Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1425 - Number One Elementalist

Chapter 1425 - Number One Elementalist

Chapter 1425: Number One Elementalist


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1425 – Number One Elementalist

When Zhao Yueru’s name appeared on the screen above the main stage, the venue fell silent as everyone turned to the Elementalist incredulously.

They wouldn’t have been so shocked if Zhao Yueru had simply defeated Yan Tianxing.

But the woman had displayed overwhelmingly destructive power. If she were capable of disintegrating everything within a 100-yard radius of herself, who could ever challenge her in a one-on-one PvP match?

“With that terrifying Spell, who could possibly stand up against the Flame Witch?!”

“c.r.a.p! She beat the second-ranked just like that? Is she an NPC?”

“With such frightening strength and Spells, the Flame Witch won’t have any issues winning the champions.h.i.+p.”

“That’s right! Even if she doesn’t win, she should rank first on the empire’s Elementalist ranking list. I never thought that Zero Wing had an expert like this. No wonder Zero Wing had become Star-Moon Kingdom’s overlord. I’m sure it won’t be long before Zero Wing joins the ranks of first-rate Guilds in the Black Dragon Empire.”


Zhao Yueru had inspired shock and awe in the crowd. With such an AOE powerhouse, other Guilds would have to think twice before starting a war with Zero Wing in the fields.

Zhao Yueru’s firepower alone could likely rival that of a 100-man expert team.


“We lost?” Crimson Fox stared at Zhao Yueru in a daze. At this point, he truly regretted challenging s.h.i.+ Feng to a bet. He hadn’t imagined that Zero Wing had hidden a trump card like Zhao Yueru.

Now, Crimson Castle had lost all hope of obtaining Hidden Fog Town. Meanwhile, Zero Wing would become Lake Heart City’s undisputed overlord once it secured the town. Even with Nine Dragons Emperor’s support, Crimson Castle could never compete with Zero Wing.

“Guild Leader, are we really going to give up on Hidden Fog Town?” Lonely Castle asked, reluctance coloring his face.

“Give up?” Crimson Fox shook his head as he suddenly thought of an idea. Sneering, he said, “While it is true that Crimson Castle has to give up on capturing Hidden Fog Town, that doesn’t mean that other Guilds cannot try. Notify the other Guilds immediately and tell them to prepare the necessary manpower. Although we cannot offer any of our forces, we can supply information, weapons, equipment, and siege tools.”

“Understood.” Lonely Castle smiled as he listened to Crimson Fox’s plan.

Hidden Fog Town wouldn’t be easy to raid. Even if Crimson Castle couldn’t act, they could keep the town out of Zero Wing’s hands if several third-rate Guilds worked together with the support of Crimson Castle’s items and information. If they succeeded, Nine Dragons Empire wouldn’t forsake their Guild.

As long as they retained the man’s support, Crimson Castle could develop into a first-rate Guild eventually.


After resurrecting below the stage, Yan Tianxing glanced at Zero Wing’s VIP room.

“Commander…” Yi Luofei was at a loss for words as she looked at Yan Tianxing, who wore a bitter smile. It was obvious that he had valued Stone Forest Town’s garrison rights. Unfortunately, not only had he failed to obtain that right, but he had also lost 10,000 Magic Crystals and the Dragon’s Graveyard’s treasure map.

“I had thought that this was an opportunity, but Zero Wing really is as unfathomable as the rumors say,” Yan Tianxing said as he shook his head dejectedly. He then smiled as he continued, “It seems that we’ll have to see to some more preparations.”

“Commander, why is Zero Wing’s Stone Forest Town so important to you? It is just a town in a small kingdom. How could it possibly be any better than Super Guilds’ towns? With our team’s strength, we shouldn’t have any problems occupying one of their towns. Why should we bother with Stone Forest Town’s five garrison slots?” Yi Luofei was astonished. She had been flabbergasted when he had sent her to compete for a private house in Stone Forest Town. Now, Yan Tianxing was adamant of obtaining Stone Forest Town’s adventurer houses…

“It is only natural that you don’t have a great opinion of Stone Forest Town. I only found out the truth from a friend. When the time comes, adventure teams like ours won’t be the only ones competing for those slots. Some superpowers are preparing for the auction as well,” Yan Tianxing quietly explained.

He had fought in the virtual gaming world for many years now, so he had many expert acquaintances. Among them, a few were upper echelons in certain superpowers. Their information networks far surpa.s.sed any first-rate Guild’s.

“How is that possible?! Isn’t it just a kingdom’s town? How could it even tempt superpowers?” Yi Luofei exclaimed.

“Stone Forest Town might not have attracted their attention in the past, but times have changed. Zero Wing now has the Advanced Auction House and the advanced combat rooms. The Auction House offers items that are usually very difficult to find on the market, while the combat rooms can even help peak experts grow stronger. Why wouldn’t these benefits tempt superpowers?” Yan Tianxing explained. “If not for Stone Forest Town’s nigh-impenetrable defenses and the support from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, the various superpowers would’ve likely sent their forces to capture it.

“Now that Zero Wing intends to auction off five adventurer houses, these various superpowers cannot miss the opportunity. Furthermore, the adventurer teams that set up in Stone Forest Town will be required to sign a contract with Zero Wing. There is no doubt that the contracted adventurer teams will receive exclusive benefits.

“If these superpowers join the compet.i.tion, the auction will be unimaginably intense. So, we’ll have to begin preparing right away.”

Realization dawned on Yi Luofei as she listened to her commander’s explanation. She was stunned.

She hadn’t expected a recently-established Guild to be capable of nurturing a town that could elicit the various superpowers’ desire.

Although it was hard to believe, she trusted her commander fully.

After all, Yan Tianxing was the one who had introduced her to the Flower of Seven Sins. The fact that Yan Tianxing knew upper echelons of a transcendental power like the Flower of Seven Sins proved how amazing the man was.


Meanwhile, in one of the VIP rooms on the second floor, Nine Dragons Emperor wore an exceedingly ugly expression. In contrast, Phoenix Rain’s group celebrated.

“Big Sis Rain, Zero Wing is so full of surprises. With an expert Elementalist like Zhao Yueru, we’ll have a much greater advantage in the contest for Thunder Island. Having her defend a tower will be far more effective than sending three to five peak experts,” Blue Phoenix said.

“No wonder Ye Feng was so confident. Zero Wing had this trump card hidden.” Zhao Yueru’s power surprised Phoenix Rain as well.

Due to the limited number of slots for Thunder Island’s contest, it was very important that they brought experts who were strong individually. This was especially true for strategic experts like Zhao Yueru. A powerhouse like her would be much more effective than ten top-tier experts.


While the various large Guilds recovered from their shock of watching Zhao Yueru fight, s.h.i.+ Feng received 10,000 Magic Crystals in Zero Wing’s VIP room and the Dragon’s Graveyard’s treasure map from Yan Tianxing.

Upon receiving his winnings, s.h.i.+ Feng opened the treasure map.

He was very eager to learn which area Yan Tianxing’s treasure map covered.

He had never heard of the FFF adventurer team obtaining treasure from the Dragon’s Graveyard in the past. Rather, the first-rate Guild, Fantasy Shrine, and the super-first-rate Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had secured the map’s treasures. Hence, s.h.i.+ Feng was surprised to hear that the FFF adventurer team had obtained a treasure map for the area so soon.

Treasure maps in G.o.d’s Domain were generally unique items. Each hidden treasure would only have a single corresponding treasure map. Without the corresponding treasure map, no one would find the hidden goods. These treasures were hidden in special s.p.a.ces, and the map was the key to accessing them.