Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1480 - Historical Site’s Treasure

Chapter 1480 - Historical Site’s Treasure

Chapter 1480: Historical Site’s Treasure


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1480 – Historical Site’s Treasure

“What destructive power!”

“Am I seeing things?! All of the Chieftains are dead?!”

An indescribable shock overwhelmed the team members as they stared at the clearing in the enemy lines. Moreover, after the deaths of so many Werewolves, everyone’s experience bars had risen by a significant chunk.

“They still have three large-scale destruction spells of such power despite so many of their main force members missing?” Quiet Melody stared at s.h.i.+ Feng on the frontline in confusion.

The various large Guilds constantly searched for large-scale destruction Spells, but such Spells were extremely rare. Even a Super Guild like the Sacred Temple only had 30-plus players who could wield such power, and she was one of them.

Players and Guilds who didn’t fully understand large-scale destruction Spells treated them like war weapons or powerful tools to use when grinding monsters. Only players who had large-scale destruction Spells knew that there were differences even among them.

An ordinary large-scale destruction Spell might be useful against players, but even three of such Spells might not be enough to kill Level 50-plus Chieftain ranked monsters and above. Only Curse-grade large-scale destruction Spells could achieve the feat. However, such Curses were even harder to find.

In the Sacred Temple, only six players possessed such Curses, and the Guild’s upper echelons fought over every one of them.

Quiet Melody found it hard to believe that, despite the majority of Zero Wing’s main force missing, the Guild could still employ three Curse-grade, large-scale destruction Spells.

“It’s no wonder why Ye Fang claimed that we can clear the Sunset Forest. It seems’ he had hidden his Guild’s true power.” Phoenix Rain shook her head and smiled bitterly at the empty plot of land before her.

Curse-grade large-scale destruction Spells were extremely useful when raiding a Dungeon. It was especially true as players took on the Dungeon Bosses.

Although she had prepared her own Curse, that was it. None of her subordinates wielded such a Spell. She had never expected to see three players from Zero Wing use one.

“The path ahead is clear! Everyone, charge! Ranged players, use your Control Skills on the monsters! Don’t let them fill the gap!” s.h.i.+ Feng shouted in the team chat.

If Tier 1 players tried to grind all of the Werewolf zone’s monsters until they reached the Sunset Forest’s core, they’d never reach it. The only way through this zone was to run, avoid as many battles as possible, and only stop when they came across a Grand Lord.

The Werewolf patrol squad resp.a.w.ned very quickly. Moreover, their hunting range extended throughout the zone. If they discovered players, the Werewolves would chase them to the ends of the earth.

Fortunately, s.h.i.+ Feng’s command snapped everyone out of their daze, and the team began to advance.

With the team’s MTs on the frontlines, and everyone following closely behind, the team soon broke through the Werewolves’ blockade.

Although the team had encountered plenty of Werewolves as they moved, they hadn’t run into any Grand Lords. Hence, the MTs had remained within their block limits. Including their mobile turrets, such as Zhao Yueru and Aqua Rose, the team knocked aside the Grand Lord ranked Werewolves that had stood in their path. This allowed everyone to approach the ruin’s core relatively easily.

After a little over four hours, Phoenix Rain’s team reached the isolated area separating the Werewolf zone and the center of the Sunset Forest.

Some players had even leveled up during the past four hours. Those who hadn’t had seen a 30% rise in their experience bars. These players were a little reluctant to leave the Werewolf zone after realizing their leveling speed.

“Big Sis Melody, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion has pretty good luck. Although the Sunset Forest is a Grade 1 Historical Site, it’s much easier than the Grade 2 Historical Site we previously raided. Even after gathering so many experts, the Sacred Temple had only reached the core after using all of our allotted time,” Lonely Fantasy enviously commented as he gazed at the dense forest before them, which was currently protected by a magic barrier.

Unfortunately, despite all of the EXP they had obtained, the Historical Site’s monsters hadn’t dropped any loot. To secure a Historical Site’s treasure, they had to search its core.

With over three hours remaining, they could recover some of the Sunset Forest’s items, even if they failed to clear it. In contrast, when the Sacred Temple had raided the Grade 2 Historical Site, they hadn’t returned with anything. To top it off, they had team-wiped twice.

