Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1403 - Sacred Training Ground

Chapter 1403 - Sacred Training Ground

Chapter 1403: Sacred Training Ground


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1403 – Sacred Training Ground

Due to Remnant Cloud and Graceful Moon’s actions, many expert players inside the first-floor hall of the Battle Arena grew interested in the advanced combat rooms. They immediately began applying to rent a room for themselves one after another, curious to find out just what was so special about the advanced combat rooms.

“I want to rent an advanced combat room! Here are two Magic Crystals!”

“Just what is so special about the advanced combat room? I want to give it a try.”

Just a short moment after Remnant Cloud and Graceful Moon left, over a dozen players expressed their intentions to try the advanced combat rooms. However, as there were only nine advanced combat rooms available, the others had no choice but to wait for their turn.

The expert players that got to use the advanced combat rooms entered their respective rooms while filled with skepticism. However, as soon as they entered their rooms, they immediately received a surprise as an Illusory Creature that looked like their doppelganger appeared before them.

Upon fighting with these Illusory Creatures, the players found out that not only were the Illusory Creatures capable of using the exact same Skills they themselves did, but the Illusory Creatures even executed the Skills perfectly, like second nature. There was no sense of awkwardness in their movements whatsoever. Moreover, the might of the Skills the Illusory Creatures executed were much more powerful than the players’ own.

After just a short clash, the players found themselves completely suppressed by the Illusory Creatures. Their defeat took less than 30 seconds. If not for the weapons and equipment they wore possessing powerful Skills, they might not even have lasted 10 seconds.

“So strong!”

“Is this for real? Can I really exhibit that kind of combat power?”

“Why is there such a huge gap between the Skill he used and the Skill I used?”

Upon reviving, the players looked at their respective Illusory Creatures in shock. Originally, they could already exhibit greater combat power in the Battle Arena due to the high Mana density here. However, they never imagined that they had the potential to elevate their combat power to such a degree. The Illusory Creature’s grasp on timing and Skill Completion Rates, in particular, captivated them completely. Before they knew it, their respective Illusory Creatures had already killed them.

Following which, the expert players inside the advanced combat rooms fully indulged in the wonders of the room. Even after 30 minutes had pa.s.sed and they were ejected from their respective rooms, they still wore a dazed look on their faces.

“What?! Didn’t I just enter recently?!”

“It’s over already? Why do I feel like only a few minutes pa.s.sed?”

The expert players looked at the advanced combat rooms they were just kicked out from with great reluctance. However, as their time limit was up, they could only accept their fate and dash downstairs to get in line and rent the advanced combat room once more.

“Huh? What’s going on with these people?”

The next batch of players queued up to use the advanced combat rooms stared in confusion at the last batch of players coming out from the rooms. They could not understand why these players were in such a hurry to go downstairs after leaving the advanced combat rooms.

“Commander, it seems that more and more people have found out about the secret of the advanced combat room. Should we continue queuing up for the rooms, or should we head to the Divine Colosseum instead?” Graceful Moon frowned when she saw another batch of experts coming up to the seventh floor.

She and Remnant Cloud had intended to keep the functionalities of the advanced combat rooms to themselves and monopolize the rooms for as long as possible. After all, only nine advanced combat rooms were available. If other players found out about the wonders of the rooms, the advanced combat rooms would definitely be heavily contested. The spars held inside the advanced combat rooms had inspired her greatly, so much so that it was much more effective to train inside the advanced combat rooms than spar against an opponent of equal or superior standards.

After just nine training sessions, she had already managed to improve the Completion Rate of one of her Tier 1 Skills by 3%. Although 3% did not seem like much, since the Completion Rate of this Skill had increased from 82% to 85%, both the might and effect of the Skill had undergone a qualitative transformation. Moreover, by fighting against the Illusory Creature, she had managed to get a grasp on when would be a good time to use her Skills.

The advanced combat room was so beneficial that she and Remnant Cloud had even delayed their plans to train at the Divine Colosseum in preparation for tomorrow’s ranking compet.i.tion.

“Not many people have discovered it yet, so the wait should not be that long. Let’s continue queuing up for now. We’ll return to the Black Dragon Empire only after the queue gets too long,” Remnant Cloud said after giving the matter some thought.

Previously, he had planned on heading to the Divine Colosseum to train after testing the advanced combat room once. However, just one try had gotten him addicted.

Compared to the Divine Colosseum’s Trial Tower, the advanced combat room could provide him with much greater aid—especially when it came to the improvement of Skill Completion Rates.

