Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 266 - Holy Light

Chapter 266 - Holy Light

Chapter 266 - Holy Light

Just Dark Knight Gaia alone was a challenge for them to deal with. Yet, there were two more Bosses of equal strength now.

Even s.h.i.+ Feng felt powerless at this sight…

However, the fact that there were three Bosses in this hall was not the most important point. The key point was that even a single Boss was enough to cause everyone to despair.

The difficulty of this quest is too high. s.h.i.+ Feng’s head ached when he looked at the three Bosses. He never imagined that Weissman’s quest would be so difficult.

If it were the normal h.e.l.l Mode Demon’s Castle, s.h.i.+ Feng would still have a way to clear it. However, if he had to face the three Bosses before him simultaneously, then there really was no hope for clearing this Dungeon at all.

[Dark Knight Gaia] (High Lord Rank)

Level 16

HP 4,000,000/4,000,000

[Fallen Angel Ayr] (High Lord Rank)

Level 16

HP 3,600,000/3,600,000

[Fallen Angel Lara] (High Lord Rank)

Level 16

HP 3,600,000/3,600,000

Not only did the quest increase the number of Bosses, it had also greatly increased their strength. With a frightening 4,000,000 HP, even if their healers exhausted all their Mana, they still wouldn’t be able to kill Dark Knight Gaia.

It was also highly possible that Cola would die with a single stab from Dark Knight Gaia’s spear.

“Guild Leader, I think we should withdraw. There must be a problem with the System. Four million HP is just ridiculous…” Cola said, shaking his head while sighing.

“I think so as well, Brother Feng. Maybe we should go out and reset the Dungeon,” Blackie said.

The others had similar thoughts as well. Even if this was h.e.l.l Mode, the difficulty of these Bosses was simply preposterous.

“Since we’ve already come this far, let’s give it a try. There should be a special mechanism in place if the Bosses are set to be so powerful.” s.h.i.+ Feng did not think there was an error with the System. It definitely had its own reasoning for making the Bosses this powerful. So, they might as well test the water. Who knows? They might even discover some secret trick that will allow them to defeat these Bosses.

Since s.h.i.+ Feng had already spoken, the others naturally did not oppose his decision. At worst, they would simply waste some of their EXP, and EXP was something they could easily obtain.

Hence, like the previous time, Cola and Gluttonous Mouse went ahead to gauge the standards of the Bosses. Like before, Cola threw his s.h.i.+eld at the three Bosses, activating s.h.i.+eld of Vengeance. Yet, the moment Cola’s s.h.i.+eld struck the three Bosses, everyone in the team was stunned by what they saw.




Only one point of damage appeared above each of the three Bosses. Their frightening Defense rendered everyone in the team speechless.

“You are seeking death!” Dark Knight Gaia spoke in a tone that was neither enraged nor arrogant. Rather, his voice was only filled with coldness and indifference. He spoke just like a machine—emotionless. Gaia then slowly got up from his throne. He did not rush to attack Cola, instead choosing to abruptly focus his eyes on Cola.

Cola instantly felt a chill overcome his body. Although this was a game, the pressure he felt was nothing but real.

Similarly, the two Fallen Angels by Gaia’s side did not take any action. They did not even give Cola a single glance, as if saying Cola was not worth their attention at all.

“I refuse to believe it yet.”

Cola summoned up his courage as he used Punishment on Dark Knight Gaia. However, just like before, his attack only dealt one point of damage to the Boss. Everyone cringed at this result.

This time, Dark Knight Gaia finally retaliated against Cola’s attack. Gaia casually retrieved a spear from his side, aimed it at Cola, and threw it. Before anyone could react, a flash of light pierced through Cola’s chest, followed by a sonic boom reverberating throughout the hall. The attack caused over -2,900 damage to Cola, leaving him with only several hundred HP remaining. This casual attack had nearly taken Cola’s pitiful life.

Just as Dark Knight Gaia was about to attack for the second time, a pillar of holy light descended from the sky, enveloping Cola.

When Gaia’s spear clashed against the holy light, it was as if the spear had struck an impenetrable wall—the spear could not advance by even an inch.

“There was a trick to it as expected.” s.h.i.+ Feng smiled faintly when he saw the holy light descending from the sky. He also discovered the silhouette of a person floating amidst the pillar of holy light. Hence, s.h.i.+ Feng shouted in the team chat, “Everyone, together! Healers, get Cola’s HP back up first!”

