Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 265 - Dark Knight Gaia

Chapter 265 - Dark Knight Gaia

Chapter 265 - Dark Knight Gaia

“It’s a jackpot!”

“Our karma must be too good!”

“I wonder what we’ll get?”

“This is the h.e.l.l Mode of the Demon’s Castle. A jackpot should give us at least a Dark-Gold Weapon, right?”

Justin Freed’s death allowed everyone to breathe a sigh of relief. However, when they saw the pile of items on the ground, everyone knew that their luck had come. Just a brief glance told them that Justin Freed had dropped more than ten items. It was an obvious sign that this was one of those rare karmic jackpots.

“Alright, don’t get too excited right now. Rest and recover for now.” s.h.i.+ Feng simply smiled when he looked at his teammates’ excitement. However, he knew that the jackpot this time around was no coincidence.

Others might not know this, but the Demon’s Castle was actually the hardest Dungeon out of all the Level 15, 20-man Team Dungeons, although everyone believed that it was simply a 20-man Dungeon with above average difficulty. In the past, countless Guilds had suffered team-wipe after team-wipe in order to raid the Demon’s Castle. According to s.h.i.+ Feng’s understanding, the Bosses of every h.e.l.l Mode Team Dungeon that possessed the highest difficulty out of all h.e.l.l Mode Team Dungeons of the same level would always yield a jackpot when it was being raided for the first time. This was a reward by the system for pioneering the Team Dungeon with the highest difficulty.


While s.h.i.+ Feng was counting up the loot from Justin Freed, a group of players revived at the entrance of the Demon’s Castle.

“Boss, that Justin Freed’s Defense and Attack are simply too high. Compared to a Level 10 Dungeon, the Demon’s Castle is far more difficult. Moreover, this is only the Normal Mode Dungeon. Even a powerful MT like yourself could not survive three hits from the first Boss. I don’t think there’s any way we can raid this Dungeon right now,” a Druid said.

“It seems that two MTs are required for this Boss, to share the damage. We can just let a Ranger kite the three summoned monsters.” After experiencing a battle with Justin Freed, War Wolf fully realized just how powerful the Boss was. Every time Justin Freed attacked, War Wolf would be forced into a corner and prevented from dodging; he had no choice but to take the full brunt of the Boss’s attack.

If he only had to endure Justin Freed’s basic attacks, War Wolf was confident he could make do with the heals he received. However, one of Justin Freed’s minor skills, Thousand Sweep, dealt at least -1,000 damage to all targets within an 8-yard radius. Meanwhile, the activation time for this skill was practically instantaneous, so War Wolf had no chance at dodging it. When War Wolf ate this minor skill in addition to a basic attack, he would instantly lose at least 2,000 HP. Only with all four healers in the team focusing their heals on him could they barely manage to get his HP back up to a safe level before Justin Freed’s next attack connected. However, shortly after, the Boss summoned three Demon Guards.

Once the healers spread their focus to the other members of the team, War Wolf was promptly slain by Justin Freed.

The end result? A team-wipe.


As War Wolf’s team was about to enter the Demon’s Castle for the second time, s.h.i.+ Feng had already started distributing the loot.

The jackpot this time had yielded 11 weapons and equipment in total. There were also quite a number of Magic Crystals and precious materials.

Among the weapons and equipment dropped were three Secret-Silver Equipment: leg guards for Rangers, a hat for Druids, and shoulder guards for Summoners.

As this was a Guild-only team, and also a pioneer raid, the distribution of items this time was not done using the contribution-auction method. Instead, s.h.i.+ Feng a.s.signed the items to specific players while placing priority on increasing the overall battle prowess of the team.

Meanwhile, Fine-Gold ranked weapons and equipment numbered the most. There was a total of six of such items dropped by Justin Freed. The Attributes of these items spoke for themselves. The items dropped from the h.e.l.l Mode of the Demon’s Castle were all of the finest quality.

Lonely Snow received a Level 15 Fine-Gold ranked greataxe, while Cola received a Level 15 Fine-Gold ranked shortsword. Meanwhile, the Secret-Silver Weapons the two previously used were pa.s.sed on to their teammates. The remaining four items were Fine-Gold Equipment: shoes for Swordsmen, arm guards for Cursemancers, a chest piece for Oracles, and a chest piece for Elementalists.

s.h.i.+ Feng kept the shoes for Swordsmen for himself, exchanging it with his Level 10 Mysterious-Iron ranked boots.

[Triumph Boots] (Shoes, Plate Armor, Fine-Gold Rank)

Level 15

Defense +184

Strength +17, Agility +20, Endurance +12

Movement Speed +5

Restricted to Swordsman.

