Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1424 - Cataclysmic Spell

Chapter 1424 - Cataclysmic Spell

Chapter 1424: Cataclysmic Spell


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1424 – Cataclysmic Spell

“She’s not dead?!”

“This is a lie, right?! Didn’t he kill her main body?!”

When the two Zhao Yueru’s raised their staffs on the stage, the audience looked as if they had seen a ghost. When they saw the clones’ smiles, chills crawled down their backs, and they couldn’t help the thought that she really was a witch.

G.o.d’s Domain had many Doppelganger Skills to offer, but they had never heard of one that allowed the doppelgangers to continue moving after the main body had died.

“Impossible! Could she also…” Yi Luofei’s stared at the Elementalist clones in red and blue in shock.

The situation had also caught Yan Tianxing off guard.

Two magic arrays appeared behind each of the two Zhao Yuerus and immediately, the ice- and fire-type Mana on the stage went berserk as it formed a tornado of frost and flame. Like a whale inhaling water, the four magic arrays devoured the Mana.

Four walls of ice trapped the clone that had killed Zhao Yueru’s original body. At the same time, flames emerged from the ground and swept down from the sky, completing Yan Tianxing’s confinement.

Without warning, the Frostflame Cheetah pounced on the other Yan Tianxing. Since the man had already left Stealth, his combat power had decreased by half. Although the Frostflame Cheetah couldn’t kill Yan Tianxing, it was more than enough to distract him for a moment.

Realizing the danger he was in, Yan Tianxing hurriedly controlled his copy within the walls of ice and used Wind Steps, taking advantage of the brief invulnerability effect the Skill provided to block Zhao Yueru’s fire Spell. He then used Shadow a.s.sault on an ice wall in an attempt to break free from the Frost Barrier.

Yet, before his two daggers could reach the Frost Barrier, an Ice Wall appeared and blocked his weapons’ advance.

When his daggers struck on the Ice Wall, they merely cracked it; they did not shatter the barrier. If he wanted to shatter the Ice Wall, he would need to attack again.

Although Ice Wall was only a Tier 0 Spell, it was as strong as a Tier 1 Spell due to Frostflame’s Wrath’s buff. Ordinary players couldn’t even shatter a Tier 0 Ice Wall easily, much less a Tier 1 Ice Wall. Although Yan Tianxing was a peak expert, at the end of the day, the cla.s.s didn’t specialize in Strength. If he were a peak Berserker expert, however, he might have a chance of shattering a Tier 1 Ice Wall with a single attack.

After Wind Steps’ brief invulnerability ended, Yan Tianxing reluctantly activated Vanish before shattering the Ice Wall before him. But Zhao Yueru had no intention of letting the man escape. Without chants or runes, she cast another Ice Wall to block Yan Tianxing’s path.

Vanish only provided 1 second of invulnerability. When that second ended, the flame-type Zhao Yueru threw two Tier 1 fire Spells into the Frost Barrier.

Without any Invulnerability Skills left and his Shadow Steps still on Cooldown, Yan Tianxing had nothing left to counter the incoming fire Spells. In addition, the Flame Witch’s two Spells were AOEs and impossible to block with his weapons.

As a result, the two flame Spells, enhanced by Frostflame’s Wrath to Tier 2 Spells, killed the Yan Tianxing in the Frost Barrier instantly. Now, only the Yan Tianxing the Frostflame Cheetah had pinned down remained.

“What a brutish way to fight!”

“c.r.a.p! Wouldn’t this be considered quadruple-casting?!”

“The Flame Witch is invincible!”

The way Zhao Yueru fought stunned the audience. Her two doppelgangers could actually double-cast! It wasn’t much different than if she had cast four Spells simultaneously. Moreover, all four Spells were under her full control. To make matters worse, all four Spells were overwhelmingly powerful.

“A doppelganger?” Zhao Yueru muttered as she watched the Yan Tianxing in the Frost Barrier disappear before turning to the retreating from her. Revealing a smile, she muttered, “Do you think you’re safe just because you put some distance between us?”

Immediately, Zhao Yueru’s ice- and fire-type doppelgangers began to double-cast again.

With Yuan Tianxing’s speed, he’d be difficult to trap with Frost Barrier again. Hence, Zhao Yueru didn’t use the same approach. Instead, she switched to Tier 1 Spells that focused on crowds.

In the next moment, over 70 fire arrows, fireb.a.l.l.s, ice spears, and ice arrows formed behind the doppelgangers. These Spells then flew towards their target.

“This…” Everyone fell silent as they watched the ice- and fire-type Spells fill the sky.

