Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1479 - Brutish Team

Chapter 1479 - Brutish Team

Chapter 1479: Brutish Team


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1479 – Brutish Team

“How did he do that? Did he activate a Lifesaving Skill?” Lonely Castle gaped at the recovered Solitary Nine.

Everyone who had underestimated the Asura adventurer team was stupefied.

Normally, the strength of a team’s MT was synonymous to the team’s overall strength. Solitary Nine’s performance proved that Asura’s claim of being a powerful adventurer team was clearly more than just arrogance.

Even the game’s current top-tier MTs would lose more than 15,000 HP against a casual attack from a Level 55 Grand Lord. It was the equivalent of one-third of most MTs’ HP, yet Solitary Nine had only sustained a little over -10,000 HP from each Werewolf Captain’s attack, which totaled less than two-fifths of his total HP…

However, their shock after seeing the damage Solitary Nine had received was nothing compared to what they felt after watching the man block both attacks with his s.h.i.+eld.

While their respective Guilds’ top-ranking MTs could block a Level 55 Grand Lord’s attacks as well, it normally took several MTs working together. If they sent a single MT to tank the Grand Lord, they’d send the player to his death.

Even when a peak Mt blocked an attack from a Grand Lord of the same level, they’d stiffen momentarily from the impact. The outcome was the same when the MT used a defensive technique. If MTs didn’t deal with the momentary stiffness properly, the Grand Lord could use its high Attack Speed to break through their defenses, landing a direct hit. Even with a group of dedicated healers, most MTs wouldn’t survive the hit.

Hence, teams usually sent in multiple MTs to manage the Boss’s attacks and dampen the resulting impacts.

Yet, Solitary Nine had blocked attacks from two Werewolf Captains, and by the looks of it, he had energy to spare. It was inconceivable!

However, Solitary Nine was more surprised than anyone.

Isn’t this s.h.i.+eld a little too powerful?

Solitary Nine could not help but glance at the crescent s.h.i.+eld on his arm. He couldn’t believe that he had just blocked two Great Lord’s attacks without slowing in the least.

Elsewhere, Dark Madness had secured his own Werewolf Captain. Although he had a harder time than Solitary Nine, with his eight-piece, Dark-Gold Set Equipment, he held his ground as he focused on his defense.

Naturally, s.h.i.+ Feng had little trouble with his Boss. Although he wasn’t an MT, his Attributes rivaled a Grand Lord’s of the same level. At Level 60, distracting a Grand Lord that was five levels lower than him was a piece of cake.

With the four Werewolf Captains distracted, the rest of the team had an easier time dealing with the remaining Werewolves. Every player that Phoenix Rain had recruited for the operation was a top-tier expert. The MTs were more than capable of holding their ground against a Level 55 Great Lord, let alone High Lord ranked monsters and below.

With the MTs forming a wall around the team, the various DPS launched frenzied attacks at the Werewolves in their way.

Hundreds of Spells and arrows rained down on the Werewolves, killing a few Chieftain ranked Werewolves instantly. As the patrol squads thinned, the team slowly advanced.

“Melee players, a.s.sist the MTs! Ranged players, prioritize the Werewolves directly in front of us! Don’t waste your attacks! Healers, coordinate and make sure there aren’t any long breaks between heals on the MTs!” Phoenix Rain commanded hurriedly as more Werewolves converged on their location.

“Don’t! Prioritize the Werewolf Captains and ignore the mobs!” s.h.i.+ Feng interjected.

“The mobs are increasing by the minute. If we don’t clear them out soon, we won’t be able to move forward,” Quiet Melody snapped as she glanced at the approaching Werewolf squads. She strongly disapproved of s.h.i.+ Feng’s plan.

It would take too long to kill the Grand Lords. They simply had too much HP. Rather than targeting the Grand Lords, they should focus on killing the weaker monsters. That way, they could break through the blockade sooner than later.

“I have a plan to deal with the mobs. For now, prioritize the Werewolf Captains,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, chuckling.

“Even the weakest of these Werewolves have several million HP. If they swarm us, the MTs won’t be able to hold them back,” Quiet Melody growled when she saw the Swordsman’s calm expression.

His plan wouldn’t be an issue if they were fighting Common or Elite monsters, but the Werewolves coming at them were Chieftain rank and above. Even if they bombarded those monsters with one AOE Spell after another, it would do little to thin their numbers. Only large-scale destruction Spells would be useful. Even then, the Spells would be of limited help. If they didn’t get rid of these monsters soon, the Werewolves would overwhelm the team.

But before Quiet Melody could respond, Phoenix Rain got ahead of her and said, “Alright. You have command of the team now, Ye Feng.”

“Rain! This is too risky!” Quiet Melody spun towards her friend in confusion and shock.

“I know. But I want to see what tricks he’s got up his sleeve. If things go south, I have a back-up plan,” the Phoenix Pavilion Master softly explained.

While Quiet Melody had been correct about needing to deal with the weaker monsters first, there was an issue with her plan. If they ignored the four Grand Lords and advanced, the pressure on the team would only increase as they moved forward and more Werewolf patrol squads joined the fight.

On the off chance that they came across another Grand Lord’s squad, the team would be annihilated. Hence, prioritizing the Werewolf Captains was a sound idea. In addition, she could use the opportunity to gauge Zero Wing’s strength.

Once Phoenix Rain handed s.h.i.+ Feng the leaders.h.i.+p rights, he instructed the team to focus their fire on the Werewolf Captain in front of him.

Although the Werewolf Captain had 72,000,000 HP, its HP steadily decreased as hundreds of players bombarded the monster. Most of the team members dealt around -5,000 damage, occasionally dealing double that due to critical hits. Gentle Snow, Aqua Rose, Zhao Yueru, and Lifeless Thorn, however, dealt over -10,000 damage on average. They even dealt several times that every now and again.

Aqua Rose’s damage was particularly frightening.

She was already a Tier 2 player, and after she gained the Sea Dragon Staff, her Tier 2 Spells had gained the power of Tier 3, each capable of dealing several hundred thousand damage.

Zhao Yueru had a similar benefit with her staff. Despite only being a Tier 1 player, her Spells were on par with Tier 2 Spells. With s.h.i.+ Feng distracting the Werewolf Captain, both women could attack freely, dominating the team’s damage output ranking and leaving the rest of the players in their dust.

“c.r.a.p, this is insane! Their combined damage is more than the next seven players’ combined.”

“So, this is Zero Wing?”

Aqua Rose and Zhao Yueru’s damage stupefied many of the team’s experts. Even Lifeless Thorn and his companions from Asura were surprised. They had never dreamed that Zero Wing was



It wasn’t long before one Werewolf Captain after another fell. However, a tremendous number of Werewolves had converged on the team’s location. The monsters had already blocked the path head, making advancement impossible.

“Good! Aqua, Yueru, you two can begin!” s.h.i.+ Feng shouted as he glanced at the clogged path ahead. He then switched the Aura of Wind for the Aura of Fire.

Aqua Rose and Zhao Yueru exchanged smiles as they cast the Tier 2 Spells, Rising Flow and Frostflame h.e.l.l simultaneously. Meanwhile, s.h.i.+ Feng activated Flame Domain.

Suddenly, the Werewolves blocking the path screamed in pain as their HPs plummeted. In seconds, they turned to dust.

When the Spells dissipated, only a small portion of the Werewolves remained. Every Chieftain ranked Werewolf had been eliminated, and the Lord ranked Werewolves had less than half of their HPs remaining.

For a moment, both players and Werewolves had fallen silent.