Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1509 - Steamrolling

Chapter 1509 - Steamrolling

Chapter 1509: Steamrolling


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1509 – Steamrolling

When the Nine Dragons Emperor’s four last healers died, silence descended on the team.

How has she become so strong?

Shock overwhelmed Martial Dragon as he stared at the healers’ fading bodies.

He still had a relatively clear impression of Fire Dance as he had fought her personally during the a.s.sault on Zero Wing’s Residence. She had been insignificant then, yet after some time, she had become powerful enough to suppress him.

How does Zero Wing find so many experts?!

Nine Dragons Emperor’s eyes were bloodshot as he watched Fire Dance move across the battlefield unhindered.

Although the fight had been brief, it had been enough time to realize that Martial Dragon was no match for the in a head-on confrontation. The Skill she had used was particularly troublesome.

It was impossible to differentiate Fire Dance’s doppelgangers from the real player, and attacks against the clones were ineffective, yet the doppelgangers seemed more than capable of inflicting damage.

If they could not attack all six copies at the same time, Fire Dance would be practically invincible.

However, Fire Dance’s prowess wasn’t the biggest issue; his team had just lost all of their healers. This had placed his team in an overwhelmingly disadvantageous position.

In contrast, not only were Zero Wing’s experts capable of dealing frightening amounts of damage, but they were also swift and nimble. Every one of Nine Dragons Emperor’s team, not including Martial Dragon, Shadowtooth, Undead, and Bloodhand Yama, were little more than living targets for Zero Wing. They couldn’t even slow the enemy players for a few seconds…

“Dragon Pavilion Master, we can’t let this continue. When will the reinforcements arrive?” Undead asked as he attempted to keep Flying Shadow and Blackie at bay. Because of these two experts, he couldn’t cast any of his large-scale destruction Spells, which had long casting times; he was too preoccupied with dodging and defending himself with Instantaneous Spells. He was incredibly frustrated.

In terms of combat standards, he was leagues ahead of Flying Shadow and Blackie, but the two experts from Zero Wing were leaps and bounds above him in Basic Attributes and reaction speed. Now that the team’s healers were dead, it was only a matter of time before Flying Shadow and Blackie whittled him down to nothing.

Undead wasn’t the only player eagerly awaiting the reinforcements. The rest of the team wanted to know when they’d arrive as well. Without reinforcements, it was only a matter of time before Zero Wing annihilated their team.

“We…retreat!” Nine Dragons Emperor reluctantly shouted when he noticed that Zero Wing’s team remained intact while he continued to lose members.

Now, he didn’t even have enough players to stop Zero Wing from stealing the Orc Bosses, not to mention defeating the enemy players. Nine Dragons Emperor couldn’t figure out why there was such a ma.s.sive difference between their teams.

To make matters worse, Zero Wing had only sent around a dozen or so experts to fight his team, while the remaining 30-plus players faced the three Orc Bosses…

When the team heard Nine Dragons Emperor’s command, its members began to retreat.

“Hahaha! Guild Leader, we’ve scared them away!” Blackie was delighted as he watched Nine Dragons Emperor’s team flee.

The members of Nine Dragons Emperor’s team were no ordinary experts. Any one of them could easily rank among the top in a first-rate Guild.

Moreover, players like Nine Dragons Emperor and Martial Dragon stood at the apex of the virtual gaming world. He had only ever been able to look up to such players, yet now, he and a few of his teammates forced these apex experts to run with their tails between their legs.

“Guild Leader, should we give chase?” Unlike Blackie, Fire Dance was unfazed. In fact, a hint of dissatisfaction danced in her eyes. She’d prefer to eliminate these players, rather than watch them flee.

“No. Our goal is to take this encampment. If we take too long, their reinforcements will arrive,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, shaking his head. He then s.h.i.+fted his gaze to the Orc Bosses and ordered, “For now, prioritize the Bosses!”

“What if they come back?” Fire Dance asked as she watched Nine Dragons Emperor. Based on the Ranger’s expression, he wasn’t happy about the retreat. He wouldn’t just sit still and watch them claim the encampment.

“If they come back, we’ll wipe them out!” s.h.i.+ Feng said, a cold glint flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes.

Now, their team had far more Tier 2 players than in the previous battle. In addition, these players covered the three main roles: MT, DPS, and healers.

Following which, everyone turned towards the three Orc Bosses.

After a short but intense battle, Lifeless Thorn and his team barely dealt enough damage to stop the Bosses from recovering HP. Although the Bosses still had around 20% remaining, they still had over 100,000,000 HP. Among them, the Orc Chief still had 130,000,000 HP, and this was after including Thunder Domain’s suppression.


