Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1402 - Popular Battle Arena

Chapter 1402 - Popular Battle Arena

Chapter 1402: Popular Battle Arena


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1402 – Popular Battle Arena

The news of the Frost King’s defeat immediately caught the attention of many adventurer teams and independent players.

“This is a lie, right? I heard that many people got annihilated by the Frost King. Even the allied forces of the various large Guilds, consisting of over 100,000 elite players, were helpless against the Frost King. Just how did Zero Wing succeed?”

“Zero Wing’s killing the Frost King means that it can now directly garrison Evernight City. With this, Stone Forest Town will also be connected with Evernight City.”

“Previously, I avoided going to Stone Forest Town since I felt it was too much of a ha.s.sle. However, if there’s a teleportation array connecting the town to Evernight City, it might not be a bad idea to pay the town a visit.”

“Now that Stone Forest Town has a link to Evernight City, it will definitely remain the number one town of Star-Moon Kingdom even in the future. I wonder what kind of actions Heaven’s Burial will take?”

The various adventurer teams and independent players were overjoyed over the fact that they could travel directly to Evernight City via Stone Forest Town.

Previously, Stone Forest Town was already very popular for the many rare items being sold there as well as having a training location like the Battle Arena. Only, due to the inconvenience of traveling to Stone Forest Town, many players in Star-Moon Kingdom had given up on the endeavor. Now that Stone Forest Town was connected to Evernight City, visiting the town became much more convenient.

Star-Moon City, Heaven’s Burial’s Residence:

“d.a.m.n it! Zero Wing actually succeeded!” Broken Flow’s complexion darkened after watching the video showing Zero Wing’s raid of the Frost King. “Guild Leader, what should we do next?”

Heaven’s Burial had suffered tremendous losses this time. Not only did over 10,000 elite members die, but they even lost the kill of the Frost King. Now, Zero Wing’s prestige in Star-Moon Kingdom was as dazzling as the midday sun.

Meanwhile, as soon as the various adventurer teams and independent players received news of Zero Wing’s success, they all started thinking about teleporting from Evernight City to Stone Forest Town and taking a look around. One could just imagine how bustling Stone Forest Town would become once it was actually linked with Evernight City.

“We’ll let Zero Wing enjoy its success for now. It has merely opened a teleportation channel between Stone Forest Town and Evernight City right now. In G.o.d’s Domain, levels and resources are the truly important things. What we truly need to focus on this time is the Empire’s Rise expansion pack. Moreover, Beast Emperor has just sent a message for our side to start preparing soon,” Singular Burial said, sneering. “However, we can’t let Zero Wing off too easily, either. Notify the personnel at the Auction House. Tell them to increase the number of rare items we’re putting up for sale as well as lower the processing fees a little. I want to see just how many merchant players and adventurer teams are really willing to go to Stone Forest Town.”

“Guild Leader, if we do that, Red Iron Town’s income will dwindle to nothing,” Daybreak Fog said worriedly.

With the current income of Red Iron Town’s Auction House, not only were they able to support the town’s development, but they also had funds to spare for Heaven’s Burial’s own development. However, if they lowered the processing fees they collected, they would only be able to sustain the town’s development. To Heaven’s Burial, which was currently in dire need of funds, this was not a beneficial situation.

“It’s fine. As long as Beast Emperor and we can deal with the matter over at the neutral map, Red Iron Town and Stone Forest Town will be meaningless to us,” Singular Burial said, laughing. “Alright, just go and get the necessary arrangements done.”

He and Beast Emperor were fully aware of how powerful Zero Wing was. Since the very beginning, they never intended to rely on Red Iron Town to compete with Zero Wing. They simply wanted to use the town to hinder Zero Wing’s development somewhat.

“Understood.” After giving the matter some thought, Daybreak Fog found Singular Burial’s decision reasonable. She then made her way to Red Iron Town.

The first-floor hall of Stone Forest Town’s Battle Arena:

Currently, there was a long line of players waiting in the hall to get into the combat rooms.

Although duels held in the combat rooms had minimal effect for top-tier experts, they were very effective for the general After all, players could maintain a calm state of mind while in a high Mana density environment. For ordinary players, the effectiveness of fighting inside a combat room for one hour was equivalent to fighting PvP battles in the outside world for ten hours or more.

“Huh?! What’s up with those two people?! How many times have they entered the advanced combat rooms already?! Do they have too much money to waste?!”

A few players could not help their surprise at seeing Remnant Cloud and Graceful Moon trying to rent the advanced combat rooms for the ninth time.

Initially, Remnant Cloud and Graceful Moon were already quite eye-catching as they stood inside the first-floor hall due to their levels and equipment. Adding on the fact that they would return to the first floor once every half an hour to rent the advanced combat rooms, they naturally would garner attention.

