Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 305 - Zero Wing’s Might

Chapter 305 - Zero Wing’s Might

Chapter 305 - Zero Wing’s Might

The sudden loss of almost 200 healers stunned everyone from World Dominators.

“It’s an ambus.h.!.+ Run!”

Faced with several hundred so close without any protectors by their side, the only way the healers of World Dominators could escape death was to run towards the main army of World Dominators.

However, healers were inherently slow. The from Zero Wing quickly caught up to them.

Originally, if these healers had worked together to retaliate against the from Zero Wing, they could have at least offered some semblance of resistance. It would not have been so easy to kill them.

However, their decision to run immediately created chaos, and those who could have originally survived died as well.

Without any healing or resistance, these healers were lambs to the slaughter. Zero Wing’s killed them arbitrarily. By the time the rear guards of World Dominators came to the rescue, a majority of their healers were already dead.

Just as the surviving healers thought they were safe, they quickly discovered several thousand players charging in their direction. Every one of these players was like a ferocious tiger as they crashed into their enemy’s ranks, and the several hundred players who served as World Dominators’ rear guards were instantly dispersed. This situation allowed the to continue their slaughter of the healers.

“Guild Leader, not good! Our rear line has been ambushed, and we’ve lost over half of our healers already. These newcomers are fierce, and the rear line needs help to hold them off,” one of the team leaders defending against Zero Wing’s ambush hurriedly reported.

“What? Who are these people?” Blood Halberd had been busy issuing commands from the frontlines all this time. The moment he received the report, he immediately turned to look. He discovered that there were actually several thousand players charging and killing into their ranks, and anyone from World Dominators who tried to block their charge instantly died. These newcomers were like a sharp blade, instantly splitting World Dominators’ forces in half with their precision charge.

World Dominators currently fought a desperate battle against Ouroboros, and the damage they received from such an ambush was self-evident.

Without the healers’ support, the s.h.i.+eld Warriors and Guardian Knights who stood on the frontlines rapidly fell, one after another. The frontline was also continuously forced into a retreat, and within moments, over a hundred players from World Dominators had died.

“d.a.m.n! Just who are they? To actually dare start a war against World Dominators, do they not want to live anymore?” Blood Halberd’s eyes had already become blood-red from anger. He wished he could immediately chop their ambushers into a million pieces.

“Guild Leader, they’re wearing a six-winged emblem on their chests. They should be players from Zero Wing,” a Ranger reported.

“Zero Wing? Weren’t they fighting Dark Star? Why have they suddenly appeared here?” Questions filled Blood Halberd’s mind. However, he halted his thoughts as he spoke through the Guild’s war channel, “These losers have actually dared ambush us; they’re simply overestimating themselves! Everyone, turn around and focus all your attacks on Zero Wing! Wipe these fools from Zero Wing out first!”

Blood Halberd was one of the upper echelons of World Dominators, and he had experienced many battles that involved tens of thousands of players in the past. Thus, he was very clear on what actions he needed to take right now.

World Dominators was no longer a match for Ouroboros in this battle. Now that Zero Wing had ambushed them from behind, launching a pincer attack with Ouroboros, World Dominators was in a fatal situation. If they continued this battle, they would suffer total annihilation. The only options they had was to either break through from one side, or defend their positions and wait for help.

Since the second option was clearly not viable, the only option they had left was to break through and escape this battlefield. However, it was clearly impossible for them to break through from Ouroboros’ side. That left them with annihilating Zero Wing. Regarding numbers and total combat power, World Dominators was above Zero Wing by leaps and bounds.

Meanwhile, on Ouroboros’s side, Gentle Snow very quickly noticed that someone had ambushed World Dominators. Moreover, the ambush came from directly behind World Dominators. Although Gentle Snow did not know who launched the attack, this was a great chance that she could not miss. They might even be able to give World Dominators a huge blow in this situation.

“Everyone, charge forward! Don’t let World Dominators reorganize their formation!” Gentle Snow commanded her forces, wearing a faint smile on her face.

To readjust their formation, World Dominators turned around to attack Zero Wing. Unfortunately, that decision came at a high price. Unwittingly, World Dominators lost thousands of their members.

Blood Halberd’s heart bled at this sight.

Although they had fought Ouroboros for a long time, they had only lost around 1,000 or so players. Now, in just a few short minutes, they lost several times that amount….

