Super Gene - Chapter 1049 - Holy-Sword Doll

Chapter 1049 - Holy-Sword Doll

Chapter 1049:

Holy-Sword Doll


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Xie Qing King, if you do not know when to relent, then do not blame me for the actions I take.” Holy-Sword Emperor’s fear soured and became anger when he saw how and boisterous the old spirit continued to be.

Holy-Sword Emperor raised his hands as he had before, and his ten fingers quickly became ten lethal swords. But it went above and beyond what Han Sen had previously endured. The ten split up into a hundred. The hundred split up into a thousand. The thousand then split up into ten thousand.

A ten thousand-strong army of swords departed the caster’s hand, flew up high, and hung in the air. They cloaked the entire sky, making the world below look doomed.

Han Sen was shocked, seeing all those swords hovering above the lake with their pointy ends facing down. He grabbed ahold of Bao’er and readied himself to escape.

Xie Qing King was unfazed by this threat, though. The silver that coursed around and across his body burned brighter than ever.

The swords began to drop. But just as this occurred, the light inside Xie Qing King seemed to diminish and look almost wholly extinguished.

Yet he did not retreat or step down. As the color faded away, he just stood there, watching the swords fall like rain.


As the Storm of Swords began, the color of the skies changed. The world was about to become a ragged pincus.h.i.+on.

As Xie Qing King witnessed the descent of all those swords, his silver light return brighter than ever before, like a flashbang. As that light encompa.s.sed the area, he threw a punch upwards as if to knockout the sky itself.


The silver light annihilated the mist of swords as if they were all composed of wafer-thin, brittle copper.

The silver light then moved towards Holy-Sword Emperor. The spirit’s face was one of utter shock, but it didn’t last. Within the course of the next second, he was vaporized by the fallout of that blinding flash.

When the light subsided and the sky cleared up again, Xie Qing King coldly said, “No one threatens me.”

After that, he fell to the ground. All the healing he had received was gone again, and the wounds across his body opened up once more. The lifeforce was now so low, he could pa.s.s for an ordinary human.

With Bao’er, Han Sen stepped forward to examine Xie Qing King. When they did, they noticed his lifeforce was in a state that was beyond recovery; he was dying.

Being so injured and casting an attack like that anyway could be ruinous. It was fortunate he did not outright die through some sort of wicked implosion, brought on by the buckling of a weakened body trying to cast such a terrifying attack.

But Han Sen admired him even more now. The bravery he displayed was exemplary.

Han Sen was considering using the silver fox’s healing power to try and save him, or at least stop the bleeding, but suddenly, a noise sounded. Holy-Sword Emperor was still alive, crawling to his feet from beneath a mound of broken sword pieces.

“No way! I saw him explode. He was vaporized!” Han Sen looked on in disbelief.

Xie Qing King was in an equal amount of shock. He mumbled, “There is no way you survived that attack of mine.”

Holy-Sword Emperor coldly growled, “You really are good. You broke my Storm of Swords; if it wasn’t for my Holy-Sword Doll, I’d have been killed. Using it now was a grand loss, but it will have been worth it, if it has granted me the opportunity to kill someone as prestigious as you.”

When Holy-Sword Emperor said this, he ran towards Xie Qing King in a huff. Then he stepped on his face.

Holy-Sword Emperor made it sound as if he didn’t mind the loss of the Holy-Sword Doll, but in truth, it bitterly stung him. It had cost him a fortune to grow it.

But he hated Xie Qing King, and having his scroll of the phoenix stolen drove him mad. He hated his guts.

Xie Qing King looked at Holy-Sword Emperor with eyes that were filled with disdain.

Holy-Sword Emperor hated that look, so he rubbed his foot in his face harder and applied as much pressure as he could.

Suddenly, a golden light appeared and Holy-Sword Emperor felt a strange power approach. It was Han Sen, clutching his Phoenix Sword.

“You are just a human; do you really wish to threaten me with that? I can kill you in the blink of an eye. But unlike this prehistoric fool, you won’t resp.a.w.n.” Holy-Sword Emperor knew Han Sen was a human, and he thought that Xie Qing King had simply taken Han Sen as an average human slave.

“You’re right; I can’t resp.a.w.n.” Han Sen smirked, and then went on to say, “Killing someone in battle is fair play, but humiliating someone like him is wrong. You can’t humiliate him.”

Hearing this, Xie Qing King’s eyes jumped a little. What he was now thinking about, though, none could guess.

“Hahaha! You can’t tell me what to do. No one tells me what to do, ever! You are in no position to lick my boots clean, let alone lecture me about humiliating an old fart that’s past his prime.” Holy-Sword Emperor brought his foot down harder, and then barked, “I will break your limbs one by one, boy. And I’ll make you watch how I slowly torture and humiliate this worthless spirit. And once I’m done with him, I’ll skin you alive and wear you for a coat!”

Holy-Sword Emperor summoned a few more swords and fired them towards Han Sen.

Han Sen swung his sword to knock the incoming projectiles away. Then he said, “Don’t embarra.s.s me with such lame attacks. Come on, show me what you’ve really got.”

Han Sen knew Holy-Sword Emperor would come for him eventually, and a fight between them was inevitable. If he wanted to maintain his control of Sword-Furnace Shelter, though, he had to learn how to beat the spirit. Now was the time he could put his strength to the test.

“D*mn you!” Holy-Sword Emperor now felt like the one being humiliated. He couldn’t believe a human was brazen enough to speak to him like that.

Another ten thousand swords were summoned, all propped up in his direction, prepared to skin Han Sen alive.

But Han Sen was still calm, and all of a sudden, the wings of a crow formed upon his back.