Sen took a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p to Tans for the fight that would determine whether or not he could accompany the expedition. He knew full well who his opponent was going to be, as Ji Ruozhen made sure to give Han Sen all the details. While he wasn’t fond of the way Han Sen was forcing his way in, he didn’t want him to get hurt or go in without a clue of what he was going up against.

His opponent’s name was Yu Tuoshan. He was the seventh son of the current shura queen. On the human metric, his fitness had been calculated to be two-thousand-one-hundred-and-forty-three.

The other seven shura were bound to be of similar strength, as they were all regarded as elites.

As Han Sen journeyed to his fight, the shura held a meeting for themselves.

“My Prince, you can allow Lou Lan to fight in your stead,” the chief of the shura team said.

“He beat my brother, Yu Qielan! This is my fight; vengeance is needed!” Yu Tuoshan implored.

“Do not worry; he is merely a human surpa.s.ser. And he has only just become one. He is probably still suckling at the surpa.s.ser teat. You can beat him with ease, My Prince,” Lou Lan said.

“Indeed I can, all without ha.s.sle. His power is nowhere near the strength of a third rank fighter of ours.”

No one believed Han Sen could beat Yu Tuoshan.

The chief wished to say something, but Yu Tuoshan interrupted him and said, “It is time for the pride of that Han Sen to crumble like a castle to the ground. I am the one who will beat him, end of story.”

The chief tried to say nothing more, as he pretty much agreed with Yu Tuoshan. Han Sen hadn’t been a surpa.s.ser for very long, so it was likely his strength wasn’t comparable to them or even the other humans that sought to go with them.

Only the most elite of the surpa.s.sers were able to fight against the third rank shura. For the humans that hadn’t reached their stage, their fitness would be too low to compete.

When Han Sen arrived, the preparations for a fight had already all been established. There was no need to visit the base, and instead, he was able to go straight to the arena.

If Han Sen failed, he couldn’t join the operation. Therefore, there was no need for him to go, anyway.

Inside the training room, an audience of humans and shura had already a.s.sembled. They were excited to see the fight.

“This is crazy! Being the president’s son-in-law means squat. Hierarchical status means nothing when it comes to doing battle. I mean, how many gene locks could this kid have unlocked in the little amount of time he has actually been in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary?” An old man frowned.

Not even the humans sounded pleased with the circ.u.mstances that brought about this fight and the possibilities of what might happen during it.

“Teacher Zhao, you shouldn’t say something like that. Age and time spent somewhere do not always correlate to strength. If that was true, you should be the strongest man here, you old geezer! You’re a hundred years old, aren’t you?” a middle-aged man said.

“Ji Hailan, Professor Bai is the strongest. But Han Sen has only been there for a year. How many gene locks can you realistically expect him to have been able to open? If he makes it onto the team, he’ll just be someone else you’ll have to babysit,” Zhao Yongbo said.

Ji Hailan laughed in response, saying, “Keep any opinions and questions of your own to yourself, where they belong. We can take care of ourselves, so just mind your own business. If Han Sen can’t beat the shura down there, he’ll most likely be killed. He’ll be dead before we ever even have to babysit him.”

Professor Bai then stopped them and said, “Stop it, you two. These aren’t matters for you to concern yourselves with. Keep your attention on your own missions.”

The shura looked more excited than the humans did, this time. They leveled up quickly, and they could achieve their third rank before the age of forty. Compared to the humans, they were quite young.

“Lian Chan, what are you doing?” Lou Lan asked, watching another shura woman use her communicator.

“I am streaming the fight,” Lian Chan responded.

“Put it away. If the chief sees you, it’ll be bad,” Lou Lan said.

“The Prince is going to win, that much is obvious. It’s only fair that the rest of our people get the opportunity to see how cool he is,” Lian Chan said as she continued to adjust her camera’s position to capture the entire arena.

Lian Chan was from a big royal family of the shura, and she was of a lineage that had many shura kings in the past. Even though the Yu family was in charge now, she and her family still possessed a great deal of influence.

Lou Lan didn’t think there was a need to stream, but he wasn’t too concerned about her desire to. Allowing the shura to watch a guaranteed victory would be an excellent morale-boost that the people of the shura sorely needed.