Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1292 - Shocking the Arena

Chapter 1292 - Shocking the Arena

Chapter 1292

: Shocking the Arena


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1292 – Shocking the Arena

The moment the match began, the screens above the arena began to broadcast the fight, attracting everyone’s attention.

“Hahaha! Chairman Xiao, you’ve really got some bad luck. Your boy has to face our White Cloud Dojo’s genius right off the bat. This year, Little Lu has achieved a punching strength of 604 kg. He can even rank near the top in the national compet.i.tion.” A white-haired, old man began to laugh not far from Xiao Yu.

Hearing this old man’s comment, Xiao Yu’s expression darkened further.

Even Hall Master Chen Wu, Jin Hai City’s number one expert, only had a punching strength of 453 kg.

The Big Dipper Dojo would be eliminated in the very first round.

Xiao Yu wasn’t the only one with such thoughts. Everyone in the venue shared a similar opinion. Even Fu Jinghong thought sol. Lu Jingshan was very famous in the fighting industry; even top-cla.s.s, city-level professional fighters looked up to the genius.

Guild Leader, will it really be alright?

Fu Jinghong could not help but glance at s.h.i.+ Feng, who watched from the distant VIP stands, worriedly.

He had only arrived at the Greenwater Villa four days ago, yet he was partic.i.p.ating in such a large-scale compet.i.tion, required to face off against experts from various cities. Although he had undergone three days of special training and consumed plenty of S-rank Nutrient Fluids, which significantly improved his physique, he had no confidence in winning. After all, before this, he had been a reserve fighter.

Unfortunately, despite his many attempts to convince s.h.i.+ Feng that he wasn’t skilled enough to partic.i.p.ate in such a large compet.i.tion, s.h.i.+ Feng had told him to relax and fight like normal…

“Brat, are you going to get off of the stage yourself, or do I have to throw you from it?” Lu Jingshan asked, sneering at Fu Jinghong. “I’ll say this. My strength has increased again recently, so don’t blame me if I can’t control it.”

“Come,” Fu Jinghong said, gritting his teeth. He decided to put up a fight. After all, s.h.i.+ Feng had invested five bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluid in him. If he surrendered, he would forsake his Guild Leader’s kindness.

“Oh? How courageous of you.” Lu Jingshan clapped his hands in mock praise. However, a second later, he dashed towards Fu Jinghong. As he moved, he looked like a brown bear, inspiring fear in his opponent.

As Lu Jingshan arrived before Fu Jinghong, he jabbed at the later’s face, his fist moving so fast that it left behind even afterimages.

“Not bad. He has trained a standard punch to such a degree. No wonder even some national-level fighters aren’t a match for him,” Jiang Tianyuan praised the fighter from the VIP stands.

From the moment Lu Jingshan charged forward to the moment he threw his punch, he had completed the entire process like flowing water. He was fast, accurate, and ruthless. There wasn’t any excess movement to hinder his strength. Lu Jingshan threw his entire weight into the single punch. Although there was nothing special about this move, it was extremely dangerous. If not dealt with properly, the hit might finish Fu Jinghong off.


An explosion echoed throughout the platform.

However, Lu Jingshan’s punch didn’t reach its mark. Instead, it stopped three inches away from Fu Jinghong’s face.

The audience was stupefied.

“He missed?”

“Lu Jingshan really loves to play around. He’s deliberately trying to scare his opponent.”

“That’s right. After all, the difference between them is ma.s.sive. It wouldn’t be interesting if he ended the match with one punch. Lu Jingshan must be trying to spare his opponent’s reputation.”

“Fu Jinghong really is unlucky. Not only will he be defeated, but Lu Jingshan will scare him in the process. He won’t faint, right? If Lu Jingshan hits him accidentally, he might kill the boy.”

Some of the audience members, who were familiar with Lu Jingshan, chatted merrily as they watched. They could not help but pity Fu Jinghong.

Meanwhile, in the VIP stands, Xiao Yu could no longer bear to watch the match. Instead, he glared at the smiling, white-haired elder hatefully. The White Cloud Dojo was clearly using the Big Dipper Dojo to gain more fame. Who would want to join the Big Dipper Dojo after this devastating fight?

Suddenly, however, the white-haired elder was confused. He had a.s.sumed that the boy was a brute, all muscle and no brains, yet the boy had increased his dojo’s fame.

