Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 642 - Formation of the Dark Gods Legion

Chapter 642 - Formation of the Dark Gods Legion

Chapter 642 - Formation of the Dark G.o.ds Legion

The Thunder Wolf struggled desperately inside the Cage, repeatedly slamming its body against its steel bars. The 5-star prison even began showing signs of strain.

Seeing this scene, s.h.i.+ Feng hurriedly chanted an incantation.

In the next moment, the magic runes carved into the Cage glowed. The Cage itself then proceeded to shrink, only stopping when it was squeezing the Thunder Wolf. At this point, the Thunder Wolf no longer had s.p.a.ce to generate enough momentum for a powerful charge.

“It sure is difficult to capture a Demonic Beast.”

Aqua Rose swept a glance at the numerous little craters around her, the aftermath of the Thunder Wolf’s attacks on the anchors of the chains binding it. Fortunately, the few of them managed to react and evade the Lord’s lightning attacks quickly, allowing them to capture the Thunder Wolf without any fatalities.

“Let’s get ready to leave, then.” s.h.i.+ Feng took a look at the time. They were cutting things fine; the Golden-winged Lion King would return soon. He then retrieved a bunch of Storage s.p.a.ce Scrolls from his bag.

Although they had already captured the Thunder Wolf, the Demonic Beast’s ma.s.sive frame was over three meters tall. In addition, there was the ma.s.sive steel Cage. Transporting the Thunder Wolf out of this place would be extremely troublesome. They would require many players with high Strength just to lift the Cage and the Thunder Wolf. And even if they did manage to lift them, their Movement Speed would be significantly reduced. They would also encounter many dangers while carrying the Demonic Beast. Who knew just how much time they would have to waste conveying the Thunder Wolf back to White River City?

Hence, Storage s.p.a.ce Scrolls were available for purchase in G.o.d’s Domain. These scrolls could be used to store large items.

Not only was the Thunder Wolf ma.s.sive, but it was also a living creature. s.h.i.+ Feng had to use a total of 20 Storage s.p.a.ce Scrolls in order to fit the Thunder Wolf into his bag s.p.a.ce. The Thunder Wolf instantly took up 20 slots there. However, the duration of the Storage s.p.a.ce Scrolls was not indefinite. They could only be used to store items for up to half an hour.

Following which, everyone used Return Scrolls and departed from the shrine.


White River City, Zero Wing’s Guild Residence:

After Aqua Rose and the others went to rest, s.h.i.+ Feng went to the Warehouse inside the Guild Residence by himself. He then placed the Thunder Wolf inside the Warehouse, as well as took out several Magic Crystals from his bag and put them inside the Thunder Wolf’s Cage.

Demonic Beasts were different from wild beasts. Their primary source of food was Magic Crystals. Just a single crystal could sustain a Demonic Beast for a long time.

“Now that I’ve obtained a rare Mount, next up will be constructing a Stable.” When s.h.i.+ Feng looked at the ferocious Thunder Wolf, he grew eager to construct a Stable as soon as possible.

Only after he had a Stable could he begin taming the Thunder Wolf.

Demonic Beasts were much more difficult to tame than wild beasts. Moreover, the higher the star-ranking of a creature, the longer the time required to gentle it. Complete taming of the Thunder Wolf would need at least 10 to 15 days. If he could finish the Stable even a day sooner, he might be able to have the Thunder Wolf trained by the time the Guild’s core members reached Level 40.

If he could pair every core member with a Thunder Beast, their combat power would soar through the roof.

Only, too many materials were required to construct a Stable. The Stable was different from the other structures inside the Guild Residence, which needed only money to build. Moreover, many of the materials required for a Stable were obtainable only from large-scale Team Dungeons.

“I need to speed things up a little bit.” s.h.i.+ Feng then thought about forming the Dark G.o.ds Legion.

Whether it was the collection of the materials for the Stable or for the Candlelight Trading Firm’s future development, he needed to form a powerful Dark G.o.ds Legion right away.

s.h.i.+ Feng had already experienced the development process of G.o.d’s Domain before, so he knew full well that as players reached higher levels, battles between players would occur more frequently. Guild wars would also grow increasingly intense.

If a Guild did not possess a formidable legion that could serve as a deterrence, said Guild would get embroiled in many wars in the future.

Following which, s.h.i.+ Feng instructed Aqua Rose to pick roughly 300 elites to form the Dark G.o.ds Legion. Meanwhile, the equipment provided to the members of the Legion would be inferior only to that of Zero Wing’s main force.

