Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 728 - The Popular Stoneclaw Mountains

Chapter 728 - The Popular Stoneclaw Mountains

Chapter 728 - The Popular Stoneclaw Mountains

After s.h.i.+ Feng finished delegating tasks, he headed to one of the Special Forging Rooms in the Candlelight Trading Firm.

The Star Alliance had gone all out this time. Naturally, the Guild would dispatch a large number of its elite members. Based on the information Aqua Rose had obtained, the Star Alliance had dispatched more than 80,000 elite members.

The Alliance had sent more than four times what Zero Wing possessed.

Moreover, that was not the end of it. Aside from the Star Alliance, the other large Guilds had secretly dispatched a large number of players to help the Star Alliance. Over 120,000 elites had gathered.

In a head-on clash, Zero Wing had zero chances of victory.

The Star Alliance also had the help of the Flower of Seven Sins’ experts. As long as the Flower of Seven Sins pinned down or killed Zero Wing’s experts, they would have no hope of escaping the slaughter.

Although Gentle Snow had said she would help, even if they included the power of Ouroboros, they still far from enough to secure a victory.

“Guild Leader, here are all the materials that you requested,” Melancholic Smile said as she entered the forging room. She proceeded to stack materials on the stone table.

Melancholic Smile understood the Star Alliance’s strength. Zero Wing had no chance against this opponent. Yet, during such a crucial period, s.h.i.+ Feng shut himself away in this forging room, producing items. She was confused.


Time pa.s.sed, little by little.

The Star-Moon Kingdom had gone into an uproar.

The Star Alliance, a first-rate Guild, was going to face-off against Zero Wing in the Stoneclaw Mountains. How could anyone not be excited? Everyone was eager to see who would emerge victorious.

On one side, the Star Alliance was a first-rate Guild with a powerful background and countless members.

Meanwhile, although Zero Wing did not have as many members, it had an army of experts. The Guild even had a monstrous character like Black Flame.


In the Stoneclaw Mountains’ outer region:

Ever since the Star Alliance had declared war on Zero Wing, a large area in the outer region had been cleared out to act as the upcoming battle’s battlefield. The Star Alliance quietly waited for Zero Wing to arrive.

“Guild Leader Galaxy, as we predicted, Zero Wing has begun to gather their members. It seems they plan to fight to the bitter end,” Twilight Echo’s Guild Leader, Glorious Echo, said, laughing.

“Guild Leader Echo, rest a.s.sured, we won’t disappoint Miss Willow. As long as Zero Wing shows their faces, we will show them complete and utter annihilation. As for Zero Wing’s experts, however, I will leave them for you,” Galaxy Past said, similarly laughing.

“You can rest a.s.sured. The Flower of Seven Sins’ reputation is not undeserved. As long as they make a move, even Zero Wing’s Black Flame will surrender his life,” Glorious Echo said, patting his chest confidently.

Previously, Glorious Echo had only heard about the Flower of Seven Sins. This time, he had witnessed the organization’s power personally.

No first-rate Guild stood a chance against that power.

Glorious Echo had rewatched the battle video of the Flower of Seven Sins facing the Dark G.o.ds Legion more than half a dozen times so far.

In terms of equipment, the Dark G.o.ds Legion could rank at the top of G.o.d’s Domain. Even Twilight Echo’s strongest legion could not compare to the Dark G.o.ds Legion. However, what had shocked Glorious Echo the most was the Legion’s Berserk Skill.

All 300 members of the Legion possessed a Berserk Skill. After activating their Berserk Skill, even the weakest member possessed the strength to overwhelm a fifth-floor expert with top-tier equipment.

Neither Twilight Echo nor the Star Alliance possessed more than 100 experts who had broken past the Trial Tower’s fourth floor. Even a veteran Guild like Twilight Echo only had around a dozen more of such experts than the Star Alliance.