Previously, everyone merely had the intention of giving the Bosses a try; they did not hold any hope of actually killing them. Now that a chance had appeared, how could they easily give it up?

The atmosphere surrounding the team instantly changed. No longer were they shrouded by despair.

Huh? Why is it her? When the person inside the pillar of light walked out, s.h.i.+ Feng discovered a familiar face. When he caught a clearer view of that saintly appearance, his mind immediately turned sluggish.

The person that walked out of the pillar of holy light was actually the Tier 3 Divine Official Sharlyn.

“Wow! My G.o.ddess!” Blackie’s eyes widened upon seeing Sharlyn, his drool nearly leaking out of his mouth.

Putting aside Sharlyn’s peerless appearance and graceful figure, just that extraordinary aura that she exuded would attract others to her. Gifted with both appearance and aura, Sharlyn was even more mesmerizing than the Snow G.o.ddess, Gentle Snow.

After Sharlyn descended into the hall, she did not look at the people behind her. Instead, she focused her attention on the black throne, at Dark Knight Gaia and the two Fallen Angels by his side.

Dark Knight Gaia no longer maintained his look of indifference when he noticed Sharlyn’s appearance. Instead, a hint of fear showed on his face.

“Gaia, leave that woman to us. You take care of those ants and activate the teleportation gate. It is about time we let this continent be filled with fear and death once more,” Fallen Angel Ayr said.

“Yes, Lady Ayr,” Dark Knight Gaia answered respectfully.

At the same time, Sharlyn whirled around to look at everyone, saying, “Adventurers! For his selfish gains, Gaia has turned the past inhabitants of this castle into demons, letting them live a life that is worse than death! Now, he is even trying to open a gate to the Demon World, summoning the Legion of Dead to attack White River City! You must stop Gaia from doing so at all costs and prevent a terrible fate from befalling the inhabitants of White River City!”

Finished speaking, Sharlyn immediately chanted some divine incantations. She then pointed a finger at the players before her. Suddenly, everyone in the team received a buff.

[Blessing of Holy Light]

Increases all Attributes by 200 points.

“This blessing is insane! My Magic Damage is over a thousand points! My HP is also over 5,000! This feels awesome!” Blackie said in exhilaration.

Everyone else shared Blackie’s feelings. Their bodies felt full of power, and they felt that they could easily go back and trample the previous Boss, Justin Freed.

Just the HP of the ranged players had already exceeded the 5,000 threshold. The other melee players also had their HPs increased past the 6,000 threshold. As for the monstrous MT of the team, Cola, his HP had already gone past the 7,000 threshold. Cola was practically a mini Boss now.

After Sharlyn and the two Fallen Angels departed to do battle, Dark Knight Gaia immediately charged towards the team of players, intending to ma.s.sacre them quickly.

At this time, everyone in the team no longer looked at Dark Knight Gaia with fearful eyes like before.

Even if Cola received close to -3,000 damage from a single spear throw from the Boss, the Guardian Knight presently had over 7,000 HP. Moreover, the healers also had their Magic Damage increased from the blessing. Now, a casual heal from any one of them could replenish over a thousand HP for Cola. They had no problems coping with Dark Knight Gaia’s frightening damage.

Taking the lead, Cola immediately slashed his sword at Gaia, following up the attack with a Punishment.

-328, -641.

Two damages appeared above Dark Knight Gaia’s head.

Meanwhile, s.h.i.+ Feng had used Silent Steps and arrived at Dark Knight Gaia’s back. Executing Chop, he slashed his sword down at Gaia’s neck, immediately causing more than -1,200 damage to the Boss. His follow-up normal attacks also caused around -600 damage.

However, compared to physical damage, the mages had a much greater improvement.

Each of Blackie’s Dark Arrows caused over -2,000 damage to the Boss; over -4,000 damage if it was a critical hit. As for Aqua Rose, her Flame Explosion dealt over -1,500 damage to the Boss.

The other mages in the team could also deal over -1,200 damage with each of their attacks, which was very impressive.

On the other hand, Dark Knight Gaia’s damage towards Cola was slightly reduced. Each of his attacks only dealt slightly over -2,400 damage to Cola now.

One side was strengthened, while the other, weakened. Even if Dark Knight Gaia had 4,000,000 HP, everyone still felt confident of defeating him.

As Dark Knight Gaia’s HP continuously fell, his attack rate also grew fiercer, and the damage he dealt also became greater. From the initial -2,400 damage, Cola now received around -2,700 from each of Gaia’s attacks.