Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 727 - War! War! War!

Chapter 727 - War! War! War!

Chapter 727 - War! War! War!

White River City, Zero Wing’s Guild Residence:

Due to the Star Alliance’s sudden provocation, Zero Wing was in disarray.

Previously, the Guild’s lack of response towards the Dark G.o.ds Legion’s annihilation had caused many members within the Guild to feel dejected. If not for Aqua Rose holding everyone back, many members would’ve rushed to the Stoneclaw Mountains to seek revenge.

Now that the Star Alliance had launched such a challenge as well, how could they contain their anger?

As it was difficult to locate a small number of independent players, they could have ignored the previous a.s.sault. However, it was a different story with the Star Alliance. Their enemy had even prepared a battlefield! Even if the Star Alliance was a first-rate Guild and had set up a trap, they needed to show everyone that Zero Wing was not a Guild to provoke. At worst, they’d just have to die once.

“Vice-Leader Aqua, everyone in the Guild is ready to fight! If you give the word, we’ll leave immediately and annihilate the Star Alliance!” many core members stepped forward and declared.

Zero Wing was no longer the weak upstart Guild it had been before. Now, it was White River City’s overlord. The Guild already had over 100,000 members. They even had close to 20,000 elite members. Although the others were not elites, they were not far from it, either.

They could definitely put up a fight against the Star Alliance.

“You guys are taking this situation too lightly. Since the Star Alliance has dared to provoke us openly, they are confident in defeating us. Moreover, the Star Alliance is not our only enemy,” Aqua Rose said, shaking her head. After seeing that forum post, it would be a lie if she said she wasn’t enraged. If she were an ordinary Guild member, she would have torn apart the Star Alliance’s members on the battlefield by now. However, she was not an ordinary member of the Guild, so she could not do so. She had to consider the Guild as a whole.

As long as it was not one of the Guild’s important figures, even if they died tens of times, it would not impact the Guild. However, if every elite member died even once, the Guild would be wounded.

If that happened, the best case scenario would be the Guild’s development slowing down and losing its previous advantages.

In a more severe case, the Guild’s development would stagnate, and from then on, the Guild would no longer be able to contest for supremacy over G.o.d’s Domain. All of their time and efforts would be for naught. Such a situation had occurred many times throughout the virtual gaming world’s history. The Guilds involved had long since been forgotten. Hence, a Guild had to be extremely cautious with each step it advanced.

Pa.s.sion was not enough for a Guild to become an overlord in G.o.d’s Domain. Otherwise, there would not be so few first-rate Guilds.

Yet, if Zero Wing, the overlord of White River City, did not respond to the Star Alliance’s provocation properly, then any prestige the Guild had gained would vanish like smoke. Who would join such a guild in the future?

“The Star Alliance has stooped low this time. They are actually using such a despicable tactic,” Fire Dance said, frowning. “However, if we accept their challenge, the Flower of Seven Sins will a.s.sist them from the sidelines, targeting our Guild’s experts. The other Guilds might even try to take advantage of the situation and strike as well. The Star Alliance will devour us.”

“Fire, you’ve fought a party leader from the Flower of Seven Sins before. Do our main force and the Dark G.o.ds Legion really stand no chance against them?” Aqua Rose asked as she gave Fire Dance a concerned look.

“The Flower of Seven Sins have equipment that is in no way inferior to our main force’s. Only those of us wearing Tier 1 Set Equipment are slightly stronger than them. However, they are experts who have the experience of many years of trials and tribulations. Even the organization’s most ordinary member is only slightly weaker than I am in terms of combat techniques. The majority of their members are a lot stronger than me. If not for my weapons and equipment, as well as Magic Scrolls and the Power of Darkness, I wouldn’t have lasted against that party leader for long. When I faced that party leader, his defense was impeccable. He was able to see through all of my attacks easily and prepare. It felt as if I were fighting our Guild Leader.”

Hearing Fire Dance’s experience, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air, their previous pa.s.sion vanis.h.i.+ng completely.

Everyone finally understood just how frightening the Flower of Seven Sins was.

Fire Dance’s combat techniques ranked third within Zero Wing, and only s.h.i.+ Feng could win against her with absolute certainty.

Yet, just an ordinary member from the Flower of Seven Sins possessed combat techniques that were nearly equal to Fire Dance’s. Meanwhile, there were as many as 50

Fighting them would be like facing 50 Fire Dances. Moreover, among these 50 people, there were monsters that could rival Black Flame.

Obtaining victory would be impossible.

A monster like Black Flame could play an unimaginably ma.s.sive role in a war against tens of thousands of players. Meanwhile, they had to take down at least six such monsters…

In truth, when Black Flame had seen the list of, even he had been surprised.

“Vice-Leader Aqua, what are we supposed to do?” Blackie had begun to panic a little. “Neither fighting nor hiding is an option.”

“I can’t make that decision. Let’s contact our Guild Leader first.” In truth, Aqua Rose had an idea: send a portion of the Guild’s members into battle while leaving behind the Guild’s core strength. That way, even if they suffered defeat at the Star Alliance’s hands, they would retain the Guild’s core combat power. They would still be able to contend for supremacy over G.o.d’s Domain. However, only Black Flame could make that final decision.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

When Aqua Rose mentioned their Guild Leader, a sense of reverence and confidence blossomed in everyone’s hearts.

So long as their Guild Leader gave the command, even if they had to fight to the very last man and repeatedly die until they were Level 0, they would do so willingly. At most, they would just start all over again with their Guild Leader.

Suddenly, the conference hall doors swung open.

A familiar figure appeared before Aqua Rose and the others.

“Guild Leader!

“Guild Leader, you’re back!”

Immediately, everyone in the conference hall stood up.

“Sit. I already know what’s going on.” s.h.i.+ Feng could not help his happy smile when he saw everyone in the room. They had all done very well by holding themselves back, giving the Flower of Seven Sins little to no chance to attack. Now, it was time for their Guild Leader to take the stage.

“Blackie, what’s the status on my previous request?” s.h.i.+ Feng asked.

“We bought everything we could get our hands on. Melancholic has even gone to other kingdoms and empires to purchase them. We should have enough for our needs,” Blackie said confidently.

“Good. Collect these materials for me. Don’t worry about the price. As long as it doesn’t exceed twice the original price, buy everything,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, nodding. He then handed a list of materials required to manufacture the Nine-star Polar Domain to Blackie. Turning to look at Aqua Rose, he said, “Since the Star Alliance wants a war, then war is what we’ll give them! Aqua, pick 10,000 elite members from the Guild and have them prepare to head to the Stoneclaw Mountains!

“All members of the main force and the Dark G.o.ds Legion should also head out and replenish their supplies.

“Everyone, let’s destroy the Star Alliance!”

When s.h.i.+ Feng finished speaking, his Guild members were dumbfounded.

None of them had imagined that s.h.i.+ Feng would be so decisive.

In the blink of an eye, however, pride rose in everyone’s hearts.

Their Guild Leader was way too cool!

Today, even if they suffered total annihilation, they would show that Zero Wing was not easily bullied!