Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1531 - Kingdom Upheaval

Chapter 1531 - Kingdom Upheaval

Chapter 1531: Kingdom Upheaval


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1531 – Kingdom Upheaval

After the various large Guilds and adventurer teams had retreated from Bewildering Forest Town, players heatedly discussed the Orc siege on Star-Moon Kingdom’s official forums.

The uploaded recordings of the siege war shocked everyone in the kingdom.

Although the various large Guilds frequently clashed, with some even waging large-scale wars against each other, there was simply no comparing those battles with the Orc army’s a.s.sault. The difference between them was like the difference between heaven and earth. The recordings were enough to showcase the Orc army’s intense bloodl.u.s.t.

“With so many Orcs in that army, it seems Bewildering Forest Town is doomed. I wonder if the Orcs will continue on and attack another location?”

“I doubt that. This should be some kind of system event. If the Orc army goes on to capture other towns in Star-Moon Kingdom and weakens those NPCs, Star-Moon Kingdom is doomed.”

“You can’t say that for sure. As soon as the Empire’s Rise expansion pack took effect, the Orc Empire invaded and took over a portion of the several neighboring kingdoms and empires’ land as well.”

“I guess so. If that is the case, the neighboring towns are in trouble. What Guild could possibly hold off so many Orcs? I’ve heard that every Guild in Bewildering Forest Town has retreated. Not even a 300,000-plus elite army can stop the Orcs now.”

“No, that’s not entirely true. I’ve heard that Zero Wing is still fighting in Bewildering Forest Town right now.”

“Zero Wing? Don’t get your hopes up. Zero Wing’s only sent a 1,000 players to the town. They’re simply trying to put on an act. There aren’t even enough of them to serve as a snack for the Orcs. Who knows? They might have retreated by now.”

“No. Based on what I’ve just heard from Zero Wing’s members, the team is still there. Moreover, the players Zero Wing dispatched are members of its main force.”

“Maybe they’re trying to grind EXP? After all, there are plenty of Orcs there. A single large-scale destruction Spell could easily damage over a hundred Orcs. Also, among those Orcs, even the weakest is a Level 40 Special Elite. From what I’ve heard, they seem to give a lot of EXP. The only problem is the buff they have that reduces the majority of the damage they receive.”

Some players were excited about the Orc siege, while others were anxious. On the one hand, the Orc invasion meant more opportunities to earn Contribution Points. However, to the players operating around the towns close to Bewildering Forest Town, the town’s fall meant that their towns could be the next target. If their towns fell to the Orcs, then all of the effort they’ve put into building the town’s foundations would go to waste. This was especially true for Guilds that occupied these towns.


“Zero Wing’s members are still there?” Singular Burial, who had returned to Star-Moon City, revealed a confused expression when he heard the report from his subordinate.

In his opinion, Zero Wing had been putting on an act. After all, the Orc siege simply wasn’t something current players could defend against.

“Guild Leader Singular, just ignore Zero Wing. Although we didn’t gain many Guild Honor Points or Guild Influence, it doesn’t significantly affect our plans. Our main priority now is the recently discovered Ancient Rock City. Once we take down the Orc Empire’s Ancient Rock City, Heaven’s Burial will dominate the several neighboring kingdoms, let alone Star-Moon Kingdom,” Lei Jingyang said, laughing. “Didn’t you mention that Flame Blood’s team is ready? When will we take action?”

“Flame Blood’s side is ready, but we don’t have enough Guild Honor Points. With the amount we have, we can only hire 5,000 mercenaries. Had we successfully defended Bewildering Forest Town, we might’ve been able to hire 8,000 mercenaries. It would’ve been enough to guarantee our success in capturing Ancient Rock City,” Singular Burial said, sighing.

Due to the Orc Empire’s rise, the empire had taken over neutral maps in its neighboring kingdom. Moreover, several ancient towns and cities, which had belonged to the Orc Empire in the past, had reemerged, including Ancient Rock City.

All of the Orc Empire’s towns and cities could be captured. Although players couldn’t gain complete control[1] of these towns and cities after capturing them, they could modify and develop them.

Moreover, due to the Orc Empire, the various large Guilds and independent players were all grinding for Guild Honor Points and Contribution Points so that they could purchase Mounts and other rare items. Meanwhile, Ancient Rock City’s location in the Orc Empire’s inner region was a good place to grind for these points. The city was also near several ancient ruins.