Moreover, Zhao Yueru’s control over these Spells was exceptionally precise. Despite Yan Tianxing moving so quickly that he left behind afterimages, most of the Elementalist’s spells struck the As a result, Yan Tianxing was forced to block the incoming attacks with his weapons and had no choice but to use Wind Steps to defend himself.

However, while Yan Tianxing’s speed was astonis.h.i.+ng to ordinary players, to Zhao Yueru, whose physique had improved by 50% thanks to Frostflame s.p.a.ce, Yan Tianxing wasn’t particularly fast. At best, he was only as fast as an ordinary expert. She had no issues landing her attacks.

Meanwhile, the Agility-specialized couldn’t easily block Spells with Tier 2 power. Yan Tianxing’s HP fell with each hit he took. It was only a matter of time before his opponent carved it all away.

As they watched, the partic.i.p.ants below the stage felt gooseb.u.mps cover their skin.

How was this a one-on-one fight? It wasn’t any different than facing a 20-man magical team’s bombardment.

Who could survive such ruthless attacks?

In the past, these players had a.s.sumed that the cla.s.s countered magical, but Zhao Yueru had destroyed that idea.

She had actually hidden her strength during our fight?

Frustration and rage burned in Yi Luofei’s gaze as she glared at Zhao Yueru.

She wasn’t particularly frustrated about her defeat. After all, she had suffered countless losses before becoming famous, but this was the first time she had met someone who could best her while hiding so much of their prowess. Moreover, she and her opponent were nearly the same age…

On the stage, Yan Tianxing struggled to hold on and was forced to use Vanish, disappearing again.

If Zhao Yueru discovered him before his Skills’ Cooldowns finished, now that he had used his trump card, he’d be powerless against the woman’s attacks. However, if he could stay hidden until his Skills were available again, he could turn the battle around.

“I’ve been waiting for you to use this move!” Despite her opponent vanis.h.i.+ng, Zhao Yueru didn’t panic. She licked her lips playfully as she said, “Let’s put an end to this match!”

If the main body died after she used Frostflame s.p.a.ce, she wouldn’t be able to use any of her weapon or equipment’s Skills; she could only use the Skills and Spells she had learned. However, the ice- and fire-type doppelgangers didn’t have that restriction. They even had Spells she didn’t.

The most powerful of these Spells was the Combination Spell, Frostflame Oblivion. Frostflame Oblivion was a Curse that was one tier more powerful than its user, though its power could not exceed Tier 5. Upon using Frostflame Oblivion, the Frostflame s.p.a.ce would disappear.

As Zhao Yueru was a Tier 1 player, Frostflame Oblivion had the power of a Tier 2 Curse.

Zhao Yueru’s doppelgangers chanted an incantation in unison while moving towards their target’s previous location.

As they did, golden divine runes began to appear across Frostflame s.p.a.ce’s translucent barrier, illuminating the arena. The area’s ambient Mana decreased rapidly as it flowed into Frostflame s.p.a.ce. This increased the Mana density inside the barrier to a frightening level.

The spectators outside of the main stage squirmed uncomfortably as the venue’s Mana density decreased.

“What kind of Spell is that?”

“What is she trying to do?”

Although the audience didn’t understand the Elementalist’s actions, gooseb.u.mps covered their bodies. It felt as if Armageddon were coming for them. Moreover, this feeling grew as time pa.s.sed.

Meanwhile, Yan Tianxing felt the sensation intensely from inside the Frostflame s.p.a.ce.

“She couldn’t be…” A possibility suddenly dawned on Yan Tianxing. Immediately, he dashed towards Zhao Yueru.

Sadly, he was already too late. The ice- and fire-type doppelgangers only needed two seconds to cast Frostflame Oblivion. By the time Yan Tianxing had felt that something was amiss, the two doppelgangers had channeled the Spell for over a second. The could never cross 50 yards and launch an attack in that time.

“Let’s end this!”

Both doppelgangers pointed their Frostflame’s Wraths towards the sky as a pillar of fire and a pillar of cold air shot upward, striking the magic barrier. Suddenly, the Frostflame s.p.a.ce cracked as the horrific power of ice and fire annihilated everything within the s.p.a.ce.

Yan Tianxing was obliterated.

Cracks continued to spread across the barrier. The area within Frostflame s.p.a.ce only calmed after five seconds. Nothing was left. Yan Tianxing, the Frostflame Cheetah, and Zhao Yueru’s doppelgangers… They all disappeared.

However, after the Frostflame s.p.a.ce faded, Zhao Yueru’s main body reformed on the stage.

At the same time, the bell signifying the end of the match rang, while the large screen above the stage displayed the victor.

Zhao Yueru!