Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 304 - Ferocious Beasts Released

Chapter 304 - Ferocious Beasts Released

Chapter 304 - Ferocious Beasts Released

In reply to Zhao Yueru’s suggestion, Gentle Snow merely shook her head and revealed a smile, not bothering to give any additional explanations.

“Are we just going to continue fighting like this?

“Although we have the advantage right now, if we wish to repel World Dominators, our losses will be immense. We might very well ruin the great advantage we have in White River City. Snow, you should know that the people of Star-Moon City have long since had an opinion of you. If we lose the advantage we have in White River City, they will take advantage of the situation and cause you trouble.”

Zhao Yueru could not make sense of Gentle Snow’s thoughts.

Although they were good friends with Black Flame, it wasn’t enough of a reason to destroy the influence they had obtained through painstaking efforts.

The fight between their two Guilds was no longer a simple skirmish, but a war that involved over ten thousand people.

Without sufficient benefits, one should never start a war.

War was not a child’s game. Not only were they required to give out rewards and compensation to the partic.i.p.ants, but they also needed to pay for many other expenditures. To put it plainly, war was just a way for players to waste money. Though, it would not have mattered as much if they could pay these expenses using Credits. After all, their families in the real world were both wealthy and influential; they could easily ignore such insignificant expenses. However, what they were not spending Credits, but Coins, a commodity that could not be easily obtained.

If they continued fighting this war, the advantage they previously held over the other Guilds in White River City would fall behind significantly.

Zhao Yueru knew that Gentle Snow was a person who spoke of righteousness and possessed high morals. If it were for a personal matter, she would never allow her companions to fight in such a desperate war. It was also the reason many experts willingly followed and respected her.

Even if it were for personal reasons, Gentle Snow absolutely would not drag in the entirety of Ouroboros in White River City.

“Is Zero Wing truly worth the effort to attempt to win this battle and protect them?” Zhao Yueru asked in confusion.

“Yes. I believe my own foresight.” Gentle Snow’s crystal clear eyes glowed with firm confidence. In truth, Gentle Snow wanted to say that she believed in Black Flame and Ye Feng’s potential.

In addition, there was also a great power hidden behind Black Flame. Even to this moment, Gentle Snow had yet to glean any important information about Black Flame.

Not only could he form a connection with the Starstreak Trading Firm, but he was also allowed to sell his products there. This was definitely not a feat that any ordinary power could help achieve. At the very least, to this day, Gentle Snow had yet to find any other Guild successfully forming a relations.h.i.+p with the NPCs of a trading firm. Moreover, the experts in Zero Wing had practically appeared from thin air. If one claimed that no power supported Zero Wing from behind, then how was it even possible for a recently established Guild like Zero Wing to draw in so many experts?

Hence, Gentle Snow felt confident that she had made the right decision.

However, if Gentle Snow discovered that s.h.i.+ Feng had simply recruited people in Jin Hai City who had been experts in the past, just what would her expression be?


As the desperate battle between Ouroboros and World Dominators continued, the Vice-Leader of World Dominators, Blood Halberd, experienced a slight headache.

“Has that Gentle Snow gone insane? Isn’t she just helping out some foreign Guild? Is there a need to try so desperately?” Blood Halberd appeared disappointed and confused as he looked at the casualty report he had received. As of this moment, they had lost over 1,500 players. Just the compensation they had to pay out had already reached astronomical amounts. The more Blood Halberd read the death toll written in the report, the darker his expression became.

No matter how he considered things, World Dominators would undertake a huge loss this time.

“Guild Leader Tyrant, World Dominators has incurred an immense loss due to your great plan. If you don’t compensate us appropriately, don’t blame me if the relations.h.i.+p between our Guilds turns sour.” Blood Halberd was furious now. He felt that Lone Tyrant had used him as cannon fodder.

“Vice-Leader Blood, please calm your anger. This entire incident was purely an accident. I did not expect Gentle Snow to be a madman. Rest a.s.sured, I will definitely compensate you for your losses.” Lone Tyrant agreed to Blood Halberd’s demands without hesitation. Or to put it in another way, he did not dare hesitate.