“What?! Nine Dragons Emperor was forced to retreat?!”

“Zero Wing is amazing! They actually pushed Nine Dragons Emperor back with a dozen or so players!”

“Just how many more of these experts is Zero Wing hiding?”

The various spectating superpowers were shocked by Zero Wing’s combat power.

This situation also forced these superpowers, who had thus far paid little attention to the Guild, to take Zero Wing seriously.

Before this display, they could’ve afforded to ignore the fact that Zero Wing had an expert like Ye Feng. After all, no Guild could rely on a single player to grow stronger. This was especially true when raiding large-scale Team Dungeons. One player wasn’t enough to clear these Dungeons. But things had changed with the appearance of Aqua Rose, Fire Dance, Gentle Snow, Cola, Ye Wumian, Shadow Sword, Flying Shadow, Alluring Summer, and others.


“Big Sis Rain, he did it! Big Brother Ye Feng actually did it!” Blue Phoenix could not help but cry out when she saw Nine Dragons Emperor’s team flee from the Orc encampment.

“Zero Wing is a truly unfathomable Guild.” Phoenix Rain sighed as she watched Zero Wing’s members raid the three Orc Bosses.

She had to admit that the decision to ally with Zero Wing early on had been a wise one.

Had she become the Guild’s enemy, she would’ve likely suffered the same fate as Nine Dragons Emperor.


Meanwhile, outside the Orc encampment, once Nine Dragons Emperor realized that Zero Wing’s members had stopped their pursuit, rage and humiliation tore at his heart.

If some Super Guild had decimated his team, he could’ve accepted it, but he couldn’t accept losing to a Guild like Zero Wing. The most infuriating part was that Zero Wing was using him as a stepping stone to build its fame.

If he did not pay back this insult, how was he supposed to survive in the virtual gaming world in the future?

“Martial, contact Miracle and have them send over a 100-man team,” Nine Dragons Emperor commanded coldly. “Tell our nearby teams to gather and block the encampment’s entrances as well. I refuse to let any of Zero Wing’s members escape!”

The Orc Bosses still had over 20% of their HP remaining. It would take Zero Wing’s 50-man team at least 20 minutes to defeat the Bosses. Meanwhile, he could gather his reinforcements within 10 minutes.

He refused to believe that Zero Wing could come out victorious if he attacked alongside 400-plus players while the enemy team was distracted with the three Bosses.


Martial Dragon sensed the dense killing intent radiating off Nine Dragons Emperor. Hurriedly, he contacted Miracle and requested the 100 players.


While Nine Dragons Emperor called for more reinforcements, the battle between s.h.i.+ Feng’s team and the Orc Bosses reached full swing.

“The Orc Chief’s HP is below 20%! Cola, activate your Lifesaving Skill!” s.h.i.+ Feng shouted as he glanced at the Orc Chief and Orc Generals.

Hearing s.h.i.+ Feng’s warning, Cola activated Protection Blessing.

Once its HP fell below 20%, the Orc Chief went berserk and tore off its armor. Its body enlarged slightly as its muscles bulged. Both the Orc Chief’s Attack Speed and damage increased significantly.

Peng… Peng… Peng…

Following which, the Orc Chief brandished its battle axe at Cola, every attack forcing the MT back. Damages of over -20,000 appeared above the Guardian Knight’s head one while the healers frantically healed Cola. Fortunately, Cola received just enough heals to keep his HP above 50%.

“What destructive power! Too bad you’re not quite strong enough!” Cola quipped as he took a look at his HP. He then smiled and launched his counterattack.

Tier 2 Skill, Retaliating Sanction!

Instantly, Cola’s Defense increased by 50%. In addition, any attack he received from the front had a 20% chance to trigger an automatic counterattack, a ranged holy attack, which carried 240% of Cola’s Strength, for the next 20 seconds.

Due to the Orc Chief’s rapid a.s.sault, Cola’s one-handed sword repeatedly released dazzling beams of light that struck the Boss, each dealing around -40,000 damage.

s.h.i.+ Feng and the other DPS players weren’t falling behind in their damage output either.

Due to Thunder Domain’s suppression, their normal attacks dealt over -10,000 damage, whereas their Skills dealt around thirty or forty thousand each. The Orc Chief’s HP fell visibly. It was obvious at a glance that Zero Wing’s damage output was far higher than Nine Dragons Emperor’s team.

20%… 10%…

When the Orc Chief fell to 1%, s.h.i.+ Feng activated Divine Providence and arrived before the Boss. He followed up with Flame Burst and Dragon Breath.

When the earth-shattering explosions ended, the Orc Chief roared in anguish as it collapsed and dropped a bunch of items.