Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 736 - Battlefield Dominator

Chapter 736 - Battlefield Dominator

Chapter 736 - Battlefield Dominator

“Now that Zero Wing has used up their Frost Grenades, they no longer have anything to depend upon. Although the Dark G.o.ds Legion is slaughtering the elite legions of the Star Alliance, the Alliance has already sent over 500 experts to hold back the Legion.

“Once the duration of the Dark G.o.ds Legion’s Berserk Skills ends, Zero Wing’s Dark G.o.ds Legion will be finished as well.

“Even if the 100 experts of Zero Wing’s main force were to take action now, the of the Flower of Seven Sins will block them. This battle should be nearing its end now.

“Autumn, have the others get ready. We’re heading over to the highland Black Flame has occupied right away.

“Now that the outcome of this war is about to be determined, it should be about time for the Flower of Seven Sins to make its move.”

Yuan Tiexin, who stood observing from an elevated position, could not help but shake his head. In the end, going up against the major forces of G.o.d’s Domain was simply impossible for an upstart Guild with no background. However, even if Zero Wing was defeated, the fact that the Guild was able to survive up to this point was already a matter to be proud of.

“Uncle Yuan, isn’t there still Ouroboros’s elite army of 60,000?” Cold Autumn had previously read the report on Ouroboros. The army led by the Snow G.o.ddess Gentle Snow was not something to discount. Moreover, there were also several noteworthy experts on Ouroboros’s side.

Currently, the difference in the number of elites between both sides was no longer as large as when the war began. It was still too early to establish the outcome of this war.

“If the Star Alliance and Overwhelming Smile did not possess that trump card, the outcome of this war would indeed be undetermined,” Yuan Tiexin said, smiling as he shook his head.

“The Star Alliance’s trump card?” Cold Autumn looked at Yuan Tiexin very curiously.

A war involving over a hundred thousand elite players was not something that could be decided with just any ordinary trump card. However, judging from how a.s.sured Yuan Tiexin was, the trump card was precisely that powerful.

“I have also only heard this piece of information from the Guild Leader. Just the other day, the Star Alliance and Overwhelming Smile both spent an extremely ma.s.sive sum to purchase two Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls from a Super Guild,” Yuan Tiexin said. Enviously, he added, “Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls are exceedingly rare in G.o.d’s Domain. They can be of great help in capturing towns or when used in Guild Wars. Even the Secret Pavilion has only managed to gather a few pieces after going through many difficulties. Every piece is a treasure that cannot be bought even with thousands of Gold Coins.

“A place with narrow terrain like this is indeed unsuitable for large-scale battles. However, it is the best environment for a Tier 3 creature to exert its advantages. A Tier 3 creature can serve as the best s.h.i.+eld and sword in this war. With the a.s.sistance of a large group of elite players, a Tier 3 creature can easily annihilate an army of several thousand elite players. What more with two Tier 3 creatures? Without sufficient experts to pin down them down, these monsters will slaughter elite players. Zero Wing and Ouroboros will stand no chance against these monsters.”

When Cold Autumn and the others heard this, they s.h.i.+vered involuntarily.

The power that two Great Lords controlled by players could exert was simply unimaginable. With the current strength of players, coping with these monsters was impossible. They could only rely on zerg tactics to kill the Great Lords. However, the number of sacrifices required to do so would be horrific. To Zero Wing and Ouroboros with their smaller fighting force, this trump card of the Star Alliance would be a fatal one.


Meanwhile, on the battlefield of Ouroboros and the Star Alliance, as both sides were almost evenly matched, the number of casualties on both sides was nearly equal.

“Since Zero Wing is almost finished, Purple, give Ouroboros the final blow,” Galaxy Past, who was commanding the battle, whispered to Purple Eye.

They had brought two Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls to this war. One was in Purple Eye’s hands, while the other was in Overwhelming Smile’s War Wolf’s hands.

Galaxy Past was not in control of the Tier 3 Summoning Scroll in Overwhelming Smile’s possession. However, seeing as Zero Wing had already become sheep for the slaughter, he did not wish the Star Alliance to continue losing more elite members.

“I understand,” Purple Eye, who was fighting at the frontlines, replied, her lips curling up into a smile. She then excitedly retrieved the Tier 3 Summoning Scroll in her bag. Unfurling the scroll, she shouted lowly, “I summon thee, Mountain Giant!”

