Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 654 - Town Capturing

Chapter 654 - Town Capturing

Chapter 654 - Town Capturing

Star-Moon City, Stone Forest Town:

Ever since the Stoneclaw Mountains had been discovered, the upper echelons of the various large Guilds had realized the importance of Stone Forest Town. As a result, the various large Guilds in Star-Moon City had frantically gathered their members around the town.

Upon receiving information regarding the Stoneclaw Mountains, large Guilds from other cities also mobilized their forces to Stone Forest Town. However, as the teleportation fees were a problem, they could not dispatch too many members. Most of the members they sent were the Guild’s elites.

After arriving at Stone Forest Town, these Guilds would send their main forces to the Stoneclaw Mountains to grind for Magic Crystals, while leaving behind the majority of their elites to stand guard a short distance away from Stone Forest Town to observe other Guilds.

At this moment, Stone Forest Town was surrounded. There were over 300,000 players watching the town, making the town’s resident players quite uncomfortable.

These 300,000-plus players were not ordinary players. They all were the elite members of various large Guilds. They were stronger than even 3,000,000 ordinary players. If these elites surged into Stone Forest Town at the same time, although the town was protected by Level 55 Dark NPCs, these NPCs would most likely fall under the fierce a.s.sault of so many elite players.

The only fortunate advantage that they had was that these elite players belonged to multiple large Guilds. They were not united, each Guild having their own intentions.

“And here I thought this was our chance as Dark Guilds to rise to power. I didn’t think that the Star-Moon City’s Guilds would find out about the Stoneclaw Mountains so soon. Now, we won’t even have a place to level up.”

“What are you worried about? Don’t forget that Stone Forest Town has the Three Great Leaders. Furthermore, the Guilds outside are not united. Unless some Guild is looking to get itself killed and benefit the other Guilds, they won’t invade.”

“You’re not exactly wrong, but Star-Moon City’s first-rate Guilds, Ouroboros and the Star Alliance, have dispatched most of their elites already. Of the 300,000-plus elite players out there, over one-third belong to those two Guilds. Even if the other Guilds don’t make a move, those two alone are enough to capture the town.”

Stone Forest Town’s Red Names discussed their current predicament. They were at a loss on what they should do next.

Originally, they had simply lived here in peace. When they had nothing better to do, they would kill some players to earn some money or complete some high-level quests. They lived carefree lives. Hence, they had never imagined that such a ma.s.sive issue would arrive on their doorsteps one day.


On a hilltop a short distance away from Stone Forest Town, a group of players quietly observed the town below. These players were uniformly Level 30 and wore Level 30 Fine-Gold or above Equipment. Not far behind these players, there were more than 70,000 players standing at attention.

The majority of the players in this army were Level 28, with the lowest being Level 27. They were two or three levels higher than the current average level of players.

These players were none other than the members of the Star Alliance led by Galaxy Past. Star Alliance was also the Guild that had dispatched the most players to Stone Forest Town.

An army of 70,000 elite players... This was the strength of a first-rate Guild. It was not something a second-rate Guild could hope to compete with. Ordinary second-rate Guilds would only have over 100,000 members, while a more powerful one would have up to 200,000 or 300,000 players. Of these players, only a maximum of 30,000 or 40,000 would be elite players. After deploying these elites across multiple cities, it would be amazing enough if a second-rate Guild could dispatch 20,000 elites for a single expedition.

However, compared to a first-rate Guild like the Star Alliance, second-rate Guilds were not worth mentioning.

“Guild Leader, I’ve put together a detailed report on Stone Forest Town with the results from my investigation. There are roughly over 1,000 NPCs in the town, and the majority are Level 55 Elite guards. There are over a hundred Level 60 Tier 1 NPCs and roughly 30 Level 60 Tier 2 NPCs. If a fight breaks out, more NPCs might show up. However, the largest challenge of capturing the town will be Stone Forest Town’s Three Great Leaders,” Flouris.h.i.+ng Willow, who wore dark blue leather armor, reported softly.

“Are the Three Great Leaders very powerful?” Galaxy Past asked.

