Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 737 - Absolute Power

Chapter 737 - Absolute Power

Chapter 737 - Absolute Power

The appearance and disappearance of the black-and-white pillar of light stunned everyone.

The power of this sudden attack was simply devastating.

The shocking scene etched itself deep into everyone’s minds. It was difficult to forget even if one wanted to.

“Just what was that thing?”

At this moment, looking at the half-kneeling Mountain Giant, the shock Gentle Snow felt was indescribable with words.

It would have been fine if the pillar of light had just killed every player within a radius of 200 yards. However, not only had the devastating attack dealt over 4,000,000 damage to the Level 54 Great Lord, but it had also placed the Mountain Giant in a Heavily Injured state, immobilizing it.

Although the Mountain Giant could still fight, its controller, Purple Eye, had already died within the pillar of light.

Normally, summoned creatures could only move within a certain range from their summoners; they could not leave this area. Meanwhile, if the summoner died, the summoned creature would also vanish.

One could say that this dependence on the summoner was the weakness of a Tier 3 Summoning Scroll.

Initially, Gentle Snow had also considered killing the player controlling the Great Lord. However, it was simply impossible for them to circle around the Great Lord and break through the numerous elite players protecting the summoner. Hence, they could only retreat in defeat.

But with this devastating power, not to mention killing the controller, even killing the Great Lord would not be a problem.

Compared to the shock Gentle Snow and the other members of Ouroboros were feeling, the members of the Star Alliance were utterly dumbfounded.

If just a single attack could kill over a thousand players, wouldn’t it be only a moment’s effort to finish off tens of thousands of players? Just how were they supposed to go up against this power?

Setting aside the fact that the attack covered a radius of 200 yards, the speed of that attack was simply not one that players could dodge. One could say that the instant the black-and-white beam of light appeared, everyone within its range of attack only had death awaiting them.

Suddenly, everyone could not help but turn to look at the origin of that beam of light.

“Black Flame!!!” Galaxy Past’s eyes immediately turned crimson with rage, his expression becoming exceedingly ugly.

Galaxy Past had known the location of Zero Wing’s main force ever since s.h.i.+ Feng launched his attack on the elite legion stationed on the mountain. The only reason he had not sent anyone after them was because he intended to have the Flower of Seven Sins finish the job. He had never imagined that s.h.i.+ Feng would have such a card as well.

In just a single attack, s.h.i.+ Feng had exterminated one of his trump cards.

The Star Alliance had paid an unimaginable price to obtain that Tier 3 Summoning Scroll. Moreover, this price did not take the form of Coins. Instead, it was the Magic Crystals that the Star Alliance had ama.s.sed with much difficulty during this period. Yet, now, before the Mountain Giant could even begin to display its strength, s.h.i.+ Feng had already wiped it out of existence.

At this moment, Galaxy Past wished he could rip out s.h.i.+ Feng’s heart with his very own hands.

“Kill! Kill them all! That kind of attack should only be usable once! Victory still belongs to us!” Galaxy Past immediately notified everyone as he began attacking the members of Ouroboros in a frenzy.

Due to Galaxy Past’s reminder, everyone from the Star Alliance quickly regained their senses.

Launching such a heaven-defying attack even once was already plenty amazing. The possibility of Zero Wing pulling off another such attack should be extremely low.

Currently, although one of their two Great Lords had been defeated, they still had one left. The advantage their side possessed had yet to disappear. Zero Wing and Ouroboros were still on the losing side.

“Aqua, how long till the next shot?” s.h.i.+ Feng could not help but ask as he saw the Star Alliance going into action once more.

The requirements to use the Mana Pulse Cannon were extremely stringent. It had its limitations.

Firstly, the cannon could not be used inside Dungeons. Otherwise, dealing with Dungeon Bosses would be a piece of cake. A few shots would be all it would take to clear the Dungeon.

Secondly, the cannon had a relatively long Cooldown time after firing before it could fire again. Normally, this Cooldown was roughly three to four minutes long.

