Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 906 - You Will Regret It

Chapter 906 - You Will Regret It

Chapter 906 - You Will Regret It

s.h.i.+ Feng was also somewhat surprised by Gan Xingteng's yelling. He then shot a curious look at Gan Xingteng, whose countenance had completely distorted.

Something occurred to s.h.i.+ Feng.

The White Tiger Dojo might've already entered into a partners.h.i.+p with a corporation, and instead of recruiting more members to attract investors, it was already preparing to enter G.o.d's Domain.

Meanwhile, in reply to the questions posed by the disciples of the White Tiger Dojo, Gan Xingteng simply sent them a glare and said strictly, "If you want to join a Gaming Workshop, be my guest. When the time comes, don't blame me for not warning you."

Immediately, the crowd from the White Tiger Dojo fell silent.

In all dojos, there were two kinds of disciples. The first kind had to pay an exorbitant fee to join and was usually there just to train their body and learn some combat techniques. The dojo didn't place them under any restrictions. The second kind was under contract. They were subject to relatively strict restrictions. However, they paid only a small fee or, depending on their rank, nothing at all to receive nurturing from the dojo. Disciples under this category were all aiming to become professional fighters, and they were more like contracted artists working for an agency.

The White Tiger disciples who had come to the Big Dipper Dojo this time all fell under the latter category.

They had undergone multiple examinations just to get accepted as a contracted disciple of the White Tiger Dojo. After all, the White Tiger Dojo was renowned in the industry, having produced many famous industry professionals. Just being able to get selected as a contracted disciple proved that one was already among the cream of the crop.

If they were expelled from the White Tiger Dojo, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Faced with that sort of pressure, everyone naturally no longer dared to harbor thoughts of joining the Zero Wing Workshop.

"The White Tiger Dojo sure is overbearing. Their contracted disciples don't possess any freedom at all."

"If it were me, I wouldn't stay in such a dojo at all. It's not even a guarantee that I'd become a top-tier professional in the future."

"Sure enough, our dojo is much better. Aside from the usual training, we can do whatever we want during our free time."

The disciples of the Big Dipper Dojo were shocked at the restrictions the White Tiger Dojo placed on its disciples. Previously, they still felt relatively envious of the White Tiger Dojo members. Now, however, rather than envious, they felt fortunate that they had not joined such a tyrannical dojo.

Moreover, s.h.i.+ Feng had already a.s.sured them that anyone who managed to join Zero Wing's Workshop would definitely gain significant improvements in the future.

Not only would they be able to earn money, but they would also be able to improve their strength.

Compared to joining the White Tiger Dojo, they would have a much better life staying at the Big Dipper Dojo and joining Zero Wing's Workshop.

When the White Tiger Dojo members heard the Big Dipper disciples' words, their complexions turned extremely ugly. At this moment, none of the pride they had before was evident on their faces.

At the White Tiger Dojo members' silence, s.h.i.+ Feng simply smiled and said, "The choice is yours. I won't force you to make a decision. If you guys really want to join, you are welcome to come here and take the test any time."

Although the White Tiger Dojo's interference made it more difficult for him to poach You Ziping, now that the boy had come to Jin Hai City, the White Tiger Dojo would naturally come into conflict with the Big Dipper Dojo. At that time, he would still have plenty of opportunities to scout You Ziping. Having already cast his bait, all he needed to do was wait patiently.

As far as s.h.i.+ Feng knew, You Ziping had chosen to develop himself at the White Tiger Dojo because he liked the daughter of one of the White Tiger Dojo's branch heads. Unfortunately, this branch head had not favored You Ziping and had given her daughter to a genius fighter called Xie Qiwen, instead.

Xie Qiwen was very amazing. At just the young age of 25, he had already managed to qualify for an international fighting compet.i.tion. Meanwhile, You Ziping had been a mere advanced disciple of the White Tiger Dojo back then, mingling only at the bottom ranks of national compet.i.tions.

With such a great disparity between the two young men, it was obvious which person the branch head would choose.

After that incident, You Ziping had left the White Tiger Dojo and joined the Super Guild Pantheon. Afterward, his achievements had skyrocketed.

According to the current timeline, that branch head should not have given her daughter to anyone yet. You Ziping and Xie Qiwen were still competing with each other for her hand. However, if You Ziping did not present any outstanding performances to that branch head, then trying to gain her daughter would definitely be a pipe dream.