“According to the information I obtained from the Red Names living there, these Leaders are only Tier 2 NPCs. However, they possessed very high intelligence. They are far more powerful than ordinary Tier 2 NPCs regarding combat power. It is especially true for the Great Leader, Sareya. He is a Tier 2 Professional Mage, and I have heard that he knows how to use large-scale destruction Spells.”

Hearing Flouris.h.i.+ng Willow mentioning large-scale destruction Spells, everyone frowned.

Large-scale destruction Spells were zerg tactics’ Achilles’ heel. Moreover, a high-intelligence NPC’s combat techniques were far more powerful than ordinary players. Based on the settings of G.o.d’s Domain, Sareya should be capable of displaying more than 50% of his actual combat power. In other words, he was at least as skilled as an ordinary expert.

If a player possessed the Attributes of a Level 60 Tier 2 NPC and large-scale destruction Spells, said player would be a natural disaster to the current players of G.o.d’s Domain.

“Right, I’ve also received news that White River City’s Zero Wing has sent people over. It seems that they have designs on this area as well,” Flouris.h.i.+ng Willow said.

“Zero Wing?” Galaxy Past laughed. “This is the Star Alliance’s home ground. Do they think that they can just show up and take a slice of the pie as well?”

Zero Wing was indeed powerful. However, that was limited to White River City. Stone Forest Town was in the Star-Moon City region.

How many people could Zero Wing possibly dispatch?

Moreover, the ordinary guards one hired could not be used in the fields. Only Personal Guards could be used. On the off chance that a Personal Guard died, it would be extremely difficult to revive them. Hence, players would not use their Personal Guards casually. Even if Zero Wing sent its Personal Guards, their impact would be minimal.

“Ignore them. Since we can’t capture Stone Forest Town in a short time, have the main force grind for Magic Crystals for now. However, we can’t let Ouroboros relax, either. Look for opportunities to kill some of its members. After all, the Stoneclaw Mountains still belong to our two Guilds.” Galaxy Past smiled lightly. “It truly is fortunate that Cao Chenghua stole a large number of experts and elite players from Ouroboros. The Stoneclaw Mountains will belong to the Star Alliance.”

In Star-Moon City, the Star Alliance had far more experts and elite players than Ouroboros. Currently, Ouroboros barely held on. As for the other Guilds in Star-Moon City, they were nothing to the Star Alliance.

At this moment, many Guilds that had completed their investigation of Stone Forest Town had decided to give up on the idea of capturing the town. Instead, they s.h.i.+fted their focus towards grinding for Magic Crystals in the Stoneclaw Mountains. However, as the majority of their elite members had yet to reach Level 30 and could not enter the Stoneclaw Mountains, these elite members were tasked with leveling up as fast as possible.


Meanwhile, at Ouroboros’s base camp, s.h.i.+ Feng had just arrived with his team. Very quickly, s.h.i.+ Feng’s group became the center of attention.

The group was simply too impressive. Not only were the members of Zero Wing’s main force uniformly Level 30, but many in the Dark G.o.ds Legion were also Level 30. In addition, the most inferior piece of equipment worn by the group was Fine-Gold rank. Most importantly, every member’s aura inflicted a deep fear. They felt like a group of primordial beasts. Even those standing quite a distance away could not help but tremble when they glanced at this group of players.

“This is Zero Wing?”

“Sure enough, their reputation is well-deserved. Zero Wing is simply too powerful. We don’t even have so much top-tier equipment.”

The members of Ouroboros could not help discuss Zero Wing’s members.

Meanwhile, when Gentle Snow emerged to welcome s.h.i.+ Feng and the others, she was similarly surprised.

How did Zero Wing manage to recruit so many experts? Gentle Snow could clearly feel that, among the 400 players s.h.i.+ Feng had brought with him, many radiated an intense pressure. There were even a dozen or so people who felt extremely dangerous.

Although she had been busy settling the Guild’s internal affairs, she had not fallen behind or neglected her own development. Throughout Star-Moon City, extremely few players were capable of making her feel nervous. There were even fewer experts who felt dangerous to her. Star-Moon City should only contain a handful of such experts. Yet, Zero Wing had over a dozen such people.

It was simply inconceivable.