Super Gene - Chapter 1020 - Past Life Lover

Chapter 1020 - Past Life Lover

Chapter 1020: Past Life Lover

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Han Sen had his people bring the body of the slain turtle and Liu Yuxuan with them. They followed the snake he rode upon through the region the creature presided over.

Bao’er climbed ahead of Han Sen, sitting directly on the snake’s head. She held the creature’s horn, which worried the others.

If her behavior angered the white snake, no one could imagine what wrath might be brought down upon them.

Liu Yuxuan spoke a lot about how cruel and evil the white snake supposedly was, but from what they were actually seeing, his words couldn’t be further from the truth. It didn’t mind Bao’er climbing all over it, and it continued leading them in a delightfully tame and kind manner without an ounce of hostility.

It went quickly, though. Lin He and his fellows often had trouble keeping up, but it seemed to acknowledge their existence by slowing down for them, every now and again.

The group traversed this portion of the mountain without a single incident. All was well and all was safe. When had gone as far as it could, it gently allowed Bao’er and Han Sen to disembark. Then, it returned to its domain as swiftly as it had initially left it.

“Brother Han, why do super creatures treat you like this? Were you once a renowned super creature king in a past life?” Chen Hu asked, in equal parts amus.e.m.e.nt and awe.

Everyone seemed to be a little dazed by what was going on. No one had ever seen or even heard of a human receiving such treatment from creatures before.

“If I told you I didn’t know why they treated me this way, would you believe me?” Han Sen asked.

Lin Weiwei just smiled and said, “I’d believe you. Super creatures are… unpredictable, to say the least. But perhaps there is an item in your possession that attracts them to you.”

“That most certainly sounds like a feasible possibility,” Lin He added.

Their comments reminded Han Sen that he did indeed have something special on him, but it was something he had brought with him from the Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

The only special item he had acquired recently was the Dragon-Blood Ring. But if his possession of that was why, then neither the wolf nor the monkeys would have attacked him.

Han Sen, unable to understand, shelved those thoughts for the time being.

“Well, Han Sen, is it time we decide what to do with this *sshole? Should we kill him and be done with it?” w.a.n.g Yu said, with a tone of utter contempt.

The jig was up for Liu Yuxuan, and it had been revealed to them all how much of a spiteful, twisted, back-stabbing liar he truly was. The region they had crossed with the snake was nothing like he described.

“Don’t kill me! I just don’t like Han Sen, that’s all. I only tried to get rid of him!” Liu Yuxuan was on his knees, sobbing for mercy.

“Little Han, what will you do?” Lin He asked.

“Kill him.” Lin Weiwei, now understanding what he had planned to do, was in great relief she had not decided to follow him to the shelter.

“We’ll take him with us for now. If something seeks to attack or kill us, he’ll make a fine decoy,” Han Sen coldly said.

To Han Sen, he was a dead man already. The only reason Han Sen was going to allow him to live a little longer was so his death could prove at least somewhat useful.

Hearing what Han Sen said, they each thought it to be the best course of action. They did not have any more ideas or opinions to share.

A while later, they all stopped for a rest. Since there were hungry stomachs all around, Han Sen got to preparing a meal from the turtle he had slain.

The turtle was a fairly big creature, so it was going to prove too big for Han Sen to eat all by himself. As such, he offered some of the cooked turtle to the others, and they each accepted a portion.

Bao’er looked excited, eating the turtle. She had developed a great taste for meat.

While everyone ate and dined merrily, though, creatures approached them. A white, sacred-blood deer walked up to Han Sen and placed down a clump of holy gra.s.s in front of him. Then, it left.

It wasn’t long until other creatures showed up, bringing with them the carca.s.s of a creature they had hunted. They laid it down in front of Han Sen and walked away as well.

Han Sent cooked the creature he had been provided, and he was delighted to learn it was a sacred-blood creature, too.

Liu Yuxuan had no clue why all the creatures of the mountains, those he had once believed to be utterly wretched, wished to please Han Sen.

Everywhere Han Sen went, creatures welcomed him. He received an abundance of gifts over the course of their travel, all beyond their wildest expectations.

“Little San-San, you must have been quite the romantic creature lover in a past life,” Lin Weiwei said.

“I must have worked hard, all day and night, to please the number of creatures that seek to reward me.” Han Sen gave her a wry smile.

“Maybe you were just a popular figure, adored by all?” Lin Weiwei suggested.

“Yep, I can believe it. Everyone must love Brother Han!” Chen Hu said, in admiration.

Han Sen replied to them both, saying, “Maybe in a past life, I was their king.”

“King…” Lin Weiwei shook her head. Then, she said, “No, more like a celebrity.”

“Yep, a celebrity,” Chen Hu said.

Han Sen wasn’t actually a believer in the concept of reincarnation. He knew there was a reason for the kindness being shown towards him by the creatures, but he just couldn’t figure out what it was.

But at least it made for a pleasant journey. Encountering creatures was no longer a problem for them, and the fear that first plagued their journey had vanished. Before Han Sen, every creature was tame and gentle.

They went on in this manner for quite some time. They traveled for an entire month, and they moved at a quick pace. Their lives were better than they had been, even when they were living in a human shelter.

Han Sen had eaten two whole wolf kings, some turtle, and a variety of other meats given to him by creatures. In total, his sacred-blood geno point tally managed to reach fifty-six.