Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1532 - Might of a Tier 4 Existence

Chapter 1532 - Might of a Tier 4 Existence

Chapter 1532: Might of a Tier 4 Existence


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1532 – Might of a Tier 4 Existence

As the Orc Warlord moved closer to the team, everyone felt the pressure increase. It felt as if an invisible domain had enveloped the area.

Suddenly, Zero Wing’s players felt as if something had wrapped around them, binding them and making their movements sluggish.

This Orc Warlord is capable of using a Domain?!

The sudden development surprised s.h.i.+ Feng.

Domain Skills were Tier 4 existences’ signature moves. They were extremely effective in group battles. Normally, Tier 4 monsters rarely possessed a Domain Skill, but monsters that did were players’ nightmares.

The gap in Attributes between players and monsters was already vast. If players’ Attributes were suppressed even further, they would be ma.s.sacred.

Although the Orc Warlord’s Domain Skill was not particularly strong, and it only decreased their Movement and Attack Speeds by around 30%, in a battle that permitted no mistakes, the slightest reduction to their combat power could result in a fatality.

Sure enough, Cola and the other MTs began to lose HP far more quickly after the Orc Warlord activated its Domain. The attacks that they had no issue blocking and dodging became impossible to deal with. In the end, they were only able to maintain their HP around the 50% threshold.

The other melee players faced a similar situation, their HPs decreasing so quickly that the healers couldn’t keep up. At this rate, it was only a matter of time before players began to die.

“Violet, use Holy Prayer! Everyone, gather the Orcs! Ranged players, focus on the Orcs that split away from the group! Don’t let them fight on separate fronts!” s.h.i.+ Feng commanded.

The Orcs’ HPs were already significantly higher than theirs. With the monsters’ superior healing, the team would be overwhelmed if they tried to fight the Orcs separately.

Violet Cloud immediately released the Tier 2 Spell, Holy Prayer, which she had prepared ahead of time.

A brilliant radiance tore through the dusky sky and shone down on Zero Wing’s members. The Spell instantly healed all allies within a 50-yard radius of Violet Cloud for over 3,000 HP per second. At the same time, all allies within range received the Holy Protection buff, removing all debuffs and decreasing incoming damage by 20%. Meanwhile, Holy Prayer had a 1-minute duration and 20-minute Cooldown.

When this Spell descended on the team, these players were immediately freed from the Orc Warlord’s Domain Skill. Not only did it become easier to deal with the Orcs’ attacks, but their HPs also recovered at a visible rate.

“What a powerful Healing Spell!” Aqua Rose exclaimed in surprise when she saw the team steadily gain the upper hand over the Orcs.

While a 20% damage reduction might not seem like much, the buff was strikingly effective for the melee players tanking on the frontline. Moreover, as the pressure on the healers lifted, they could focus on healing the MTs. The other melee players lost their fear of insufficient healing as they herded the Orcs into a single group.

“Guild Leader, we’ve gathered most of them!” Fire Dance shouted after pus.h.i.+ng the last few Great Lords into the group.

“Good!” When s.h.i.+ Feng saw that his allies had cornered the majority of the Orcs at the base camp’s entrance, he used the Aura of Time’s Forbidden Domain.

Suddenly, black mist covered 500 yards around s.h.i.+ Feng, enveloping every Orc in the base camp. In turn, the Orcs could no longer use Skills or Spells.

“Everyone, attack with everything you’ve got!” s.h.i.+ Feng shouted.

Although the Forbidden Domain was not as useful against monsters as it was against players, Zero Wing’s team could use large-scale destruction Spells to their maximum potential as long as it stopped the Orcs from healing.

However, as everyone prepared to cast their large-scale destruction Spells and AOEs, the Orc Warlord in the camp released a furious bellow. It then unsheathed the saber from its waist and swung the weapon in a downward arc.

Before anyone could react, an arc of energy shot forward, extending up to 200 yards and gouging the ground. Any player in the beam’s path died instantly.

“It’s too strong!” Zero Wing’s players gasped.

There was no way to fight the Orc Warlord!

Not only was the Orc Warlord frighteningly powerful, but it was also far faster than these players could react.

“So fast!”