“Kill! Annihilate Zero Wing!” Blood Halberd bellowed through the Guild channel as he pointed his sword at Zero Wing’s 3,000 members.

Currently, World Dominators still had close to 10,000 players alive. It would be an easy task for them to deal with just 3,000 players.

Both sides immediately entered a desperate struggle, flames and arrows filling the skies. A few independent players that stood a distance away were thoroughly shocked when they witnessed this scene. This battle was far more realistic and shocking than any movie they had watched before.

Sounds of smas.h.i.+ng and swords clas.h.i.+ng filled the surroundings. There was also the constant stream of spells bombarding the land, sending debris and dust flying into the air.

This was truly a b.l.o.o.d.y battlefield.

In this battlefield, personal strength was insignificant. When struck by hundreds of Fireb.a.l.l.s and Frost Arrows, even the most powerful MTs would die instantly.

“Very good. It should be about time to use them now.” s.h.i.+ Feng closely observed the battle through the live stream from Aqua Rose. After watching both sides clash for some time and seeing how closely packed the players on the enemy’s side were, s.h.i.+ Feng commanded in the Guild channel, “Use all your Frost Grenades and Magic Scrolls now! Hold nothing back and use all of them at once!”

The members of Zero Wing who had long since hungered for this moment immediately tossed the Frost Grenades in their hands.

This time around, the members of Zero Wing only used Basic Frost Grenades. Moreover, Frost Grenades were only half as effective when used against players, so each Basic Frost Grenade only dealt 100 damage to players. However, with several thousand players using them simultaneously, the acc.u.mulated damage could easily exceed 10,000 points. Currently, a majority of the players in G.o.d’s Domain were around Level 15, and even top-tier experts would be Level 20 at best.

Meanwhile, a Level 20 s.h.i.+eld Warrior or Guardian Knight would only have around 3,000 HP. In the face of so many Basic Frost Grenades, these players were cannon fodder; they could die at any given moment.

Shortly after the Basic Frost Grenades were thrown, a large swath of players from World Dominators died. As for those lucky enough to survive, they transformed into pure-white ice sculptures.

Immediately, the reinforcements from World Dominators who were just about to charge over were stunned stiff on the spot, intense fear permeating their hearts.

As for Gentle Snow who stood at a far distance, she had only noticed the center of the battlefield suddenly transforming into a snowy field.

In this lush, green land surrounded by blistering hot temperatures, this white contrast made for relatively beautiful scenery.

However, Blood Halberd was not in the mood to appreciate this pleasing sight. Zero Wing’s combined Frost Grenade attack had instantly killed over 1,000 players. Adding in the follow-up control effect of the Frost Grenades and Ouroboros’ continuous a.s.sault from behind, the death toll in this brief moment was at least 3,000.

Moreover, even without this wave of Frost Grenades, Blood Halberd had discovered something very important.

Although Zero Wing only had around 3,000 members, a large majority of them were elite players. Not only did they possess high Levels, but their equipment was also of good quality. With these two advantages, these players could easily take on two to three average players.

If the 10,000 or so players of World Dominators faced off against 3,000 average players, it would not take them very long to annihilate the latter and break out of this pincer attack. However, it was a completely different story if they faced 3,000 elite players. There was absolutely no way to break through this hurdle in a short time. Not to mention, they also had to pay a huge price to do so.

It was the same situation when World Dominators had initially hindered Ouroboros’s advance towards the Silverleaf Forest. At that time, they had only used several hundred elite players to block Ouroboros’s army of 2,000 players.

Now that World Dominators faced 3,000 elite players, in addition to the previous Frost Grenade attack, Blood Halberd began to consider suicide. If he had known about this earlier, he would have chosen to break through the pincer attack through Ouroboros’s side. It would have been much easier that way.

How did Zero Wing come into possession so many elite players?

Blood Halberd could neither understand why nor did he try to understand it, as there was only one thing he could do right now.

“Everyone, listen to my command! All of you use Return Scrolls and leave this place immediately!” Blood Halberd shouted reluctantly in the Guild channel.

This could not be helped. If they received several more waves of Frost Grenade attacks from Zero Wing, in addition to Ouroboros’ a.s.sault, World Dominators would be annihilated. There was only one thing they could do now.


Although it would be both costly and time-consuming to use Return Scrolls, and even more people would die, it was a much better alternative than suffering total annihilation.

“Guild Leader, this is not good! This area has been sealed! We can’t use Return Scrolls!”