Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1508 - Team Strength

Chapter 1508 - Team Strength

Chapter 1508: Team Strength


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1508 – Team Strength

“Big Brother Ye Feng isn’t really going to fight the Bosses, is he?” Blue Phoenix muttered in disbelief as she watched the live-stream a subordinate had sent.

s.h.i.+ Feng’s team only had 50 players, yet they were about to face a Level 60 Specialized Grand Lord, two Level 60 Grand Lords, and Nine Dragons Emperor’s remaining 80 players.

The Zero Wing team stood in a monster encampment, not a captured ancient tower; they didn’t have the Basic Attribute buffs.

They had no hope of success.

“I don’t know, but I don’t think he’s that foolish. He might have a plan in mind,” Phoenix Rain said. She didn’t understand what he was trying to do, either.

s.h.i.+ Feng could’ve easily captured the Undead encampment, yet he wanted to steal the Orc encampment from Nine Dragons Emperor. Even if his team fended off Nine Dragons Emperor’s remaining team while holding back the Orc Bosses, the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion Master had plenty of reinforcements on the way. In around ten minutes, another 300-plus experts would reach the Orc encampment…


Meanwhile, in the Orc encampment, after s.h.i.+ Feng gave the command, Zero Wing’s and Asura’s members burst into action.

Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian each took one of the three Orc Bosses, with Cola and Turtledove using the Tier 2 Skill, Vengeful Judgment, and Ye Wumian using the Tier 2 Skill, War Sanction.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Three heavy thumps echoed throughout the encampment. Stunned, the three Bosses slid to an abrupt halt. At the same time, a damage of over -18,000 appeared above each of their heads. Among the three MTs, Cola dealt the most damage, inflicting over -20,000 damage as he stopped the Specialized Grand Lord’s pursuit of s.h.i.+ Feng.

“Amazing!” Solitary Nine and Dark Madness could not help but gasp when they saw this.

If it were up to them, they would likely need several moves to stop a Level 60 Grand Lord, yet Cola and the others had done so with a single attack, instantly dominating the Bosses’ aggro. Moreover, all three MTs had accurately struck the Bosses’ joints, enhancing their Skills’ impact.

The three Orc Bosses promptly turned towards the three MTs and brandished their weapons, the Orc Chief swinging its battle axe and the Orc Generals swinging their greatswords.

Seeing this, the MT trio calmly raised their s.h.i.+elds and received the incoming attacks.


Loud clangs reverberated in the watching players’ ears. Although Cola and the others were forced back by two or three steps, none of them showed any signs of stiffness.

As the three Bosses’ chain attacks continued, the MTs continued to slide backward, damages of over -10,000 appearing above their heads.

By the time the Bosses’ chain attacks ended, the three MTs had lost around 40,000 HP each.

“This Boss’s Strength is so high!” Turtledove said as she released her s.h.i.+eld for a second and shook her wrist, but contrary to her statement, she appeared relaxed.

After her Tier 2 promotion, her HP had increased to over 65,000. Hence, -40,000 damage was within an acceptable range.

Violet Cloud, who had been triple-casting from the rear-line, released her Spells.

Immediately, a Healing Light touched each of the three MTs, restoring over 10,000 HP. At the same time, a Healing Aura enveloped the players, restoring a little over 3,000 HP every 0.65 seconds for 10 seconds.

Following which, a faint, golden aura descended on every team member, increasing their maximum HP by 20% for 15 minutes. Immediately, Turtledove and Ye Wumian’s HPs shot past 70,000, whereas Cola’s exceeded 80,000. The buff also increased healing received by 30%.

This move was none other than the Tier 2 Spell, Holy Light, which Violet Cloud had learned after her Tier 2 promotion.

After casting Holy Light, the team’s survivability skyrocketed.

However, that wasn’t all. Afterward, Blackie used the Tier 2 Spell, Song of Darkness, increasing the team’s damage by 20% and Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 30% for 10 minutes.

In the blink of an eye, the battle with the three Orc Bosses became much easier.

Nine Dragons Emperor and his experts, who rushed towards Zero Wing’s members, suddenly had a bad feeling. However, before they could figure out what had changed, s.h.i.+ Feng activated Thunder Domain and switched the Aura of Fire to the Aura of Illusion, reducing the enemies’ Basic Attributes by 15%.

