Super Gene - Chapter 1019 - This Must be a Nightmare

Chapter 1019 - This Must be a Nightmare

Chapter 1019: This Must be a Nightmare

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Seeing Han Sen continue to walk forward, not slowing down for a single second, Liu Yuxuan was moving from afraid to terrified. It didn’t help that Han Sen had remained silent the entire time, as well.

Most people that found themselves being suddenly dragged away against their will by an angry man would object quite loudly, but Liu Yuxuan remained as quiet as he could. There was a risk he was trying to avoid, despite thinking Han Sen’s bluff was still in play.

Lin He and Lin Weiwei could see the two from where they were, and they watched intently. They were still a little unsure about what had motivated and instigated Han Sen’s aggression, but they knew there was more to this than met the eye.

Liu Yuxuan’s eyes were wide open now, having realized Han Sen had strolled directly into the area the beast was said to feast on intruders.

“You’re crazy! That’s it, we have to go! We have to go now or else we die!” Liu Yuxuan finally spoke, and his voice wasn’t at normal volume. It was a scream, one driven by an intense fear of imminent death.

Han Sen stopped, looked at the wriggling worm, and said, “Why would we die? I thought you said this is a safe road, and that our exit from the mountain is just beyond here.”

“Do it! Just do it! Get out! Leave this place!” Liu Yuxuan was writhing around with what looked like a broken mind. He really didn’t want to die, and he was utterly terrified of the concept of waking up the super creature that was said to live there.

“Leave? Leave here? Give me one good reason to.” Han Sen was slowly starting to walk forward again.

“You are crazy! It’s a dead end, not an exit! And only death will await us both if you continue going forward!” Even the deaf could have heard Liu Yuxuan’s hopeless crying, and so pretty swiftly, his scheme was revealed to the party that watched from afar. If it wasn’t for Han Sen, they all would have merrily walked into a trap, still thinking Liu Yuxuan was a decent fellow.

Han Sen turned around and dragged him back to Lin He. Then, he threw him onto the ground.

“*sshole! Why do you want to hurt us?!” Chen Hu was furious at this revelation.

“Run! Run!” Liu Yuxuan believed the creature must have woken up by now.

“It would be best we stay away from this area for now. Come, let’s backtrack a bit,” Han Sen said.

Lin He agreed, saying, “Yes, Chen Hu, everyone, let’s go.”

But suddenly, the sound of a wicked scream and an explosion was heard from far behind them.

“We are dead because of you!” Liu Yuxuan yelled at Han Sen, as if he was a victim.

Han Sen frowned at the emergence of a new threat, but he was not afraid.

The sound was loud, and the noise of something hissing was quickly drawing near. A white snake came into view.

It was like a cross between a white cobra and a dragon. The head possessed a unicorn horn, and ice-like eyes. The scales of its form were like threaded diamonds. The monster was as beautiful as it was scary.

n.o.body’s legs could move, though, and it felt as if something was keeping them from fleeing.

The creature was infinitely more frightening than the Blood-Wing Beast King they had previously encountered. In the presence of that monster, they could not even think about running.

Even Lin He felt his body stiffen, and all he could do was remain still, watching the snake approach.

The snake looked at the crowd and hissed. Its forked tongue rattled in the open maw. As everyone looked on, they were sapped of their hope of survival.

Liu Yuxuan looked as if he belonged in an asylum. He was crazy, mumbling and dribbling in fear. He repeatedly blubbered, “That’s it, man. Game over, man. Game over!”

In the next second, the white dragon moved in front of Han Sen. Everyone thought he would be the first to go, regretfully.

The snake pulled out its tongue and touched his body.

Han Sen was able to move the entire time, but he had chosen not to. He knew the beautiful white snake was not actually going to be hostile at all.

He had, of course, at first prepared to fight. But as the snake drew nearer and nearer, he was able to realize there was no aggressive intent in its approach.

Amidst everyone’s mounting shock, a white mushroom fell out of the snake’s mouth and into Han Sen’s hands. Then, the snake lowered its head in front of him.

“Is this for me?” Han Sen looked at the mushroom with confusion.

The mushroom was very big, and the lifeforce it possessed was no joke. It was incredibly strong. Simply smelling it was enough to bring a person’s mind great comfort, and it looked so delicious, Han Sen thought he could hear his cells moaning and groaning for a taste.

It was lucky the super creatures had no intention of harming him, but Han Sen couldn’t yet understand why that was. And stranger yet, why were they delivering him gifts?

Having also received the blood fruit earlier, he now thought to himself, “Does Lady Luck simply have a crush on me? Is this her work?”

Liu Yuxuan was frozen for a different reason now. He watched what occurred with immeasurable shock. He exclaimed, “Impossible! Dragon Saliva! Impossible!”

Everyone looked at Han Sen strangely. They now knew for sure that the Blood-Wing Beast King really had only cared for Han Sen.

Suddenly, though, the white snake grabbed Han Sen. They believed it was going to eat him for a second, but that spike of fear was quickly alleviated. It had only grabbed Han Sen by his clothes, and gently, it placed him on its back. It had decided to guide him through the next region of the mountain.

Seeing Han Sen atop the white snake, Liu Yuxuan’s broken mind seemed to completely shatter. He muttered, “This must be a nightmare. I have to wake up! This must really be just a bad dream.”