Renting two combat rooms each time meant spending four Magic Crystals. Doing so eight times meant spending 32 Magic Crystals. On the market, 32 Magic Crystals could easily fetch eight Gold or more. Many expert players did not even earn one Gold a day. Although adventurer teams were generally wealthier than individual expert players, no matter how the waiting players looked at it, spending eight Gold in such a short time was simply extravagant.

Yet, now, both Remnant Cloud and Graceful Moon were actually planning on renting the advanced combat rooms again. That was simply ludicrous.

“Sir, I’m very sorry, but as per our Battle Arena’s rules, non-members are allowed to rent the advanced combat rooms only eight times per day. If you wish to increase your number of entries, you’ll have to become a member of the Battle Arena. In that case, you get 16 entries per day. If you become an advanced member, you can rent the advanced combat rooms without limit,” the female NPC receptionist said, smiling as she looked at Remnant Cloud.

“I get to use the advanced combat rooms 16 times a day if I become a member?” Remnant Cloud fell into deep thought.

“That is correct.” The female receptionist nodded. “If you wish to become a member of our Battle Arena, you’ll have to deposit 1,200 Magic Crystals into your individual account.”

Having just arrived at Stone Forest Town recently, the players lining up at the counter next to Remnant Cloud’s were startled when they heard the prices quoted by the NPC receptionist.

“Has Zero Wing gone mad?! There’s someone willing to rent the expensive advanced combat rooms, yet Zero Wing has actually gone and limited the number of entries? Do they hate getting Magic Crystals that much?”

“That’s right! Only adventurer teams on Firecloud Fox’s level would be willing to pay such a high price. If it were me, I would rather spend my Magic Crystals at the Trial Tower.”

Just as everyone was ridiculing the Battle Arena’s regulations, Remnant Cloud suddenly opened his mouth and asked, “What are the conditions to become an advanced member here?”

He dumbfounded everyone.

“What’s going on?”

“Is Firecloud Fox that wealthy?”

Everyone could not help but be shocked by Remnant Cloud’s question. Although this was their first time hearing about the advanced members.h.i.+p, needless to say, the advanced members.h.i.+p fee would definitely be much higher than the basic members.h.i.+p fee.

“If you wish to become an advanced member directly, you have to deposit 3,000 Magic Crystals into your personal account. If you become an advanced member, not only will you be able to rent the advanced combat room without limit, but you’ll also receive a 20% discount when using the normal combat rooms,” the NPC receptionist explained.

“How fraudulent! If I had that many Magic Crystals, I would rather stay cooped up inside the Trial Tower than come here.”

“Zero Wing is insane. Is there really someone who would be so foolish?”

A commotion broke out when the onlookers heard the NPC receptionist’s explanation. Previously, the price of the Battle Arena’s basic members.h.i.+p was already pretty fraudulent. However, the price of the advanced members.h.i.+p appeared utterly ridiculous.

“Three thousand crystals?” A tight frown formed on Remnant Cloud’s face. After a moment of deliberation, he said, “I just need to have a total of 3,000 Magic Crystals stored inside my personal account, right?”

“That’s right.” The receptionist nodded.

“If that’s the case, carry out the basic members.h.i.+p procedures for the two of us for now,” Remnant Cloud said, gritting his teeth as he paid 2,400 Magic Crystals to the NPC receptionist. This amount was already close to one-third of Firecloud Fox’s stockpile of Magic Crystals.

Of course, if it was possible, Remnant Cloud very much preferred to become an advanced member, instead. That way, he could keep improving himself inside the advanced combat room. However, he had brought less than 3,000 Magic Crystals this time. Hence, he could only settle for basic members.h.i.+p for now.

“Understood.” The NPC receptionist received the 2,400 Magic Crystals and started the members.h.i.+p procedures of the Battle Arena with Remnant Cloud and Graceful Moon.

After completing the procedures, Remnant Cloud and Graceful Moon immediately turned around and dashed towards the staircase, apparently planning on entering the advanced combat rooms again.

“Is this a joke?”

“Is he some actor hired by Zero Wing?”

The surrounding players wore a look of confusion on their faces as they watched Remnant Cloud and Graceful Moon leaving hurriedly for the seventh floor of the Battle Arena. They simply could not believe this situation. The two players were actually willing to become members of the Battle Arena just so that they could have more chances to enter the advanced combat rooms.

“Just what kind of magic does this advanced combat room possess?”

“Wait a minute! I’m not renting a normal combat room anymore! I want to rent an advanced combat room, instead!”

Quite a few expert players that were about to pay their rental fees suddenly changed their minds. They were intensely curious about what was so special about the advanced combat room that it could mesmerize experts like Remnant Cloud and Graceful Moon to such a degree.