Meanwhile, details regarding the advanced combat rooms quickly spread, causing a huge commotion on Star-Moon Kingdom’s official forums.

Amazing advanced combat rooms appear in Stone Forest Town!

Shortly after this post appeared, it was already upvoted to the top ten positions on the forums. This allowed everyone to find out about the advanced combat rooms.

“Is this a scam? Is the advanced combat room really that miraculous?”

“Why would I need to lie to you? Right now, the advanced combat rooms are already in great demand. Just the number of players currently queued up for the rooms is already close to 300. Many people are regretting the fact that they did not rent a room for themselves before, when n.o.body was using them.”

“I heard that due to the high demand, the Battle Arena amended the regulations for the advanced combat rooms. Now, non-members get only one entry per day, while basic members get four entries. Only advanced members have no limit. Moreover, the rental price has also increased from the previous two Magic Crystals to four now.”

“Zero Wing is so fraudulent! They actually dare to charge four Magic Crystals?!”

“This is insane! Who would be willing to rent something so expensive?!”

“Expensive? You can’t rent one right now even if you want to. Moreover, it is precisely because of this price hike that there are currently only around 300 people lined up. If Zero Wing kept the previous price, you might not get a room even after waiting ten days.”

“Forget four Magic Crystals! If I can get into a room right away, I’m even willing to pay ten Magic Crystals!”

For a time, everyone was filled with antic.i.p.ation towards the advanced combat rooms of Stone Forest Town. This was especially true for expert players. Previously, the only attraction for them in the Battle Arena was the monthly tournament held there. At most, they would use the normal combat rooms to spar with friends. They had no particular need for the Battle Arena. However, with the appearance of the advanced combat rooms, these experts became entranced with the Battle Arena.

Meanwhile, inside Evernight City…

s.h.i.+ Feng had arrived before the City Hall.

The City Hall of a Dark City was much stricter than White River City’s City Hall. Moreover, just standing before the building itself, s.h.i.+ Feng could already feel a dense power of darkness coming from it; he could even see the power of darkness in the form of dark fog encircling the building.

Even Dark Players would feel uncomfortable when subjected to such a dense power of darkness.

However, to s.h.i.+ Feng, who wielded the Bible of Darkness, this power of darkness was practically nonexistent. As a result, he arrived inside the courtyard of the City Hall with relative ease. However, the farther he got into the City Hall, the denser the power of darkness present in the atmosphere. The pressure he felt grew increasingly heavier as well.

“This is a restricted area of the city. Non-related personnel are forbidden entry!”

As soon as s.h.i.+ Feng arrived before the City Hall’s main entrance, four Level 200, Tier 3 Dark Knights blocked his path, exuding a threatening aura. If s.h.i.+ Feng made any sudden movements, they would promptly take action. They were much crueler when compared to the guards in ordinary NPC cities.

“I have come to meet with Lord Magrence,” s.h.i.+ Feng said as he revealed the Advanced Garrison Order.

“An Advanced Garrison Order?” The Four Dark Knights were momentarily stunned when they looked at the crystal token in s.h.i.+ Feng’s hand. Their att.i.tude instantly became much more respectful as one of them said, “Please wait here for a moment. I’ll notify the Lord Magistrate immediately.”

The Advanced Garrison Order was like the proof of one’s status. Wielders of this token were equivalent to the major n.o.bles of Evernight City. Let alone guards like themselves, even the Magistrate of Evernight City had to treat the owners of Advanced Garrison Orders with respect.

Very quickly, the Dark Knight that went to report s.h.i.+ Feng’s arrival returned. The NPC then stopped before s.h.i.+ Feng and said respectfully, “The Lord Magistrate has already been notified of your presence. Please follow me.”

After saying so, the Dark Knight led s.h.i.+ Feng into the City Hall.

“c.r.a.p! Who’s that?! He’s actually able to enter the City Hall!”

“That’s not possible, right? I heard that one needs to reach at least Baron rank in order to enter the City Hall. How can someone have reached that rank already?”

“Could that person be Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame? I heard that Zero Wing has killed the Frost King and can directly garrison Evernight City.”

“Black Flame?”

“The rumor is actually true?”

“If it’s true, we’re in luck this time. If we want to go to Stone Forest Town in the future, we can simply teleport there.”

Several players got gooseb.u.mps when they saw s.h.i.+ Feng entering the City Hall. Meanwhile, news of this situation also spread rapidly throughout Evernight City.