Additional Pa.s.sive Skill-

Light-footed: Increases Movement Speed by 5%.

s.h.i.+ Feng then handed the Fine-Gold ranked arm guards to Blackie, the chest piece for Oracles to Gluttonous Mouse, and the chest piece for Elementalists to Aqua.

The final two items were of Dark-Gold rank. One was a pitch-black longsword, while the other was a dark-gray colored staff that emitted black mist.

[Demonbane] (One-handed Sword, Dark-Gold Rank)

Level 15

Attack Power +183

Strength +20, Agility +21, Endurance +10

Attack Speed +3

Durability 100/100

Additional Pa.s.sive Skill-

Demonbane: Deals 20% additional damage towards darkness-type monsters.

Although the Demonbane was only at the level of being satisfactory in terms of Attributes, the pa.s.sive skill that came along with it was perfect for raiding the Demon’s Castle. s.h.i.+ Feng just happened to be able to replace his Level 10 Dark-Gold Weapon, the Silver Lake.

Although the Silver Lake was a Personal Exclusive Weapon, in terms of Attributes and Attack Power, it was much weaker than the Level 15 Demonbane. The reason being, there would be a huge increase in the performance of weapons and equipment every five Levels. Moreover, when taking into consideration the convenience of the upcoming battles, s.h.i.+ Feng had even more reason to exchange the Silver Lake for the Demonbane.

As for the Dark-Gold ranked staff, it was also of extremely good quality.

[Black Mist Staff] (Two-handed Staff, Dark-Gold Rank)

Level 15

Equipment Requirement: Strength 40, Intelligence 60

Attack Power +154

Intelligence +42, Vitality +28, Endurance +33

Chanting Speed +6

Durability 100/100

Elemental Spell Damage increased by 10%

Elemental Spells have 18% chance to achieve a critical hit.

Ignore Levels +3

Cast Range +2

Elemental Spell Levels +1

Restricted to Elementalist.

“Wow! The Attributes on this staff are insane! It’s practically tailored for Elementalists!” Even though Blackie already had an Epic ranked staff, he still couldn’t help but exclaim when he saw the Attributes on this staff.

The eyes of the two Elementalists in the team immediately glowed upon seeing the Attributes of this staff.

“This staff will go to Aqua.” s.h.i.+ Feng handed the staff over to Aqua Rose without hesitation. Although Taciturn Goose, who was one of the newly recruited Five Demon Generals, was also an Elementalist, Aqua Rose was the Vice-Leader of the Guild.

It would not look well if the Vice-Leader of the Guild continued using only a Secret-Silver ranked staff. Moreover, Aqua Rose’s techniques and strength was far above Taciturn Goose’s, and she would be able to display the staff’s true power better.

“For me?” Although Aqua Rose indeed liked this Black Mist Staff very much, she had only recently joined the Guild. She would feel very awkward if she were to receive such an amazing staff so quickly.

“Take it. You’re the Vice-Leader of our Guild. We can’t have other Guilds looking down on Zero Wing now, can we?” s.h.i.+ Feng said, a grin on his face.

“That’s right, Vice-Leader! Our Guild is acknowledged as one of the six major Guilds right now! If the other Guilds were to find out that our Vice-Leader was still using a Secret-Silver ranked staff, they would definitely make fun of us!” Blackie said.

“Alright, then. I’ll take it.”

Aqua Rose felt that their words were logical. As one of the top management of the Guild, every action she took affected the Guild’s reputation. If others were to discover her poor quality equipment, although they might not outright slander them with insults, they would definitely look down on Zero Wing. It would make others think that Zero Wing was not as good as it seemed to be.

After equipping this exquisite staff, Aqua Rose suddenly felt the responsibilities placed upon on her shoulders growing heavier.

Following which, after everyone was rested, they resumed advancing towards the heart of the Demon’s Castle.

Due to the jackpot from Justin Freed, the team’s overall strength was greatly increased. They had a much easier time now when they fought against the Elites and Special Elites, and very quickly, they arrived at the main hall of the Demon’s Castle. The final Boss, the Dark Knight Gaia, sat high above on the throne inside the hall.

The moment everyone set foot inside the hall, the atmosphere of the room suddenly changed, and even the air started feeling heavy.

Everyone in the team sucked in a mouthful of cold breath at the scene inside the hall.

“This is a joke, right?” Blackie looked at the throne in the distance, his mouth gaping wide open in shock.

“What is going on here? Why are there two more Bosses with Dark Knight Gaia?” Astonished, s.h.i.+ Feng stared at the two beauties standing beside the throne. The two beauties had a pair of pitch-black wings on their backs, and both of them were giving off an imposing aura that was no weaker than Dark Knight Gaia’s.