Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 539 - Dominant Force

Chapter 539 - Dominant Force

Chapter 539 - Dominant Force

“Young Master Feng, if there really is no other way, then let’s sell the Light Stones we bought cheaply. This way, we can get back most of the money we lost.”

“Sell them cheaply?”

Feng Xuanyang pondered. He had indeed thought about this method before.


Who would want to buy them?

Currently, everyone had their eyes on the Intermediate Mana Armor Kits, throwing everything they had into acc.u.mulating money. Since the appearance of the Intermediate Mana Armor Kits, even the exchange rate for Coins had risen significantly. How could anyone possibly bother to buy Light Stones?

Even if someone were to buy his Light Stones, just how many could he possibly sell?

He had a full 10,000 stacks piled up in his hands right now!

“Forget it. If I have to make a loss, so be it. I have to complete the task the higher-ups gave me. Sell the Light Stones at a 20% discount, then. Sell as many as you can. Even if we can’t sell them all, we can at least make some trouble for the Candlelight Trading Firm,” Feng Xuanyang sighed.

The management of Underworld was extremely strict. If he did not complete his a.s.signment, the consequences would be very severe. He had only managed to reach this position in the organization after many difficulties. Naturally, he could not fall short after coming this far.

These 10,000 stacks of Light Stones had cost him 1,900 Gold, more than half of which came from Underworld and the Overwhelming Trading Firm. Although he would lose a significant sum of money by selling the Light Stones at a 20% discount, at least he could earn back Underworld’s and Overwhelming Smile’s shares of the money. He would also have the 1,500 Gold required to purchase the 300 Intermediate Mana Armor Kits.

Sometime later, the Overwhelming Trading Firm also began selling Light Stones. Moreover, due to Underworld’s connections, Feng Xuanyang managed to quickly get in touch with the various Guilds around Star-Moon Kingdom. Light Stones were still not available in many cities around the kingdom, which left the demands of many players unsated. So, selling the Light Stones at a 20% discount prompted many players to fight to purchase them. Only, for every stack of Light Stones sold, Feng Xuanyang would feel a painful sting in his heart.


Just as the Intermediate Mana Armor Kits were selling hotly in White River City, Star-Moon City had also gone into a frenzy. Currently, upper managers of the various large Guilds based in the capital stood in front of the counter inside the Candlelight Trading Firm, their eyes bloodshot.

“I am the Vice Leader of the Wind G.o.d Guild. Call out your boss for me. I have a big business proposal that I wish to discuss with him.”

“I am an Elder of the Rainbow Guild. Why aren’t you calling your upper management to come to greet me yet?”

Various Guilds in Star-Moon City were thinking of ways to contact the upper management of the Candlelight Trading Firm. Unfortunately, no matter what words they used, the NPCs hired by the Candlelight Trading Firm completely ignored them, leaving them restless.

Initially, the various large Guilds in Star-Moon City were only somewhat surprised when the Candlelight Trading Firm had set up a Shop in the city. They never expected that someone could actually afford to buy a plot of Land in the golden area of the city and even set up a Shop there. Now, however, they could not help but wish they could purchase the entire Candlelight Trading Firm. Using Credits, of course. If they had to buy using Coins, even if they added up the funds of every Guild in the city, they would not be able to afford to buy the Trading Firm.


“Guild Leader, I’ve received information stating that the Candlelight Trading Firm’s main branch is in White River City. Although the Firm has set up a Shop in the capital, its management seems to be based at White River City,” a graceful and elegant female Elementalist reported to the strong and dignified-looking man beside her.

Meanwhile, inside a coffee shop a short distance away from the Candlelight Trading Firm, many male players had promptly s.h.i.+fted their gaze to this tall beauty upon noticing her.

In this day and age, with the popularity of nutrition and fitness, one could easily find handsome men and beautiful women. However, it was still extremely difficult if one wished to have a top-tier beauty accompany them inside the game. Not to mention, that beauty appeared to be that man’s young secretary.