Meanwhile, these experts were considered the highest combat power first-rate Guilds like theirs possessed. As for second-rate Guilds, even having 30 of these experts would be impressive.

Yet, the Dark G.o.ds Legion had 300.

After watching the Dark G.o.ds Legion, Glorious Echo finally realized why Black Flame had been so confident and had been able to look down at Twilight Echo, going so far as to pick a fight with Open Source Corporation.

Even so, the Flower of Seven Sins’ 50 players had wiped out the Dark G.o.d’s Legion’s 300.

Despite the numerical advantage, the Dark G.o.ds Legion had been nearly annihilated, while the Flower of Seven Sins had not suffered even a single death.

The difference was ma.s.sive.

“I’ll have to thank you for that, then.” Galaxy Past laughed.

In truth, even without the Flower of Seven Sins, Galaxy Past was confident in defeating Zero Wing.

The Star Alliance and Overwhelming Smile had secretly joined forces, and Overwhelming Smile had sent a large group of experts to support the Star Alliance. Among the experts, there were a few that could even threaten Galaxy Past. The captain of these experts, War Wolf, was even someone that Galaxy Past wisely feared.

Aside from Overwhelming Smile, the Star Alliance had also formed a secret agreement with the other large Guilds, and these large Guilds had sent plenty of experts to support the Alliance as well.

Based on Zero Wing’s latest statistics, the Guild had over 200 members who had pushed past the Trial Tower’s fourth floor. There was not a single Guild within Star-Moon Kingdom capable of coming close to this number.

However, after including the experts that other Guilds had sent, Galaxy Past counted more than 1,000 fifth-floor experts on their side. Purely in terms of numbers, they had already exceeded Zero Wing by at least five times. Zero Wing had no chance of winning this war.

Yet, unless they no longer cared for their reputation, Zero Wing could not back down.

Otherwise, Zero Wing would become a laughing stock. They would lose any prestige they had earned.

Moreover, Zero Wing would not be as lucky as it had been during the war for Stone Forest Town.

Galaxy Past had chosen the Stoneclaw Mountains for the battle precisely because he was afraid that Zero Wing would somehow come up with another powerful monster. However, there was no monster in the Stoneclaw Mountains’ outer region that the Star Alliance could not handle.


In one of the Stoneclaw Mountains’ stone pillar forests, the members of Overwhelming Smile cleared out the monsters. Standing at the lead was a Level 34 s.h.i.+eld Warrior who wielded a ma.s.sive, deep-blue s.h.i.+eld. This s.h.i.+eld Warrior currently took on two Half-orc Lords. Yet, despite receiving attacks from the two Lords simultaneously, this s.h.i.+eld Warrior remained steady like an iron wall. No matter how hard the two Half-orc Lords struggled, they could not break past this Warrior’s s.h.i.+eld.

“Boss Wolf, Zero Wing is really finished this time. Not only must it face the Star Alliance, but they also have to face us. As long as we crush Zero Wing, White River City will belong to Overwhelming Smile.” Soaring Snake, who bombarded a Half-orc Lord, could not help his excitement about their army’s strength.

“Overwhelming Smile and the Star Alliance are just working to get what each of us wants. Moreover, Zero Wing is not our main objective. Instead, we need to hinder Ouroboros. You are not allowed to get revenge on Zero Wing on impulse,” the pale-faced War Wolf said. Glancing at Soaring Snake, he continued, “Moreover, it is too early to determine the outcome of this battle. Don’t forget how Dark Star perished under Black Flame’s hands. It is better to avoid trouble whenever possible.”

“Boss Wolf, Big Sis Youlan has already reminded me. Why would I dare act impulsively and ignore the bigger picture?” Soaring Snake said, laughing.


While the various large Guilds prepared for war, s.h.i.+ Feng had finished crafting the items in the Candlelight Trading Firm’s Special Forging Room.

“Aqua, have the main force and the Dark G.o.ds Legion gather at the Residence in Stone Forest Town.”