And yet, Lu Jingshan didn’t look as gleeful as everyone had expected. Rather, he looked at Fu Jinghong with a serious expression.

He was not as kind or playful as everyone thought. He had planned to finish off Fu Jinghong with one punch from the very beginning to shock his following opponents. After all, this was not your standard compet.i.tion. He had to fight several matches in a row. He might even suffer injuries as a result. Although the sports arena was equipped with excellent medical facilities and could help him heal small injuries very quickly, medicines and machines couldn’t restore one’s mental state. Hence, he had intended to finish his fights as quickly as possible.

However, he had never expected Fu Jinghong to dodge his punch.

“Brat, you got lucky, but your luck ends here,” Lu Jingshan shouted. Immediately, he executed Chaotic Arrow Strikes, his swiftest and most violent technique. He planned to overwhelm his opponent with brute force and speed.

A wall of fists bombarded Fu Jinghong.

“Lu Jingshan’s trademark Chaotic Arrow Strikes! That kid is doomed! It will take several months in the hospital to recover from his injuries.” The audience could not help but pity Fu Jinghong when they saw Lu Jingshan’s ruthless a.s.sault.

As everyone thought that Lu Jingshan would send his opponent flying, Fu Jinghong reacted, blocking every one of the incoming punches.


“He can actually block that?!”

“Is he even human!?”

The audience in the VIP stands were shocked. This was especially true for the White Cloud Dojo elder.

Lu Jingshan’s punches were both swift and strong. This technique would even overwhelm national fighters, yet Lu Jingshan couldn’t even hit Fu Jinghong.

What refined skills!

Jiang Tianyuan’s eyes glowed as he watched Fu Jinghong’s movements.

The spectators were focused on Fu Jinghong’s defense, but Jiang Tianyuan was fully aware of how difficult it was to block Lu Jingshan’s Chaotic Arrow Strikes so effortlessly. First, Fu Jinghong needed to predict Lu Jingshan’s attack trajectories accurately. Then he needed to block the attacks from the correct angle. To achieve such a feat, one required an acute awareness of the fight and a wealth of combat experience.

Jiang Tianyuan found it very difficult to believe that a youngster in his late teens could possess so much combat experience.

“What? I thought he was just a reserve fighter?” Xiao Yu wore an incredulous expression as he watched Fu Jinghong move across the stage gracefully, his mouth hanging open. He then s.h.i.+fted his gaze to s.h.i.+ Feng, and all of his resentment for the man vanished. He was surprised and elated. He had never thought that s.h.i.+ Feng would find such a hidden expert. At the same time, his respect for s.h.i.+ Feng grew.

After the fight continued for another dozen seconds or so, Lu Jingshan gradually weakened.

While Chaotic Arrow Strikes could overwhelm is opponent, the move taxed his stamina.

“I see that you have some hidden strength as well, brat. You nearly fooled me.” Seeing the fight going nowhere, Lu Jingshan gave up on using Chaotic Arrow Strikes and pulled away from Fu Jinghong. He tried to buy himself some time to recover his stamina with words. “If dodging is the only thing you know how to do, you will never defeat me.”

However, before Lu Jingshan finished speaking, Fu Jinghong charged forward. He had no intention of giving Lu Jingshan time to rest.

Seeing this, Lu Jingshan sneered at his opponent’s foolishness. Adjusting his stance, he responded with a horizontal kick.

As Lu Jingshan’s leg was about to strike Fu Jinghong, the young fighter representing the Big Dipper Dojo slid to a stop as if he had predicted the counterattack. As a result, Lu Jingshan’s leg brushed past Fu Jinghong’s clothing. Lu Jingshan’s stance crumbled as his attack missed, revealing weak spots in his defense. Using this opportunity, Fu Jinghong launched a scissor kick at Lu Jingshan’s unguarded abdomen.


Lu Jingshan spat a mouthful of blood on the spot, flying off the platform and slamming into the ground. Although Lu Jingshan tried to stand, he swayed before losing consciousness and collapsing back to the ground.

As this was a friendly compet.i.tion and each contestant had to partic.i.p.ate in more matches than the standard compet.i.tion, once a referee determined that a contestant was incapable of continuing, they would immediately declare the fight’s outcome.

“Winner! Big Dipper Dojo’s Fu Jinghong!”