Suddenly, in the heart of the intense battlefield, a ma.s.sive magic array appeared in midair.

In the next moment, a Mountain Giant with a body made entirely of rocks fell from the aquamarine magic array. The Mountain Giant was over 50 meters tall, and all players before its colossal body were no different from ants.

[Mountain Giant] (Elemental Being, Great Lord)

Level 54

HP 20,000,000/20,000,000

Purple Eye was currently Level 34. Meanwhile, creatures summoned using Summoning Scrolls would be 20 Levels higher than their summoners. Hence, the Mountain Giant summoned was Level 54. At the same time, its control also fell to Purple Eye.

As the number one Elementalist in the Star Alliance, Purple Eye’s standard in terms of techniques was slightly above even Galaxy Past’s.

The instant the Mountain Giant appeared, Purple Eye promptly controlled it to slaughter hundreds of Ouroboros’s elite members. Immediately after, the Mountain Giant abruptly stomped on the ground, and the ground within 120 yards of the Great Lord’s feet trembled. In the next moment, at the rear line of Ouroboros’s legion, a rock spike with a radius of 20 yards shot up from the ground, instantly annihilating dozens of Ouroboros’s healers and striking panic in the remaining healers.

Previously, the battle between both sides remained at a stalemate. With the appearance of the Mountain Giant, however, it immediately became a one-sided struggle.

When Ouroboros’s attacks landed on the Mountain Giant, none of them dealt more than 100 damage due to the Level and Tier suppression. Even after adding up the efforts of several hundred players, the total was merely in the tens of thousands. To the Mountain Giant, who had 20,000,000 HP, this amount of damage was not worth mentioning. Just its battle recovery alone could maintain it at full HP.

The Mountain Giant was essentially a strength-type Great Lord. With a single blow, it could instantly kill a full HP Level 30 elite MT. Moreover, as all of the Mountain Giant’s attacks were AOE attacks, when it came to a crowded battlefield, a single blow from it could kill anywhere from a few to more than a dozen players. The Mountain Giant completely dominated this entire battlefield with overwhelming force.

In less than five minutes, one of Ouroboros’s 3,000-man elite legions was wiped out. This scene shocked the other elite legions into a constant retreat.

Shortly after the appearance of the Mountain Giant, a Level 54 Great Lord ranked three-headed hound appeared on Overwhelming Smile’s side of the battlefield.

[Cerberus] (Dark Creature, Great Lord)

Level 54

HP 17,500,000/17,500,000

Although the Cerberus did not possess as much HP as the Mountain Giant, it was significantly superior to the Mountain Giant in terms of magic damage. Its Movement Speed and Attack Speed were also much faster. When it came to killing elite players on the battlefield, it was even more proficient than the Mountain Giant.

After two Level 54 Great Lords joined the battlefield, Ouroboros’s members immediately fell into a panic.

The two Great Lords both possessed quite a number of AOE Attack Skills. In a battle of thousands, they could easily reap the lives of hundreds of elite players every pa.s.sing moment. Ouroboros could not offer any resistance whatsoever.

“Snow, what should we do now?” Zhao Yueru felt her scalp tingling and her body s.h.i.+vering when she looked at the two Great Lords. If they could not deal with these two Great Lords, Ouroboros would have no chance of victory at all.

“We don’t have any other choice. Let’s use our final card. Although it can’t stop these two Great Lords, it will be able to trap them for a short time. This should give us enough time to escape their pursuit,” Gentle Snow said, gritting her teeth. She inwardly felt great frustration. She had never imagined that they would lose this war just like this.

Faced with two Great Lords, choosing a direct confrontation would only increase their losses. As for waiting until the summoning duration of the two Great Lords ran out, by the time that happened, everyone from Ouroboros would most likely be dead already.

Just as the two Great Lords were pus.h.i.+ng forward relentlessly, a beam of alternating black and white lights flashed down from a distant mountaintop, directly piercing the advancing Mountain Giant. A black-and-white pillar of light then appeared, devouring an area of 200 yards around the Mountain Giant.

When the light pillar dissipated, not even a blade of gra.s.s lingered within the 200-yard radius. Only a large crater and a half-kneeling Mountain Giant remained.