“Bro, when do you think we can live like that guy?” a Level 24 Guardian Knight muttered enviously.

“What nonsense are you spouting?” the Level 25 Ranger beside the Guardian Knight scoffed. “Do you know who that man is?”

“Isn’t he just a little rich? What’s there to be proud of? If I had that kind of money, beauties would surely throw themselves at me. I could also look for a group of little secretaries to play G.o.d’s Domain with me,” the Guardian Knight replied with disdain.

“Look at yourself. It’s no wonder you’ve been in this pitiful state all your life.” The Level 25 Ranger slowly explained, “Let me tell you, that man is not just some useless Prince Charming. He is someone who has achieved success due to his own efforts. Moreover, he’s only 34 years old. I am also certain that you have heard of his name before.”

“What’s he called?” the Guardian Knight asked curiously.

“He’s the Star Alliance’s Guild Leader, Galaxy Past!” the Ranger laughed. He then looked towards the woman standing beside Galaxy Past, adding, “That beauty is also no ordinary person. She is Purple Eye. She was ranked 931st in the latest G.o.d’s Domain Ranking List. Although her rank is lower than Red Feather’s, her strength is even superior to his. Do you think you can hire such a beautiful expert as your secretary just because you have money?”

The Guardian Knight fell silent, no longer daring to speak another word.

Star Alliance was currently one of the two top Guilds in Star-Moon City. However, as Ouroboros recently had a change in leaders.h.i.+p and was facing problems with internal strife, Star Alliance had more or less become Star-Moon City’s number one Guild.

He would simply be seeking his own death if he dared to fool around with Galaxy Past’s little secretary inside Star-Moon City. He might even end up returning to Level 0 in the very next day.

“Guild Leader, do you think they are talking about you?” Purple Eye laughed.

“How could it possibly be me? They are clearly talking about the great beauty at my side,” Galaxy Past laughed. “Alright, ignore them. We have more important matters to address. Now that the Intermediate Mana Armor Kit has appeared, n.o.body in Star-Moon Kingdom can afford to sit still and do nothing. It seems that we’ll have to make a trip to White River City.”

“Star-Moon Kingdom’s Eastern Region has always been secretly controlled by that mysterious organization named Underworld. We have always minded our own business. If we head over to their territory right now, I’m afraid that it would bring about negative effects,” Purple Eye warned.

“I don’t care. If we let Underworld monopolize the Intermediate Mana Armor Kits, what will we do about our development, then?” A cold glint flashed across Galaxy Past’s eyes as he said, “In reality, Underworld has long since been an eyesore. Unfortunately, the organization’s strength is altogether too ma.s.sive and extensive. It has spread its influence across multiple kingdoms, and even into the Black Dragon Empire. So, before this, I would only avoid looking for trouble with Underworld if possible. However, if Underworld thinks it can monopolize the Intermediate Mana Armor kits, they can think again!”

The impact of the Intermediate Mana Armor Kits was too ma.s.sive.

Just being able to have every member of their core team receive the Attributes of an extra piece of Level 25 Dark-Gold Equipment was already very frightening. Moreover, these kits would not drop upon death. If they could equip even their Guild’s elite members with these kits, their Guild would practically be invincible.


Meanwhile, inside Ouroboros’s Guild Residence…

“Snow, are you really going to go?” Zhao Yueru asked, her brows knitted together. “We’ve just managed to stabilize the situation over here recently. If you head over to White River City, it would be troublesome if someone tries something in Star-Moon City while you are away.”

“Yueru, you should know that I don’t wish to leave at such a time, either. However, I must make a trip there personally for this matter.” Gentle Snow shook her head. “I’ll leave this place to you for now. I’ll try to return as quickly as possible.”

At the same time, the upper managers of the various large Guilds in Star-Moon City had also begun bringing along their men to White River City.