If they could capture the city, players from the neighboring kingdoms would flock to the city and use it as a temporary base. With the potential wealth and resources Ancient Rock City could generate, Heaven’s Burial could become the number one Guild in the neighboring kingdoms.

In comparison, Star-Moon Kingdom’s Zero Wing City would be a joke.

“That should be enough. We can’t give Beast Emperor 20% of the profits for nothing. That old fellow should put some effort into the siege as well,” Lei Jingyang said.

In reality, Lei Jingyang disliked Beast Emperor. The old man only knew how to move around like a sneaky rat.

However, Lei Jingyang had to admit that Beast Emperor commanded incredibly formidable combat power. He had also secretly taken control of several large Guilds. He even had the support of several major corporations. Recently, he had gained the support of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Nine Dragon Emperor as well.

Although their goals in G.o.d’s Domain didn’t necessarily align, they wouldn’t clash, either.

“Alright, then. I’ll notify Flame Blood. But I’ve heard that Beast Emperor’s situation has reached a critical point. He might not necessarily come to help.” Singular Burial nodded.

Although he had allied himself with Beast Emperor, they focused on their own matters. Had Beast Emperor given him full support, he wouldn’t have had so much trouble gathering Contribution Points in the first place.


Back in Bewildering Forest Town, Zero Wing’s members surged through the s.p.a.cial tear s.h.i.+ Feng had created by activating Spatial Gate. In seconds, they appeared before the entrance of a temporary camp in the middle of a forest.

“Guild Leader, this…”

When Aqua Rose emerged from the Spatial Gate, she noticed that the Orcs inside the ma.s.sive camp were Level 60-plus. In addition, they were all Chieftain rank or above. At a glance, she counted well over 1,000 Orcs. Four Grand Lord ranked Orc Captains guarded the camp’s entrance.

Meanwhile, a ma.s.sive Orc in pitch-black armor with a saber at his waist sat in the large tent in the center of the camp. When Zero Wing’s members saw the Orc’s statistics, their minds blanked.


[Orc Warlord] (Humanoid Creature, Mythic)

Level 66

HP 400,000,000/400,000,000


Aside from the Orc Warlord’s 400,000,000 HP, it had a total of five HP bars. This meant that the Orc Warlord’s combat standards could rival that of a fifth-floor Trial Tower expert.

Rather than a preemptive strike, they were throwing themselves into death’s embrace.

The Orcs in the base camp quickly noticed the arrival of Zero Wing’s members. They roared and sounded their warhorns, notifying the distant Orc Army that they had been ambushed and needed reinforcements.

The four Orc Captains guarding the base camp unsheathed their weapons and attacked alongside the other Orcs.

Meanwhile, the Orc Warlord slowly made its way towards s.h.i.+ Feng and his companions, gazing at the players as if they were pests.

“Cola, you three get ready to tank the monsters! Everyone, defensive formations!” The welcoming party didn’t particularly surprise s.h.i.+ Feng. This was the Orc army’s main headquarters. It was only natural that it was well fortified. If it were so easy to ambush and destroy, the country-level wars wouldn’t have lasted several days.

Fortunately, the Orc Empire’s invasion wasn’t the same as a war between NPC countries. The Orc Empire did not have players’ help, so they could launch ambush tactics without worrying about enemy players.

Hearing s.h.i.+ Feng’s command, the MT trio gritted their teeth and pulled the approaching monsters’ aggro.

Very quickly, Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian each took on an Orc Captain, while Solitary Nine and Dark Madness took on the last Orc Captain.

However, since the MTs also had to dodge attacks from the lower-ranked Orcs, they struggled to dodge the Orc Captains’ attacks. Unlike the Savage Orcs on Thunder Island, these Orcs were skilled and organized as they split into groups of front-liners, ranged attackers, and healers.

The Orcs also had an overwhelming advantage in terms of total damage output. Although Zero Wing’s members could deal over -10,000 damage with each attack, every Orc here had millions of HP. The Orc healers in the rear could also heal their allies for tens of thousands of HP with each Healing Spell.

“Guild Leader! The Orc Warlord is coming!” Cola anxiously announced as he watched the Mythic Boss approach. For a moment, he wondered if they had bit off more than they could chew this time.

Hearing Cola’s announcement, everyone on the team promptly turned to look at the Orc Warlord. Immediately, they felt a stifling sensation as a heavy pressure weighed down on them.