When Cola saw two of his fellow MTs and a large number of melee players die to the Orc Warlord’s attack, he was shocked. If that attack had hit him, he had no doubt that he would’ve suffered a similar fate. He would’ve likely only survived if he had activated his Lifesaving Skill and blocked the attack with his s.h.i.+eld in time. However, the Orc Warlord’s Attack Speed was too high. It took everything he had just to keep up with the Mythic Boss’s saber with his eyes.

After the Orc Warlord’s ranged attack, it dashed towards the base camp’s entrance, leaving behind an afterimage.

“Guild Leader, the Orc Warlord is coming!” Aqua Rose reported anxiously. She was still in the middle of casting a large-scale destruction Spell and couldn’t react to the Mythic Boss’s charge.

If the Orc Warlord ran amuck in the middle of their team, it would do as much damage as releasing a tiger into a flock of sheep.

Although Cola and the other MTs wanted to stop the Orc Warlord, they had plenty of trouble dealing with the Orcs before them. If they allowed these Orcs to get past their blockade, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Sure enough, Forbidden Domain is barely effective against a Mythic monster.

s.h.i.+ Feng revealed a bitter smile as he watched the frenzied Orc Warlord.

Following which, s.h.i.+ Feng took a Magic Scroll from his bag.

The moment he did so, the surrounding Mana changed. As if the Magic Scroll were a black hole, it sucked in the area’s Mana. Sensing the change, the Orc Warlord, who had been charging into the group at the entrance, revealed a frightened expression as it turned and fled.

“You want to escape?” s.h.i.+ Feng smiled when the Orc Warlord turned on its heel. “I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time now.”

Unlike the Skills and Spells players could learn or the Skills that came with weapons and equipment, those stored in Magic Scrolls could be activated by unfurling the paper and reciting a few basic incantations. There was no need for lengthy activation times.

Shortly after s.h.i.+ Feng unfurled the Tier 4 Magic Scroll, the ground started to tremble.

Gray jets of air tore through the ground and rose up in the heart of the Orc base camp. Any Orc that came into contact with these jets instantly turned to stone. They could not dodge the rising attacks even if they tried.

Although the Orc Warlord had a G.o.dlike reaction speed, one of the jets still grazed the Mythic Boss. Instantly, it was paralyzed as it gradually transformed into a stone statue. At the same time, its HP began to fall rapidly.

Against Earthen Breath, the Chieftain ranked Orcs were nothing more than ants. Two seconds after their petrification, their bodies shattered into dust. The Lord ranked Orcs only managed to last five seconds before following their weaker companions into oblivion.

By the time Earthen Breath’s 10-second duration ended, all Chieftain, Lord, and High Lord ranked Orcs in the base camp were dead. Although the Great Lords had survived, they had less than half of their HPs remaining. The Grand Lord ranked Orc Captains had only lost 20% of their HPs, but they were heavily injured. Not only had their combat power drastically decreased, but their Defense had also fallen.

As for the Orc Warlord, like the Orc Captains, it had only lost around 5% of its HP, but it was in a miserable state, and its combat power had significantly weakened.

Zero Wing’s members were dumbfounded.

s.h.i.+ Feng’s aim with Earthen Breath had been impressively accurate. The Spell’s AOE stopped just short of five yards from Cola and the other MTs, who blocked the base camp’s entrance.

With just a single Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spell, he had turned the tide of battle. Only now did they understand why s.h.i.+ Feng dared to a.s.sault the Orc army’s base camp.

After Earthen Breath ended, less than 30 Orcs remained. Among them, over 20 were injured Great Lords with less than half of their HP remaining. With their 1,000-man team and without the other Orcs hara.s.sment, they could easily deal with the surviving Grand Lords and Great Lords.

“Use this opportunity to clear out the Orc Warriors! Cola, distract the Orc Warlord! Solitary, help take care of Cola’s Orc Captain!” s.h.i.+ Feng commanded as he spent 5,000 Magic Crystals to activate the Ring of Gospel’s World Projection.

When World Projection activated, it dispelled the Orc Warlord’s Domain Skill, and suppressed all enemies within a 3,000-yard radius, reducing their physiques by 30% and Basic Attributes by 20%.

This was not Thunder Island. Due to the island’s restrictions, he hadn’t been able to use the variety of tools in his possession.

Moreover, he was afraid of the Orc Warlord. If he had encountered it normally, he would’ve put as much distance between himself and the monster as possible, but after the contest on Thunder Island, he had gained a few cards that could give him a chance against the Mythic Orc.