Although Dark Star was powerful in White River City, it was still weaker than Ouroboros.

If a misunderstanding occurred with World Dominators, it would be a disaster if they joined hands with Ouroboros to deal with Dark Star. Hence, Lone Tyrant had no choice but to compensate them. After all, he was the one who had requested World Dominators to hinder Ouroboros. However, Lone Tyrant’s heart ached when he thought about how he needed to compensate for over 1,500 deaths.

“Fine. Since Guild Leader Tyrant has made such a promise, I won’t say anything more.”


While Blood Halberd and Lone Tyrant conversed, Aqua Rose and the members of Zero Wing finally arrived at the battlefield between Ouroboros and World Dominators.

“It’s up to all of you now,” s.h.i.+ Feng spoke in the Guild channel.

“Guild Leader, leave it to us! At worst, we will just have to die once. No matter what, we are going to teach World Dominators that, if they wish to join hands with Dark Star to face us, they better not think of leaving unscathed!”

“Right! Since they wish to start a war, we will show them that anybody who dares provoke Zero Wing will suffer the consequences!”

Energy filled the 3,000-plus members of Zero Wing that had hurried to the battlefield. The moment s.h.i.+ Feng gave the order, they would instantly transform into ferocious beasts and tear apart their enemies.

“Good, listen to my command., your job is to use Stealth and sneak over to World Dominators’ healers. s.h.i.+eld Warriors, Guardian Knights, Berserkers, and Swordsmen, all of you are to charge into the heart of World Dominators and break their formation. Healers, follow the group closely and keep everyone in the unit alive. As for ranged attackers, block their path of retreat. We will not let a single one of them leave here alive. Aqua Rose will be in charge of commanding the ranged”

Under s.h.i.+ Feng’s commands, everyone from Zero Wing took organized action. Very quickly, more than 300 snuck to World Dominators’ rear lines. Meanwhile, as all of the players from World Dominators were occupied with their battle against Ouroboros, none of them managed to discover the forces of Zero Wing arriving behind them, let alone the sneaking up on them.

“, confirm your targets. Have two people deal with each target and kill the healers with certainty. Do not give World Dominators a chance to react,” s.h.i.+ Feng said in the Guild channel.

“Guild Leader, we’re in position,” the party leader reported.

“Good. On the count to five, take action together. After the make their move, s.h.i.+eld Warriors and Guardian Knights, remember to activate your lifesaving skills immediately as you start your charge. You all are to become a wall for everyone else and block of every bit of damage sent at you. As you move closer to World Dominators, everyone is to attack using the Frost Grenades that you received to break their first line of defense. Afterward, shatter their formation. Does everyone understand?” s.h.i.+ Feng said.

Following which, as s.h.i.+ Feng started his countdown, everyone began to grow nervous. It was especially true for the tasked with launching the first attacks.

Meanwhile, the healers of World Dominators stood comfortably in their positions as they carried out their duties. None of them had any sense of danger instilled in them at all.

However, they could not be blamed for this.

After all, they had an army of over ten thousand strong between the perceived enemy and themselves. No enemy should be able to touch them unless they broke through the defensive lines. Also, even if one or two players managed to sneak past the front lines, what could they possibly do to several hundred healers? The moment they revealed themselves, they would die instantly.

“Good! On my command!

“Five… Four… Three… Two… One.

“Kill! Let not a single one of them go!”

After s.h.i.+ Feng’s shout, all 300-plus took action simultaneously, with every two launching attacks on a single healer.

When ambushed by an, any ordinary healer would lose more than half of their HP, let alone an ambush by two elite

Momentarily, many of World Dominators’ healers felt a sting at the back of their heads. After they were forced into a Fainted state, two piercing cold daggers slashed across their necks, followed by two frightening damages appearing above their heads. In the next moment, their bodies were no longer under their control.

In the blink of an eye, World Dominators lost close to 200 healers. Immediately, Zero Wing’s melee players began their charge.

A moment later, Aqua Rose used a Guild War Order to lock down the entire region, preventing any from using a Return Scroll to leave the battlefield.