Thirdly, it was extremely costly to fire the cannon, with each shot costing 1,000 Magic Crystals.

Even ordinary large Guilds were unlikely to obtain 1,000 Magic Crystals in a day. Yet, the Basic Mana Pulse Cannon only needed an instant to waste it all. In terms of Coins, the cannon cost over 200 Gold to fire each time.

To first-rate Guilds, 200 Gold was not a small amount, not to mention 1,000 Magic Crystals.

Even if first-rate Guilds possessed a Basic Mana Pulse Cannon, they would not be willing to use it unless absolutely necessary.

“There’s still another 30 seconds,” Aqua Rose, who was controlling the Mana Pulse Cannon, immediately replied after taking a look at the Cooldown time.

Previously, she had felt slightly confused when s.h.i.+ Feng had asked her and Blackie to follow him. However, after s.h.i.+ Feng took out the Basic Mana Pulse Cannon, she was left dumbfounded for a long time. She never imagined there would be such a horrifying weapon even in G.o.d’s Domain.

Of course, one also needed considerable financial strength to use this horrific weapon.

First and foremost, the Basic Mana Pulse Cannon’s selling price of 20,000 Gold was enough to deter the majority of the Guilds in G.o.d’s Domain from buying it. The next part was the fuel of 1,000 Magic Crystals.

If Zero Wing had not occupied Stone Forest Town and could not collect a large amount of Magic Crystals from the various large Guilds every day, using the Mana Pulse Cannon would really have been too expensive.

However, she also could not help but admit that this money was well spent.

Just a single shot had directly stunned everyone in the Stoneclaw Mountains. However, compared to the cannon’s actual effects, its impact on morale was much more amazing.

In a war, if one side’s momentum were suppressed by the other, this would greatly affect the spirits of both sides, regardless of whether it was the stronger side or the weaker side.

“Alright. The next target will be that Cerberus. Make sure you don’t let the summoner get away,” s.h.i.+ Feng commanded. He then messaged Gentle Snow, having her lure the Cerberus as close as possible to the Basic Mana Pulse Cannon.

The Basic Mana Pulse Cannon only had a shooting range of 15,000 yards. Beyond this range, the cannon was no threat.

After receiving s.h.i.+ Feng’s message, Gentle Snow immediately began directing Ouroboros’s army with renewed vigor, to move closer to s.h.i.+ Feng’s location.

Seeing the members of Ouroboros escaping, the players on the Star Alliance’s side naturally gave chase.

The duration of a summoned creature was limited. Obviously, they needed to achieve the greatest results during this time limit.

Thirty seconds quickly pa.s.sed.

“You’re next!” Aqua Rose aimed at the approaching Cerberus and fired the Mana Pulse Cannon once more.


The black-and-white beam of light shot directly at the three-headed hound.

Despite the distance of several thousand yards, the energy pulse of the Mana Pulse Cannon took only an instant to hit a spot close to the Cerberus.

When the black-and-white pillar of light appeared in the Stoneclaw Mountains once more, every player at the outer area of the Dungeon was able to see it clearly.

War Wolf had noticed the energy pulse the moment it appeared. However, he instantly knew that it was too late to avoid it. The only thing he could do was activate every Lifesaving Skill he possessed.

However, the energy pulse, which had the might of a Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spell, was not something a measly Tier 1 player could defend against. Even for s.h.i.+ Feng, his only option when going up against this attack would be to activate s.p.a.ce Movement to escape. The Aura of Earth’s Absolute Defense might not even be able to defend against this move, as invulnerability in G.o.d’s Domain was not absolute.

If an attack surpa.s.sed the limit a Skill could endure, it would likewise break through the Skill.

After the black-and-white light pillar dissipated, as expected, War Wolf had fallen to the energy pulse. The Cerberus had disappeared as well together with War Wolf. At the same time, over a thousand Overwhelming Smile members had also been turned into ash, leaving behind only a crater filled with equipment.