Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 643 - Astonishing Financial Resources

Chapter 643 - Astonishing Financial Resources

Chapter 643 - Astonis.h.i.+ng Financial Resources

Inside the towering Divine Colosseum…

Dozens of large screens hung inside the main hall of the Divine Colosseum were currently displaying the battle videos of experts who had managed to reach the fourth floor of the Colosseum.

The challenges inside the Divine Colosseum were purely meant to test how much combat power a player could exert. The quality of a player’s equipment was irrelevant in these challenges. Even a player wearing only Bronze Equipment could get past the fourth floor.

However, ordinary players would have a difficult time just getting through the first floor of the Divine Colosseum, not to mention the fourth. In White River City, experts capable of breaking through the fourth floor were as rare as a phoenix’s feather.

As for players who did not have any Magic Crystals to challenge the Divine Colosseum, they could also watch the battle videos of experts at the main hall. Of course, these videos were only released with the consent of the players involved. Players could also use this opportunity to make a name for themselves.

“Look! Heaven’s Burial is here again!”

Everyone in the hall quickly noticed the arrival of a group of players.

These players were uniformly Level 30, and they were members of Heaven’s Burial’s current main force. If not for the fact that they were aiming to obtain the First Clear of a 100-man Dungeon, these players would have long since leveled up.

Even so, their levels were currently far ahead of ordinary players. Besides their levels, the equipment of Heaven’s Burial’s members was also extremely eye-catching. Most of them boasted Level 30 Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Equipment, with the most inferior being Level 25 Dark-Gold Equipment.

In contrast, the typical equipment of current ordinary players was only Level 25 Mysterious-Iron Equipment. Only elite players possessed several pieces of Level 25 Secret-Silver Equipment.

“Not only does Heaven’s Burial have so many experts, but these experts also come here to train multiple times each day. It makes you wonder just how strong they are.”

“What do you even know? Having more experts in a Guild is better, of course. Moreover, by training here, they can increase their rankings on the Colosseum List and earn points to exchange for Dark-Gold Equipment, aside from improving their combat techniques—that’s killing two birds with one stone. Why wouldn’t they do it?”

“Recently, Heaven’s Burial has been growing increasingly stronger. Initially, they had less than ten members who managed to pa.s.s the fourth floor. Now, after only a few days, that number is up to 20. Two members of the Guild even have managed to get to the sixth floor. In the entire White River City, Heaven’s Burial is only slightly inferior to Overwhelming Smile and Zero Wing.”

“Isn’t that only because the Guild is rich? Challenging the Trial Tower costs one Magic Crystal each time. Normally, when we raid Dungeons, we will only get one Magic Crystal after a lot of difficulties. Even then, we still have to split it among several people. After raiding Dungeons all day, our turn to get a crystal might still not come. Meanwhile, the members of Heaven’s Burial’s main force get a daily allowance of five Magic Crystals, so they get to challenge the Trial Tower five times a day. With 100 members in the main force, Heaven’s Burial has to spend 500 Magic Crystals per day. Due to the Divine Colosseum, the current price of Magic Crystals has long since gone up by severalfold. Right now, each crystal is worth 20 Silver, yet there is a shortage. There is still room for prices to rise.”

“That’s right. I knew I should have stocked up on some Magic Crystals. I would have been able to make a small fortune by now.”

“It would be great if I could become a member of Heaven’s Burial’s main force.”

Many players looked on with envy as the members of Heaven’s Burial walked towards the Trial Tower.

Not even the wealthy Overwhelming Smile could afford such extravagance. Currently, 500 Magic Crystals were equivalent to 100 Gold. Of course, a majority of these Magic Crystals came from the Dungeons raided by the Guild. Otherwise, even Heaven’s Burial would find it extremely taxing to fork out 100 Gold every day.


Meanwhile, s.h.i.+ Feng, who had rented a large private room in the Divine Colosseum, was currently standing before 300 people. These people were all players he had selected for the Dark G.o.ds Legion.

Currently, everyone in the Dark G.o.ds Legion was feeling excited. These members had not expected to be able to meet their legendary Guild Leader, Black Flame, in person. Moreover, Black Flame was even going to nurture them himself. This training was a privilege that was not available anywhere else in the entire Star-Moon Kingdom.

n.o.body in Star-Moon Kingdom did not know of One-hit Asura, the publicly acknowledged number one expert of Star-Moon Kingdom.

Tuition with the number one expert of Star-Moon Kingdom was a privilege beyond price.

“I’ll put this out first. Although you all official members of the Dark G.o.ds Legion and get to enjoy extremely high benefits, the Dark G.o.ds Legion operates on an elimination system. Waiting behind you are 700 reserve members. If your strength is found wanting, a reserve member will take your place,” s.h.i.+ Feng said in a somber tone. “From today onwards, each of you will receive ten Magic Crystals daily to challenge the Trial Tower. I will rank you based on your battle record in the Trial Tower. At the end of each week, I will compare the last thirty official members with the top thirty reserve members. The winners will be official members, while the losers will go on the reserve team.”

Everyone could not help but gasp.

The compet.i.tion was incredibly intense. Up to thirty people might switch out each week. However, everyone was also shocked at Zero Wing’s generosity.

The Dark G.o.ds Legion had 300 members in all. If every member could spend ten Magic Crystals a day, that meant that Zero Wing would expend a total of 3,000 crystals—or 600 Gold—daily. This outlay was simply inconceivable. Even a first-rate Guild did not boast such frightening financial resources.

What no one knew was that, even if Zero Wing had that much money, it was impossible to purchase so many Magic Crystals. Currently, the various large Guilds were treating Magic Crystals like strategic resources. They would not sell any of their Magic Crystals at all. One could only purchase a small amount from independent players.

However, even before the release of the Divine Colosseum, s.h.i.+ Feng had already tasked Melancholic Smile with purchasing Magic Crystals in bulk. They had spent practically all the Coins they earned stocking up on Magic Crystals. Currently, the Candlelight Trading Firm had several Warehouses full of Magic Crystals.

“Ah, right. I forgot to mention one more thing. The top 30 people will receive an invitation to undergo training together with the Guild’s top-tier experts,” s.h.i.+ Feng laughed. “I believe that all of you have probably heard how Zero Wing has a special training ground. Whether you will be able to go there and train will depend on your efforts.”

“Guild Leader, you’re not tricking us, right? Can we really go to that place?” many Dark G.o.ds members asked in antic.i.p.ation.

They had indeed heard that Zero Wing possessed a specialized training facility in the real world. There, one could ramp up their combat techniques. One could also learn the rumored advanced combat techniques and become a true top-tier expert.

Originally, training at that place was a privilege available to only a limited number of core members. n.o.body had expected that even official members of the Dark G.o.ds Legion could receive such a treatment.

“As long as you can enter the top 30, you can naturally go.” s.h.i.+ Feng shook his head and laughed. The Big Dipper Training Center completed the renovation of the Greenwater Villa only recently. The villa was outfitted with all kinds of training apparatuses and could now accommodate more people. Otherwise, he really would not be able to extend its use to the members of the Dark G.o.ds Legion.

When s.h.i.+ Feng was done speaking, the atmosphere inside the private room instantly changed. Everyone there was flushed with fighting spirit, and they could not help but want to dash to the Trial Tower right this instant to raise their rankings.

After s.h.i.+ Feng distributed the Magic Crystals and concluded the meeting, everyone promptly rushed out of the private room and ran as fast as they could towards the Trial Tower.

This scene stupefied the players inside the main hall.

Chapter 643 - Astonis.h.i.+ng Financial Resources