Shortly after s.h.i.+ Feng began establis.h.i.+ng the Dark G.o.ds Legion, news of this matter spread like wildfire throughout the entire White River City. The development immediately attracted the attention of the many Guilds in the city.

However, the ones paying the most attention to this matter were still the independent players.

At this point, Zero Wing was no longer the small Guild it was in the past.

Not only did it have over 100,000 members, but it also had the strength to clear the h.e.l.l Mode Ruins of the Crow G.o.d. Whether it was grinding monsters or questing out in the fields, not a single Guild dared to do anything to the members of Zero Wing within the region of White River City. This situation had made many independent players envious of the members of Zero Wing.

At this stage of the game, large Guilds already occupied all available high-resource maps. As independent players, even when they were out doing a high-level quest, there was a chance that Guild players would target and kill them. As a result, leveling up and upgrading equipment became extremely difficult for them. Hence, many independent players were considering joining a powerful Guild.

Meanwhile, Zero Wing was currently forming a Dark G.o.ds Legion. Moreover, the members of the Legion received treatment that was inferior only to the Guild’s main force. It should be known that, while every Guild had plenty of ordinary teams in its midst, there would be only one main force. Zero Wing’s formation of a legion was equivalent to establis.h.i.+ng a second main force. This situation tempted many independent players to join Zero Wing.

For a time, the number of players trying to enter Zero Wing surged once more.

s.h.i.+ Feng spent two whole days carefully choosing the members of the Dark G.o.ds Legion. After all, the number of people he could use Light of Darkness on was limited. Even though he could take back the Power of Darkness he bestowed, he still preferred not to flaunt it.

Meanwhile, during this period, s.h.i.+ Feng produced quite a number of Intermediate Mana Armor Kits, which were all meant for the members of the Dark G.o.ds Legion.

During these two days, many things happened throughout G.o.d’s Domain as well.

One of these developments was that many Guilds had succeeded in raiding 50-man Team Dungeons and had moved their compet.i.tion on to 100-man Team Dungeons.

However, 100-man Dungeons were significantly different from 50-man Dungeons. One could say that 50-man Dungeons were warm-ups for 100-man Dungeons. The number of monsters and the monsters’ strength inside a 100-man Dungeon were both significantly higher than in a 50-man Dungeon. Of course, the loot from a 100-man Dungeon would also make many players drool.

Initially, Level 30 Fine-Gold Equipment was extremely difficult to obtain. However, it much easier to get in a 100-man Hard Mode Dungeon—even the Chieftain ranked monsters inside the Dungeon would drop it. There was also Fine-Gold Set Equipment specifically meant for the various

Nevertheless, the most attractive part about 100-man Dungeons would still have to be the forging designs and various sorts of rare potion recipes that were not obtainable from any other place. Getting even a single design or recipe would mean endless riches.

Meanwhile, Zero Wing was also desperately trying to raid a 100-man Dungeon.

However, despite obtaining the Power of Darkness, the progress of Zero Wing’s main force was only subpar at best. A 100-man Dungeon had a total of six main Bosses. Currently, Zero Wing had managed to defeat only two of them. They had yet to see what the Final Boss looked like.

Aside from competing over 100-man Dungeons, the next thing that excited players the most was the activation of the Colosseum List.

To experts, this was a relatively good benefit. The Colosseum List also served as an incentive for players to improve their Skill Completion Rates and combat power.

The Colosseum List was the combat power rankings of the Divine Colosseum. As long as one managed to rank within the List, they would obtain the corresponding Colosseum Points. Players could use these points to exchange for many items such as equipment, Skills, potions, rare materials, and many more items. Among them, the greatest attraction was the equipment available.

Not only was there Level 30 Dark-Gold Equipment available, but even Level 30 Dark-Gold Set Equipment was also up for exchange.

Due to this reason, Divine Colosseums throughout G.o.d’s Domain became extremely popular. Many players fought desperately to raise their rankings on the Colosseum List.

Large Guilds sent their core members one after another to challenge the Divine Colosseum.

For a time, many hidden experts emerged throughout G.o.d’s Domain, giving players a great shock. n.o.body had thought that there were actually so many experts in G.o.d’s Domain.

Meanwhile, s.h.i.+ Feng was currently seated in a large private room in the Divine Colosseum of White River City.