Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 655 - Flame Shaman

Chapter 655 - Flame Shaman

Chapter 655 - Flame Shaman

It had been a relatively long time since G.o.d’s Domain launched.

During this period, even an ordinary player’s sensitivity towards danger had increased significantly, not to mention experts’.

Many a time, experts of G.o.d’s Domain would not judge an opponent’s strength based solely on the other party’s weapons and equipment. They also judged their opponent’s strength based on the degree of danger they felt from their opponents.

An expert’s combat power was not limited to their weapons and equipment. Combat techniques and powerful Skills also affected a person’s combat power. These were hidden aspects, not visible until combat. Hence, one had to rely on intuition to judge a person’s strength.

Gentle Snow was very confident of her own perception because, up until this day, her intuition had never failed her.

It reminded her of her first encounter Ye Feng. Although Ye Feng’s equipment had been pathetic, his level had been very low, and he had not felt threatening in the least, her intuition had told her that s.h.i.+ Feng was extraordinary. And indeed, her intuition had not been wrong. Time had proven that s.h.i.+ Feng was truly extraordinary.

Meanwhile, Gentle Snow’s intuition currently told her that…

The group of people in front of her was very deadly. They were not as simple as they appeared. It felt as if every single player had a ferocious beast hidden inside their bodies. Only, these beasts had yet to expose their true nature.

Zero Wing is growing more mysterious by the minute. Gentle Snow laughed bitterly as she subtly examined the crowd from Zero Wing.

In the past, Zero Wing had been no more than a small, weak Guild, yet, before anyone realized it, the Guild had grown into a towering existence. Even Ouroboros had to treat Zero Wing seriously.

Fortunately, their two Guilds had long since formed an alliance. Otherwise, Zero Wing would be a formidable enemy.

“Let’s talk inside,” Gentle Snow said as she led the way to a large Tent.

s.h.i.+ Feng nodded and entered the Tent with Aqua Rose and Fire Dance.

During G.o.d’s Domain’s early stages, players only had needed to travel for a short time to arrive at their destination. However, as players reached higher levels, the time they spent on travel increased. When going out to the fields to level up, it was typical for players to not return to their respective cities for several days. Meanwhile, when players wish to rest, they could rely on these Field Tents.

HP and Mana would recover quickly when consuming food and beverages. However, Concentration and Stamina would not. Generally, players had to return to a city to rest and recover. With a Field Tent, however, there was no need to do so. Although the recovery speed while inside a Tent could not compare to resting in a city, it was sufficient.

Only, ordinary players could not afford a Field Tent. Just an ordinary 6-man Tent sold for 10 Gold at NPC Shops, not to mention 20-man, 50-man, or 100-man Tents.

Not only did one need enough money to purchase a 100-man Tent, but they also needed a certain amount of Reputation.

The large Tent before them was a 100-man Tent, and it had cost 200 Gold. If one had sufficiently high Reputation, they could receive a small discount. However, even then, a 100-man Tent would still cost more than 150 Gold.

Inside, the Tent looked like a Guild Residence’s conference hall.

Currently, more than a dozen people sat inside the Tent, and every one of them was a member of Ouroboros’s upper echelon. They were uniformly Level 30, and their equipment was among the best one could find. Meanwhile, the beautiful and vibrant Zhao Yueru relaxed amongst these players, currently dressed in white and red luxurious mage robes. In her hand, she wielded a red-jade staff covered in runes. Looking at the faint red glow that surrounded the staff, one could immediately tell it was an extraordinary item. Furthermore, a faint flame-red aura surrounded the caster. She looked like a G.o.ddess of Fire.

Flame Shaman? s.h.i.+ Feng concealed his surprise when he saw Zhao Yueru, who had undergone a ma.s.sive change since the last time they met.

Flame Shaman was a hidden cla.s.s, and its Legacy rank was similar to the Astromancer. It was considered an Advanced Legacy. As the name suggested, it was a cla.s.s that specialized in controlling flames. However, a Flame Shaman was not as balanced as an Elementalist. The cla.s.s specialized in attacking and destroying everything. In terms of damage output, the cla.s.s was far superior to an Astromancer. It was an extremely violent cla.s.s.

In the past, Zhao Yueru’s fame had only started to soar after she cla.s.s-changed into a Flame Shaman. The public had known her as the Flame Witch.

s.h.i.+ Feng never imagined that Zhao Yueru would become a Flame Shaman so quickly.

Even against an MT of the same level geared with top-tier equipment, a Flame Shaman could finish them off in two or three moves. A Flame Shaman could practically one-shot an ordinary MT. However, although the cla.s.s’s damage was astounding, it was also because of this that Flame Shamans had very few survival and lifesaving abilities. In Dungeons and team battles though, they were beyond scary. They were practically Tomahawk cruise missiles.

After sweeping a glance over everyone present, s.h.i.+ Feng understood the general situation regarding Ouroboros’s top combat power.

Although Ouroboros had lost many of its top combatants, the Guild was still much stronger than second-rate Guilds with its remaining forces.

“This is the data we collected on Stone Forest Town,” Gentle Snow said as she handed s.h.i.+ Feng a folder. Slowly, she explained, “Currently, every Guild is trying to occupy the town. However, the town is strong enough to avoid capture even if we combine our Guilds’ strengths.

“I suggest that we strike at the Stoneclaw Mountains first, harvesting Magic Crystals and building our strength. With both of our Guilds’ experts, we should be able to occupy the high-resource areas within the Mountains quickly. We can then use the opportunity to widen the gap between us and the other Guilds.”

Currently, n.o.body could do strike against Stone Forest Town. The best option right now was to acc.u.mulate their strength. This was also why Gentle Snow had asked for Zero Wing’s help.

“There is no need to go through all that trouble. We can just capture Stone Forest Town. Once we occupy the town, it will be simple to obtain the rights over the Stoneclaw Mountains,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, shaking his head. He did not agree with Gentle Snow’s idea.

In the past, it was precisely such thinking that had led to the various large Guilds ending in a deadlock with each other. As a result, more Guilds had involved themselves in the situation in the Stoneclaw Mountains. Once that happened, they would lose the chance to capture Stone Forest Town.

At this moment, the various large Guilds were still helpless against Stone Forest Town, so they would focus their attention on the Stoneclaw Mountains. This was the best chance to capture Stone Forest Town.

Otherwise, if time dragged on, the number of Guilds in the area would increase. At that time, the number of experts who were interested in this area would also increase, and their chances of capturing Stone Forest Town would decrease.

Hearing s.h.i.+ Feng’s resolve, Gentle Snow was momentarily stunned. That was suicide! Immediately, she explained, “You should have seen the information regarding the Three Great Leaders for yourself. All three are high-intelligence NPCs. They are equivalent to expert players who have reached the fifth floor. They also possess large-scale destruction Spells. Furthermore, if we attack Stone Forest Town, the other Guilds will not sit by and do nothing. They will take advantage of the situation and try to annihilate us.”

“What if we don’t give them the chance?” s.h.i.+ Feng smiled confidently.

On his way here, s.h.i.+ Feng had considered the matter of Stone Forest Town extensively.

It was extremely difficult to deal with the Three Great Leaders. Not to mention, they would have to give the other Guilds the slip. However, there was a simpler method of capturing Stone Forest Town.