Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1434 - Power of a Tier 2 Class

Chapter 1434 - Power of a Tier 2 Class

Chapter 1434: Power of a Tier 2 Cla.s.s


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1434 – Power of a Tier 2 Cla.s.s

After the water snake had sent him flying, Shadowtooth had been forced to take six steps back when he landed even after readjusting his posture in the air. His Magic Breaker hummed as it vibrated.

From that one attack, Shadowtooth had lost over 10% of his HP on the spot. The snakes’ Strength had clearly increased.


“How is she suddenly so strong?!”

“Has she been hiding her strength!?”

The Shadow Dragon Legion members were shocked as they watched Aqua Rose approach Shadowtooth. Despite having activated his Berserk Skill, Shadowtooth had failed to block an attack. If they told the other members from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, they’d be called raving lunatics.

Yet, it had just happened…

“Is this the difference between tiers?” Gentle Snow was slightly surprised to see Shadowtooth in such a miserable state.

Although she had known that there was a fairly large gap between Tier 1 and 2, she had never imagined that the gap would be this large.

With Tier 2 Attributes and Spells, in addition to a Legacy that even surpa.s.sed Peak Legacies, Aqua Rose overwhelmed the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s number one, rendering the latter utterly powerless.

However, Aqua Rose had no intention of giving Shadowtooth time to catch his breath. Immediately, she controlled the twelve water snakes to continue their a.s.sault.

“s.h.i.+t!” Seeing the incoming water snakes, Shadowtooth felt his scalp tingle. Previously, he had been able to defend himself with Magic Breaker, but now, he couldn’t even block an attack. Dodging the snakes was also impossible.

After another brief exchange, Shadowtooth lost over 9,000 HP to two more water snakes. Now, he had less than 50% remaining. It would only take a few more hits to send him to the afterlife.

“Everyone, charge!” Shadowtooth gnashed his teeth and issued the command. He turned to a slim in dark-gray leather armor and shouted, “Speeches, find a way to silence her!”

At this point, he knew that he was no match for Aqua Rose. But this wasn’t a compet.i.tion; it was a real battle. He couldn’t order a retreat just because he couldn’t defeat the woman. Since one player wasn’t enough to deal with Aqua Rose, they needed to fight as a unit.

When Shadowtooth ordered the attack, the Shadow Dragon Legion members were shocked.

Although this was not the first time their commander had asked for help dealing with a lone opponent, he generally only did so when they faced monster-level existences. This was the first time he has requested a.s.sistance against an unknown expert.

In other words, Shadowtooth had acknowledged Aqua Rose’s strength.

While the Shadow Dragon Legion members were shocked, they still joined the fight without hesitation. The healers in the back immediately responded by casting Truth s.h.i.+eld on their commander. They sent a couple of Healing Spells at the same time, raising Shadowtooth’s HP to full.

Meanwhile, over a dozen snuck around to Aqua Rose’s back. The remaining ranged began to launch their attacks.

Although the hillside path was narrow, there was enough room for dozens of ranged players to move within range while maintaining some distance from the Cursemancer.

“You’re finally sick of watching?” Rather than panic as dozens of Spells and arrows rained down on her, Aqua Rose revealed a calm smile as she said, “Unfortunately, you are too late.”

Before anyone knew it, Aqua Rose had finished drawing several dozen lines of runes in the air. She then stabbed her staff into the ground and twisted it. Responding to her command, a ma.s.sive magic array covered the ground, covering a 100-yard radius.

During her fight with Shadowtooth, she had subtly moved closer to the other Shadow Dragon Legion members. However, she hadn’t expected Shadowtooth to help her out, calling his allies to join him within her attack range.

After gaining the Sea G.o.d’s Legacy, she had learned three Tier 2 Spells.

The strongest among them was Aqua Precinct. Aside from that, she had the Tier 2 Curse, Annihilation Torrent. With the Sea Dragon Staff’s buff, Annihilation Torrent could rival a Tier 3 large-scale destruction Spell.

“c.r.a.p! Everyone, retreat!” Shadowtooth had a bad feeling when he saw the magic array under his feet.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Suddenly, a torrent of water descended from the sky. Not only did the waterfall shatter all of the attacks against Aqua Rose, but it also formed a ma.s.sive tidal wave once it crashed to the ground. The tidal wave spread out in a ring, devouring everything in range. In the blink of an eye, the wave swallowed Shadowtooth and his allies. Although some players had reacted quickly enough to activate Invulnerability Skills, Annihilation Torrent lasted for ten seconds. Not even those Skills could save them.

After ten seconds, none of the 200-plus Shadow Dragon Legion members were anywhere to be seen. Instead, weapons and pieces of equipment, which could even tempt top-tier experts, had taken their place.

“Is the Vice Guild Leader also a monster?” The Zero Wing members watching from the hilltop stared in shock as they watched Aqua Rose wipe out a quarter of the Shadow Dragon Legion by herself.

Originally, they thought that Zhao Yueru was the strongest trump card Zero Wing had hidden. They hadn’t expected Aqua Rose’s power. Not only had she killed over 200 of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s experts, but she had also claimed the life of its number one With such an impressive battle record, she could easily rank among the top 100 of the G.o.d’s Domain Experts List.

While these players cheered for their Vice Guild Leader, a figure suddenly appeared in the devastation her Annihilation Torrent had left. This figure was none other than the Shadow Dragon Legion’s commander, Shadowtooth.

“What?! He’s still alive?!” Everyone was astonished to see the man.

They had all seen Aqua Rose’s large-scale destruction Spell hit Shadowtooth, and they had watched the attack take his life, yet he stood before them.

“I never expected to find an expert like you in Zero Wing. I give up. The Shadow Dragon Legion will withdraw. However, you won’t be so lucky next time,” Shadowtooth declared as he glanced at Aqua Rose. Immediately, he activated Vanish and disappeared.

Aqua Rose’s Annihilation Torrent had, in fact, killed him. However, he carried a super-rare Resuscitation Scroll, a treasure he had obtained in an ancient ruin. The scroll would automatically revive a player and restore their HP to full upon death. The Scroll also spared the player from the typical death penalty.

He had hoped to save the Scroll for the contest on Thunder Island. He had never thought that he would have to waste it in a place like this.

He only had a total of three Resuscitation Scrolls. Among them, he had given one to Nine Dragons Emperor. Now that he had used one here, he only had one left. He couldn’t afford to continue this battle with Aqua Rose. After all, the Resuscitation Scroll activated pa.s.sively. It would activate as soon as the player carrying it died. It would not care about the player’s desires. If she killed him a second time, he would lose this lifesaving trump card.

Shortly after Shadowtooth fled, the rest of the Shadow Dragon Legion followed. It was obvious that they had given up on this siege.

When Crimson Fox and his army, who had just reached the battlefield, saw the Shadow Dragon Legion’s retreat, confusion flashed in their eyes.

What was happening?