Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1433 - Overwhelming Power

Chapter 1433 - Overwhelming Power

Chapter 1433: Overwhelming Power


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1433 – Overwhelming Power

Just before Shadowtooth’s Magic Breaker bit into Aqua Rose’s back, layers of water began to peel away from the woman like a blooming lotus flower.

When Magic Breaker encountered the flower petals, not only did its advanced halt, but it also bounced off.

She blocked it?

Shadowtooth was slightly surprised to see the water curtain before him.

Magic Breaker was designed to do just that, destroy magic barriers. It also weakened Spells by 50%. Even an Elementalist’s strongest Tier 1 Defensive Spell, Frost Barrier, would only last one hit against his weapon.

Yet, when he slashed at the thin layer of water, it felt as if he had hit rubber. He couldn’t pierce the water curtain no matter how hard he tried.

With Aqua Rose in the center, the Spell formed a pool of water with a 70-yard radius. Although the water was only knee-deep, Shadowtooth could feel it restricting his movements. Although he struggled, he couldn’t adapt to the watery environment. It was as if the pool rejected his existence.

Not only did his Basic Attributes immediately decrease by 30%, but his physique also visibly weakened.

This move was none other than Aqua Precinct, a Tier 2 Legacy Domain Spell Aqua Rose had learned. However, since she was using the Spell on land, it couldn’t display its full potential. Even so, the Spell would reduce all enemies’ Basic Attributes by 30%, physique by 20%, and Movement Speed by 30%.

However, the truly impressive effect wasn’t its ability to weaken enemies. Rather, it was perfectly suited to both offense and defense.

Unlike Ice Wall or Frost Barrier, which required incantations, Aqua Rose could easily form a maximum of three water curtains to protect herself with just a thought. Each water curtain had the properties of a Tier 2 defensive Spell. With all three layers, the water curtains could even block Tier 3 Spells.

Aqua Precinct’s offensive capabilities were even more impressive. Although the attacks weren’t AOEs, Aqua Rose could control a maximum of 12 water snakes to strike her opponents. Each water snake’s Strength was the equivalent of 140% of the caster’s Intelligence.

“Let’s take this fight seriously.” Standing on the water’s surface, Aqua Rose smiled at Shadowtooth.

As she spoke, 12 eight-meter-long water snakes manifested around the caster.

From afar, it looked as if Shadowtooth were facing twelve Great Lords.

Aqua Rose’s Intelligence Attribute had already been extremely high, but after obtaining the Sea G.o.d’s Legacy and the Sea Dragon Staff, each of her water snakes possessed Strength on par with a Great Lord of the same level. Moreover, unlike a Great Lord, the water snakes didn’t have HP HP. As long as Aqua Rose was alive and her Aqua Precinct was in place, they would fight.

If this were a naval battle, the twelve water snakes would have double the Strength. Even a Tier 2 player with an active Berserk Skill would struggle to defeat one.


“What kind of Spell is that?!”

“Just who is she?!”

The watching Shadow Dragon Legion members were stupefied. The sight of these twelve serpents was petrifying.

How was this a PvP fight? Shadowtooth was practically trying to solo a Boss!

“Die!” Aqua Rose showed no mercy as she controlled the twelve snakes to strike at Shadowtooth.

As the water snakes flew towards him, Shadowtooth felt as if he were watching a ma.s.sive waterfall pour down on his head. Immediately, Shadowtooth activated his Berserk Skill and tried to avoid the approaching attacks. However, the water snakes were astonis.h.i.+ngly fast. They crossed a dozen yards and reached the almost instantly.

As a Domain Realm expert, Shadowtooth had a perfect grasp of the snake’s trajectories, but he wasn’t fast enough to move out of harm’s way in time. In the end, one of the snakes slipped past his defenses. Fortunately, Shadowtooth reacted quickly enough to block the attack with Magic Breaker.