“Easy?” Quiet Melody glanced at the Werewolf army standing near the edge of the isolation area before turning towards s.h.i.+ Feng, who had sat down to rest. “It seems I’ll need to report to the Guild Leader.”

Their journey might’ve seemed easy, so much so that Phoenix Rain hadn’t had to use a single trump card she had prepared for this trip, but they had only come this far due to s.h.i.+ Feng’s efficient command and Zero Wing’s incredible DPS.

If the Sacred Temple hired Zero Wing to raid Historical Sites in the future, their chances of success would increase tremendously.

After the team rested for a bit, they marched towards the protected forest ahead of them.

The moment they pushed through the magic barrier, they felt as if a great weight had dropped on their shoulders. They also struggled to concentrate.

“Everyone, be careful when we face the monsters in this area! The Mana here is very thin, and the gravity is three times that of other zones,” s.h.i.+ Feng warned his companions in the team chat. “Scouting parties, be wary of traps as you explore ahead. Report back immediately if you spot monsters!”

The Sunset Forest’s Mana was paper-thin. After factoring in the high-gravity, players would struggle to display their full combat power in this area. Even experts would be fortunate to exhibit 60 or 70% of their total combat power. Ordinary players might not even display 30%.

Fortunately, the core didn’t have many monsters. Each group the team encountered only consisted of several hundred Forest Dryads. Meanwhile, the strongest among these Dryads was a Level 58 Grand Lord, whereas the weakest were Level 55 Lords.

While exploring the Sunset Forest, the team annihilated over a dozen Dryad groups. They had discovered three Dryad nests as well, each of which was like a miniature treasure trove.

Although numerous Dryads protected these nests, the strongest fortified nest they had found only had six Grand Lords and a single specialized Grand Lord.

Seeing the potential harvest she could obtain from these nests, Phoenix Rain used all six Tier 3 Summoning Scroll she had prepared. Each Summoning Scroll had a three-hour duration, just long enough to last them until their time in the Sunset Forest came to an end.

With the six Tier 3 summoned creatures, Solitary Nine, and Dark Madness tanking the Grand Lords, the team swiftly cleared out the Dryad nests, taking roughly 30 minutes to do so.

Meanwhile, each of the nests they found had contained over 30 Treasure Chests, the lowest rank of which was Secret-Silver, while the best they had found thus far was a Dark-Gold Treasure Chest. After raiding three Dryad nests, the team had obtained 11 Dark-Gold Treasure Chests and 43 Fine-Gold Treasure Chests. In addition, the team had found various materials the Dryads had collected. Among the materials, they had found precious Ancient Origin Wood.

Even Quiet Melody was a little jealous.

The Sunset Forest was a Level 50 to Level 60 Historical Site. Needless to say, its Treasure Chests would drop Level 50 to 60 weapons and equipment. At this stage of the game, Level 50-plus, Fine-Gold Equipment was still incredibly rare, much less Dark-Gold rank.

“Commander, we’ve discovered something,” a scouting party suddenly reported. “It looks like a Dryad nest, but there’s a shrine inside it. A lot of Dryads are patrolling the nest, too. I don’t think we can investigate further without being detected.”

“Good! We’ll make our way there right away!” s.h.i.+ Feng was ecstatic.

The scouting party had found the Sunset Shrine!

The Sunset Shrine hid most of the Sunset Forest’s treasure, but its location wasn’t static. The shrine’s location would differ each time the Sunset Forest activated. Every time players teleported to the Historical Site, they’d have to search for the Sunset Shrine all over again.

s.h.i.+ Feng quickly led the team to the Sunset Shrine, but when they arrived, they gasped at what they saw.

“How is this possible?! Didn’t the records say that Grade 1 Historical Sites’ Final Boss is supposed to be a Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species?!” Phoenix Rain unconsciously balled her fists when she saw at the gigantic, living tree blocking the distant shrine.

When everyone saw this ma.s.sive treant, they could not help but shudder.

The giant tree was the Sunset Forest’s Final Boss, but its rank wasn’t what they had expected; rather than a Grand Lord, the treant was a Mythic monster.

The King of Trees!