Currently, Xie Qiwen was a big celebrity in the White Tiger Dojo. He was already a famous fighter on the national level. You Ziping simply stood no chance the way he was right now.

If You Ziping wanted to have a fighting chance against Xie Qiwen, then the opportunity to strengthen himself that s.h.i.+ Feng was extending to him was his only chance.

Even if the current You Ziping did not wish to join Zero Wing, once he felt that he could not outcompete Xie Qiwen, he would surely think back to the absolute strength Fire Dance showed today. At that time, he would naturally consider joining Zero Wing.

Just as Gan Xingteng thought that no one would dare to join the Zero Wing Workshop, a White Tiger Dojo member suddenly raised his hand.

"I want to take the test!"

Gan Xingteng and the other White Tiger Dojo members promptly turned to look at the origin of this voice.

The person speaking was a young man around 20 years old. To those aiming to become professional fighters, his body was slightly too thin. It was truly hard to imagine how such a person had managed to become an intermediate disciple of the White Tiger Dojo.

"Lu Ping, have you lost your mind?!" You Ziping was filled with shock as he turned to look at the young man currently taking care of him.

In the White Tiger Dojo, Lu Ping's talent was considered merely average. The only reason he had managed to become an intermediate disciple was his having trained at the dojo for many years. Currently, he was already 21 years old, yet he had been promoted to an intermediate disciple just recently.

He could also be considered one of the few friends You Ziping had in the White Tiger Dojo.

You Ziping never imagined that…

Lu Ping would actually forsake his future at the White Tiger Dojo just to join a Gaming Workshop.

Although You Ziping wanted to dissuade his friend, Lu Ping forestalled him.

"I'm different from you. You are a genius, while I'm just an ordinary person. I know my own limits. It would be a miracle if I can even become an advanced disciple by the time I reach thirty. Rather than continue walking on this path, I would rather take a gamble," Lu Ping explained.

Hearing these words, You Ziping inwardly ridiculed himself. At the same time, he also understood that Lu Ping was firm on his decision.

The other members of the White Tiger Dojo could more or less understand Lu Ping's feelings as well when they heard his explanation.

Gan Xingteng, however, had an extremely ugly expression on his face right now.

He had originally come to the Big Dipper Dojo, representing the White Tiger Dojo, to humiliate the people here as well as poach some of its disciples. He had never imagined that he would end up on the receiving end of this plan, instead. If news of this matter were to spread, the White Tiger Dojo's reputation would fall into ruin.

"Hahaha! Good! Very good!" Gan Xingteng could not help but laugh madly at this development. He then turned to Lu Ping and said, "I won't hold you back if you want to leave. However, you will definitely regret this decision in the future! We're leaving!"

Seeing that several more people in his group were starting to show signs of hesitation, he no longer dared to remain here any longer. He hurriedly called for everyone to leave the Big Dipper Dojo.

At this time, Cola walked up to the somewhat dazed Lu Ping and patted the young man's shoulders. In a very welcoming tone, Cola then said, "Brother, I have high hopes for you! I can a.s.sure you that, if you manage to join the Zero Wing Workshop, it will be—without a doubt—the wisest decision you make in this lifetime! I mean, take myself for example. Before I joined Zero Wing, I was far weaker than your current self. As long as you work hard, you will certainly become much stronger than you would ever be if you stayed in the White Tiger Dojo!"

"May I know how long Big Brother has been with Zero Wing?" After Lu Ping took a close look at the tall and robust Cola, as well as considered the feeling he got when Cola had patted his shoulders, he could tell that Cola possessed immense physical strength. He estimated Cola's strength to be equal or above that of Gan Xingteng's.

After making a rough calculation, Cola answered honestly, "It's been roughly a month since I've started training officially."

"Just over a month?! And you say you were weaker than me before?! You're not lying to me, right?!" Lu Ping's eyes widened in shock. He simply could not believe Cola's words.

Cola rolled his eyes at Lu Ping, feeling that the young man was getting overly excited over nothing. He then pointed to Fire Dance and the others and said, "Why would I lie to you? All of us here started taking part in the special training at the same time. If you don't believe me, ask them yourself!"

"That's right. All of us did indeed start training here only a month ago, more or less. And before Cola began the special training, he really was weaker than your current self." Fire Dance nodded and laughed.

Hearing Fire Dance's confirmation, Lu Ping was immediately dumbfounded.

Or to put it in another way, the amount of information was just too much for his brain to process.

Right now, he felt as if he had wasted all his life training for nothing.

Just what kind of place did he come to?