Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1291 - Death Group

Chapter 1291 - Death Group

Chapter 1291: Death Group


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1291 – Death Group

So, you secretly applied for the qualifiers, knowing that you wouldn’t be chosen as a representative?

Xie Qiwen’s expression darkened as he glared at You Ziping on Platform No.14.

You really are a resilient b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Xie Qiwen knew that You Ziping was chasing after Jiang Tianyuan’s daughter, Jiang Mengyun. Originally, he had planned to cause some trouble for You Ziping, forcing the boy to retreat.

However, he hadn’t expected You Ziping to disregard his kindness, much less join the compet.i.tion without approval.

Following which, Xie Qiwen sent Gu Chen, Yu Yiqing, and Liao Huajie a message. The contents were simple: cripple You Ziping and prevent him from continuing in the fighting world.

Hopefully, you don’t disqualify too quickly.

Xie Qiwen sneered as he looked at You Ziping.

He had to admit that You Ziping was quite lucky. Among the White Tiger Dojo’s three representatives, none were a.s.signed to Platform No. 14.

If he wished to take You Ziping out, he had to wait until the boy won the elimination round. As long as You Ziping won in the elimination round, he would be easy to deal with.

Although this was only a friendly compet.i.tion, injuries were common in any fighting compet.i.tion. For an elite like Gu Chen, accidentally crippling You Ziping in a fight would be a piece of cake. Even if You Ziping could recover, a mere disciple with no background wouldn’t be able to afford the treatment.

Suddenly, Gan Xingteng approached Xie Qiwen, respectfully handing his superior a folder.

“Boss, here’s the detailed report on the dojos and training centers’ representatives that you asked for.”

“Good job.”

Xie Qiwen nodded, casually browsing through the information.

He was responsible for handling the occupation of the six cities. This was the first important task the White Tiger Dojo had a.s.signed him. Naturally, his performance had to be flawless. Although he didn’t expect anyone from the six cities to defeat his dojo’s representatives, he had Gang Xingteng investigate any noteworthy opponents.

Among the six cities, there were only three noteworthy opponents: the Martial Heaven Dojo, White Cloud Dojo, and Big Dipper Dojo. Among the three, the Martial Heaven Dojo and White Cloud Dojo deserved the most attention. After all, these two were considerably famous in the past. Only, their fame had fallen considerably since then. However, they were still capable of nurturing national fighters once every few years.

The martial arts master, Lei Bao, was the only reason the Big Dipper Dojo was considered a worthy foe. They also had Fire Dance, who was suspected of being a martial arts master as well. With these two masters, the Big Dipper Dojo might have some hidden trump cards.

As Xie Qiwen read through the files, however, he noticed a familiar name—You Ziping!

Moreover, You Ziping was representing the Big Dipper Dojo.

Seeing this, Xie Qiwen was momentarily stunned. He was utterly dumbfounded by You Ziping’s foolishness.

Had You Ziping joined the compet.i.tion as an individual, the youth would retain his ident.i.ty as a White Tiger Dojo intermediate disciple. If that were the case, he couldn’t do anything too drastic against the youth. After all, Jiang Tianyuan was watching.

However, the situation had changed. By representing another organization, You Ziping had severed all ties with the White Tiger Dojo. Even if he crippled the boy, Jiang Tianyuan wouldn’t interfere. On the contrary, Jiang Tianyuan would be pleased. After all, no one tolerated a traitor.

Since you’re asking for a beating, I’ll gladly give you one.

Xie Qiwen sneered.

However, something is off about this Big Dipper Dojo. Were they unable to find suitable candidates? They’re actually willing to work with members from other dojos.

Although the information regarding Shadow Sword and Turtledove showed that both had partic.i.p.ated in their own city’s professional qualifiers, they had never pa.s.sed the elimination rounds to become official professional fighters. This year was their last opportunity to surpa.s.s their status of reserve professional fighters.

Even in weaker dojos, people like Shadow Sword and Turtledove were a dime a dozen. They were only slightly stronger than the Big Dipper Dojo’s new members.

I have really overestimated them.

Xie Qiwen turned to look at s.h.i.+ Feng and the others, who sat in the VIP stands, his sneer still plastered on his face. “It would be a pity to keep such interesting information to ourselves. Xingteng, notify the techs to switch the main screens to these three people when it’s their turn to fight. I want everyone to watch the Big Dipper Dojo’s performance.”

There were four virtual screens set up in the center of the arena to give the audience a better view of the fights. However, due to the number of platforms, only the interesting matches were broadcast. As the host of the compet.i.tion, the White Tiger Dojo could choose any particular fight to broadcast.

When choosing to join a dojo or training center, fighters usually based their selection on the establishment’s capability to nurture its members. If it was well-known that if a dojo’s members were weak, no one would join it, regardless of who the instructors were.

“Boss, rest a.s.sured; I’ll make sure that they are the main focus of the compet.i.tion,” Gan Xingteng said.

Meanwhile, in the VIP stands…

When Xiao Yu read the information s.h.i.+ Feng had provided regarding the Big Dipper Dojo’s representatives, he very nearly fainted.

He had met these three people when they had arrived at the sports arena. However, he didn’t know much about them.

Now that Xiao Yu had read the reports, he regretted not holding s.h.i.+ Feng back. He felt that s.h.i.+ Feng had underestimated the six cities’ various dojos and training centers.

After all, of the dojo’s representatives, two were not even professional fighters! They were merely reserves!

Even if Big Dipper were weak, it was more than capable of hiring professional fighters to a.s.sist them, yet s.h.i.+ Feng had chosen reserve fighters.

Moreover, the only professional fighter was a White Tiger Dojo disciple…

If the two reserve fighters performed badly, and they had to rely on the White Tiger Dojo’s disciple to achieve victory, others would still a.s.sume that the White Tiger Dojo was more powerful. They would be promoting the White Tiger Dojo instead of the Big Dipper Dojo. On the other hand, if they lost, they would be slandered for misleading a White Tiger Dojo disciple with poor training. To make matters worse, both Shadow Sword and Turtledove had been a.s.signed to death group…

Although none of the White Tiger Dojo’s elites were in their death group, many excellent provincial-level fighters were. Quite a few were even preparing to challenge the national compet.i.tion this year. Their combat standards far exceeded city-level professional fighters. These reserve fighters had no chance against them.

As Xiao Yu contemplated stopping the compet.i.tion, the first match on Platform No.1 began.

To Xiao Yu’s dismay, Shadow Sword, Fu Jinghong, had been chosen to fight in the first match. And to make matters worse, his opponent was the favorite to win in Platform No.1. His opponent’s name was Lu Jingshan, a genius disciple from the White Cloud Dojo.

“It’s over…” When Xiao Yu saw Lu Jingshan’s two-meter-tall, muscular frame walk up the platform, his expression darkened.

Lu Jingshan was one of the White Cloud Dojo’s favored disciples. He had been born with extraordinary physical strength and was a talented fighter. Last year, he had secured fifth place in a provincial fighting compet.i.tion and had very nearly qualified for the nationals. This year, Lu Jingshan had challenged many experts and defeated numerous people from last year’s national compet.i.tion. His strength had long since reached the national level. In the White Tiger Dojo, he would easily become an advanced disciple.

“So, the fight is over before it has even begun?” Xie Qiwen stifled his laughter when he saw Fu Jinghong’s opponent.

Once both fighters were in position on Platform No. 1, the referee swung down both his hands and declared the start of the match.