Shadow Sword and Rampant Blade then charged into the incoming crowd, knocking multiple players in their path down. They spun, swinging their greatswords in wide, horizontal slashes.

Berserker’s Tier 2 Skill, Blade Storm!

Suddenly, two tornadoes rose amidst Nine Dragons Emperor’s team, and every player caught within 18 yards of the two Berserkers was sent flying as they lost over -10,000 HP per second. Blade Storm was similar to an AOE Spell, so once it activated, Shadow Sword and Rampant Blade could move about freely. In addition, their Movement Speeds increased by 20% during the Skill’s 5-second duration.

The two Berserkers’ a.s.sault caught Nine Dragons Emperor’s team off guard. Aside from a few players that had escaped the Blade Storms, most of the team was caught in the attack, their HPs falling so quickly that their healers couldn’t keep up.

Aqua Rose, Alluring Summer, Blackie, and Su Qianliu followed by bombarding Nine Dragons Emperor’s team with Tier 2 Spells.

Although every player on Nine Dragons Emperor’s team was an expert, Zero Wing’s casters were powerful and accurate. Plate-armor might survive their attacks for some time, but cloth-armor would die after two direct hits.

In seconds, Nine Dragons Emperor’s formations were decimated, and only around 50 players remained. Now, they barely had a numeric advantage over s.h.i.+ Feng’s team.

Just as Nine Dragons Emperor’s team was about to retaliate, Fire Dance and Flying Shadow appeared beside their healers. Without so much as a sound, they thrust their gleaming daggers into the healers’ backs, giving the experts no time to react. After killing their first targets, they promptly vanished and reappeared behind another nearby healer, repeating the process.

Tier 2 Skill, Phantom Walk!

When activated, the Skill allowed the user to execute four consecutive attacks, each carrying enough power to rival Absolute Strike, the strongest Skill available to Tier 1

Eight of Nine Dragons Emperor’s healers died on the spot. Although the four remaining healers tried to run, Fire Dance ran them down.

After Fire Dance’s promotion to Tier 2, her Movement Speed could rival s.h.i.+ Feng’s. Ordinary players had no hope of keeping up with her. At most, they’d see the afterimages she’d leave behind.

“Don’t get too!” Martial Dragon bellowed as he activated Charge at Fire Dance. After appearing before the four healers, he brandished Silver Snow.

Indiscriminate Slas.h.!.+

Fire Dance simply smiled and casually brandished Thousand Transformations. She instantly cut down the dozen or so sword lights moving towards her. At the same time, Fire Dance activated Thousand Transformation’s Phantom Skill, and five of her doppelgangers appeared beside her. Four of these doppelgangers dashed at the four remaining healers as the last joined Fire Dance in a charge towards Martial Dragon.

The doppelgangers possessed 100% of Fire Dance’s Attributes. Although they couldn’t attack, their speed was not affected in the slightest. In addition, the doppelgangers couldn’t take damage. Hence, they easily crossed the dozen or so yards between them and the enemy players.

When Fire Dance split into six identical copies, Martial Dragon was momentarily stunned. All six clones radiated similar auras and possessed the same Attributes. Not even Martial Dragon could tell the real deal from the fakes.


Martial Dragon shouted as he executed Whirlwind Slash to repel the Fire Dance clones, but the refused to give him the chance as she hacked at the Berserker’s greatsword with Thousand Transformations.

Tier 2 Skill, Broken Shadow!

Broken Shadow was the fastest Tier 2 Skill for Before Martial Dragon’s Silver Snow could build up momentum, Thousand Transformations abruptly stopped and repelled the weapon.

The collision’s impact forced Martial Dragon back five steps. He flashed his opponent a dumbfounded expression.

Meanwhile, the four doppelgangers reached the last of the enemy healers. Although they tried to react, and their allied ranged players provided cover fire, the attacks were ineffective against the doppelgangers. After stopping Martial Dragon, Fire Dance swapped places with the four clones, devouring the healers’ remaining HP with one strike after another. Each of her attacks dealt over -15,000 damage, -30,000 with a critical hit. She even triggered Critical Point, which had a 20% chance of triggering, killing the enemy healer instantly.

Although Martial Dragon tried to intervene, Fire Dance simply switched positions with another doppelganger before the man could hit her. In the end, Martial Dragon had to watch helplessly as the four healers died…