Due to Magic Breaker’s pa.s.sive, Spell-weakening effect, the water snake’s attack wasn’t nearly as powerful. In the end, its attack was slightly weaker than a High Lord’s of the same level.

Although Shadowtooth’s Basic Attributes had diminished, his Strength after activating his Berserk Skill could still rival that of a Lord ranked monster of the same level. He didn’t have much of an issue blocking the attack. Though the impact had slid him backward, he had only lost around 400 HP. It wasn’t a considerable amount to an with 44,000 HP in total.

For a time, the two combatants engaged in a battle of attrition. Aqua Precinct was unlike other Spells, where one only needed to invest Mana when they cast the Spell. Rather, the Domain spell fed off of the user’s Mana to sustain itself. In exchange, the Spell did not have a Cooldown or duration. Players could turn it on and off freely.

That wasn’t to say that Aqua Rose could maintain the Aqua Precinct indefinitely or a long time. The Spell consumed a frightening amount of Mana every second. Based on her remaining Mana, Aqua Rose had about three more minutes with the Spell. Of course, she could drink an Advanced Mana Recovery Potion to restore her Mana during the battle.

Shadowtooth was in a similar situation. Although he continued to lose HP throughout the battle, each attack only devoured three or four hundred HP. He could easily replenish the lost HP with an Advanced Regeneration Potion.

As a result, the battle was locked in a temporary stalemate.

“I didn’t expect to find an expert like you in Zero Wing as well. No wonder that little girl is trying to recruit your Guild.” Shadowtooth constantly tried to close in on his opponent.


While the battle raged between Aqua Rose and Shadowtooth, the fight stunned Zero Wing’s members atop the hill. In their eyes, both players were absolute monsters. If any one of them had to face Aqua Rose or Shadowtooth, they’d likely die in an instant.

“Sure enough, a Domain Realm expert isn’t easy to deal with.” Shadowtooth’s prowess even surprised s.h.i.+ Feng. Aqua Rose was a Tier 2 player and wielded the Sea G.o.d’s Legacy, yet the bridged the gap between their levels, tiers, and with his techniques. Aqua Rose only had a minor advantage. “However, Aqua should’ve exhausted a lot of Mana by now. It’s about time she took things seriously.”

Unfortunately for Shadowtooth, while techniques could supplement for one’s flaws, there was a limit to how much they could help. Not even Domain Realm experts were an exception.

“Take things seriously? The Vice Guild Leader isn’t fighting with everything she’s got?” Fierce Snake was confused when he overheard s.h.i.+ Feng’s muttering.

He had only ever witnessed a fight of this level when Zhao Yueru had faced Yan Tianxing. In fact, Shadowtooth was much stronger than Yan Tianxing. The fact that Aqua Rose, who didn’t have a cataclysmic Spell like Zhao Yueru’s Frostflame Oblivion, could suppress a monster like Shadowtooth was astounding.

Yet, s.h.i.+ Feng had indicated that she wasn’t using her full strength.

Even if he heard it from s.h.i.+ Feng, Fierce Snake found it hard to believe.

As Fierce Snake struggled over the revelation, Aqua Rose took a deep breath. Suddenly, dark fog began to surround her body. The intensity of her aura skyrocketed.

“Could it be… She hasn’t activated a Berserk Skill?” Shadowtooth’s expression darkened when he sensed Aqua Rose’s rampaging aura.

During Shadowtooth’s brief moment of surprise, a water snake managed to slip his notice. By the time Shadowtooth snapped out of it, he had no choice but to block the attack with Magic Breaker.


The impact threw the over a dozen yards away, his HP decreasing by over 4,600. The water snake’s Attack Power had exceeded the limit he could block.

In G.o.d’s Domain, players could reduce incoming damage by blocking the attack, but one the opponent’s Strength was significantly higher than one’s one, it could break through one’s block threshold. If that happened, players would receive a considerable amount of damage despite their defense.