Super Gene - Chapter 1048 - Gold Raven Beast Soul

Chapter 1048 - Gold Raven Beast Soul

Chapter 1048: Gold Raven Beast Soul

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“Good job. Go take a rest,” Xie Qing King said. His silver armor was in bad shape, and he was bleeding from the wounds he had sustained. Still, he had managed to push through and eliminate the three remaining birds.

Han Sen felt great relief following the end of that fight. There was one thing he had learned from this ordeal, though. It was to never mess with Xie Qing King. If Han Sen ever had to fight him, he knew he wouldn’t win; not even if he used his super king spirit mode.

While they rested, Han Sen went to check on the bird Xie Qing King had punched away. It was actually still breathing, just barely.

“I’m good at cleaning up people’s messes.” Han Sen approached the wounded bird with his Phoenix Sword.

He slashed its neck twenty times, and on the final strike, the spine was broken through and the entire head was severed.

“Super Creature Three-Claw Gold Raven killed. Beast soul gained. Its flesh is inedible and there is no Life Geno Essence for retrieval.”

Han Sen was so delighted, he felt intoxicated. He even thought he was dreaming for a moment, learning he had received another beast soul.

Even if he could not find or obtain the primary treasure of this strange realm for himself, all the trials he endured thus far had been worth it.

Han Sen looked at Xie Qing King and thought to himself, “He’s so nice. He’d be even nicer if he helped me kill more.”

But Han Sen’s wish was unlikely with Xie Qing King. The spirit enjoyed punching, and more often than not, his punches ended up messily exploding of their recipients.

“My Emperor is so powerful! You are the greatest spirit in the sanctuary!” Han Sen complimented Xie Qing King with surprising sincerity, swiftly returning to his side. While he did admire him a great deal, he was hoping the expression of such grat.i.tude would convince the spirit to go a little easier in the next battle, and provide Han Sen with a few easy finisher-kills.

But as Han Sen complimented Xie Qing King, the spirit suddenly collapsed.

Han Sen saw his wounds were oozing silver blood. Many of the wounds were deep enough to reveal the bones inside.

Xie Qing King was strong, that could not be denied. But he was a hulking t.i.tan that preferred to withstand hits and power through a battle; he wasn’t one for dodging. Going up against those four birds in that way had been a reckless thing for him to do.

Fortunately, Han Sen was able to draw one of the ravens away. If his greed hadn’t gotten the best of him, and Xie Qing King had to fight all of them himself, he might not have survived.

Seeing Xie Qing King sitting on the floor, bleeding, Han Sen wondered if he should kill the spirit now while he had the chance. And while he may have indeed had the opportunity and capability to do so, he noticed that Xie Qing King’s spirit stone was nowhere in the vicinity. Killing him now would just make him upset, and that would not be good.

Han Sen ran over to Xie Qing King and used his holy light, saying, “My Emperor, are you okay?”

Xie Qing King frowned and said, “Your healing is useless for a body as marvelous as mine. Take me to the lake, if you want to see me healed.”

Han Sen already knew the ability was useless, though. After all, it was an ability he had learned in the Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary. He only used it to appear kinder, more faithful and appreciative.

Han Sen then picked up Xie Qing King in his arms and took him over to the lake.

He hoped Xie Qing King could heal. If Holy-Sword Emperor showed up again, he would most certainly be back with a vengeance—especially towards Han Sen.

With Xie Qing King there, though, Han Sen hoped the spirit could protect him and defeat Holy-Sword Emperor once and for all. But for that to happen, he’d have to be healed.

“I don’t think Holy-Sword Emperor knows about this place, though. Does he? Regardless, I just need to get this dude patched up,” Han Sen thought to himself.

But just as Han Sen finished thinking, a shadow flickered over the gentle waters of the lake. It was Holy-Sword Emperor. Speak of the devil.

Han Sen wanted to slap himself in the gob.

“How dare you show yourself in front of me like this,” Xie Qing King coldly said.

Holy-Sword Emperor merely smiled and said, “I know you were born many years before I was, but you’re not an emperor. Our powers are similar, I now realize. And now, with you being injured, you stand no chance. Give me the scroll you stole and I’ll let you live. Either that, or I’ll kill you and take it by force.”

“Did you just threaten me?” Xie Qing King’s eyes looked murderous, as his stare drilled into Holy-Sword Emperor.

“Yes. And I’ll act on my threat if you don’t do as I have just told you.” Holy-Sword Emperor returned his gaze. He had been hidden out of sight for quite some time, spying on him.

“It looks like the spirits of today have changed; they do not acknowledge those who should be their superiors.” Xie Qing King stood up, as lake water dripped from the cuts it was working to fix.

Xie Qing King had been grievously injured, but he still stood up straight and strong. He was a renowned fighter, someone whose strength and power had been greatly admired in the past. The way he stood now resembled the glory of his hey-day, and this struck fear into Holy-Sword Emperor and his smug face.

Injured or not, people who possessed such power were always scary.

“Fine. I won’t kill you, in respect for who you once were. But that scroll was mine, and you stole it. Give it back to me and I’ll walk away,” Holy-Sword Emperor asked, with a softened tone of voice.

Xie Qing King stepped forward; his naked, dripping body that was covered in cuts was quite impressive to Han Sen.

“The scroll now belongs to me, fool. I’ll kill you in a single punch, punk. Who do you think you are, talking trash to an OG like me?” Xie Qing King spoke calmly, but the words were infused with a profound malevolence. It was frightening to hear him talk like that.

The silver blood in his body burned like veins of virgin, mithril ore. His entire body was suddenly set ablaze with silver fire. Seeing power that simmered like that would strike fear into a G.o.d.