Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1165 - Complete Victory

Chapter 1165 - Complete Victory

Chapter 1165: Complete Victory





Chapter 1165 – Complete Victory

“She’s too strong!”

“Is she an NPC in disguise?”

When Gentle Snow had activated her Berserk Skill, the crowd had been startled.

As Gentle Snow activated Starlight Saint, her originally pitch-black armor transformed into a white, feathery gown. Three pairs of silvery-white metallic wings, decorated with golden divine runes, stretched from her back. Golden divine runes also surfaced on Gentle Snow’s unblemished cheeks and forehead, adding a hint of divinity to her appearance.

However, the players in the audience were experts. They naturally would not be frightened by a change in appearance. The real reason that they were intimidated the feeling of power Gentle Snow gave off. This feeling was different from the pressure one normally felt from stronger opponents. This was kind of like the fear they felt when facing creatures of a higher Life Rating.

Normally, they only experienced this feeling when facing NPCs or monsters.

Yet, they were afraid of Gentle Snow.

Inside a third-floor VIP room, surprise colored Phoenix Rain’s expression as she watched.

Does she have a hidden cla.s.s as well?

This thought surfaced in Phoenix Rain’s mind.

She had already taken a look through the files of the Asura Battle Team’s members. Although the information recorded stated that Gentle Snow possessed this kind of Berserk Skill, as most Berserk Skills would alter the player’s body, she hadn’t bothered to look into the matter further.

Now, however, Phoenix Rain was certain that Gentle Snow possessed a hidden cla.s.s. She would never give off such a powerful feeling otherwise.

The only explanation Phoenix Rain could come up with was that Gentle Snow had used one of those mysterious Legacy Berserk Skills.

Meanwhile, only Peak Legacies possessed Legacy Berserk Skills.

Thinking up to this point, Phoenix Rain could not help her growing curiosity about Zero Wing.

She could accept the fact that the Asura Battle Team’s members exposed one Epic item after another. However, she could not fathom how Zero Wing had managed to obtain a Peak Legacy.

In G.o.d’s Domain, Peak Legacies were much rarer than Epic Weapons and Equipment. Even now, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had not found a single clue leading to a Peak Legacy, much less obtaining one.

As for Miracle, only after mobilizing all of the Guild’s power did they managed to obtain a Peak Legacy for the Witch of the West.

As everyone was shocked by Gentle Snow’s display, Miracle Dragon’s Six Extreme Slashes descended on the female player.

This Six Extreme Slashes technique was Miracle Dragon’s current limit.

Even peak experts of similar standards would be fortunate if they could block two or three of the slashes. If they did not activate a Lifesaving Skill, the attack would devour their HP.

As these six slashes were about to carve into Gentle Snow, three silvery-white holy spears appeared before the Berserker. Gentle Snow’s greatsword had also transformed into two one-handed swords. This instantly resolved the issue of her previous blind spots.

When Miracle Dragon’s greatsword descended, a series of crisp, metallic clangs echoed throughout the arena.

In the end, Gentle Snow had blocked all six slashes. Moreover, she remained unharmed even after blocking the attacks. She had not lost a single HP.

“You blocked them all…?” Miracle Dragon’s expression froze.

The entire venue fell silent as the crowd stared at Gentle Snow incredulously.

Thousand Miles was more shocked than anyone.

Miracle Dragon’s strongest technique had been neutralized. How could this happen?

While Thousand Miles had considered the possibility of Gentle Snow blocking all six attacks successfully, it was with the a.s.sumption that she would use an Invulnerability Skill.

However, Gentle Snow had not used anything like that. She had relied on her own techniques.

“How does a little Guild like Zero Wing have such a genius?” Thousand Miles’s jealousy began to bubble up as he watched the Snow G.o.ddess.

That’s right; he envied Zero Wing.

From Gentle Snow’s data, he knew that the woman had not received any training from a special system, yet with weapons and equipment on par with Miracle Dragon’s, she had suppressed her opponent. This was insane.

If Gentle Snow joined Miracle, even Thousand Miles himself couldn’t imagine what kind of future lay head of the woman. Moreover, Gentle Snow was a talented manager. Rather than calling her a genius, it would be more apt to call her a prodigy.

If Gentle Snow became his subordinate, it was highly possible that he could rise to Guild Leader in the future.

Aside from Gentle Snow, Alluring Summer and Violet Cloud, who had taken to the stage in the previous matches, were similarly talented. In Miracle, they would definitely be considered top-cla.s.s players.

Yet, such prodigies and geniuses continued to emerge within a small Guild like Zero Wing. This was ludicrous!

Thousand Miles suddenly had an idea—poach Gentle Snow and the others for Miracle.


“This is too amazing! She actually managed to suppress the Sword Freak!”

“Is this the Snow G.o.ddess’s true strength?”

“How did she block that move?!”


Although many among the audience were experts, they all knew that they would die instantly under the onslaught of Miracle Dragon’s Six Extreme Slashes. However, by the looks of Gentle Snow, it was clear that she still had energy to spare after her defense. Everyone in the crowd had gooseb.u.mps.

They realized that they were about to bear witness to a historic moment.

Gentle Snow was going to defeat the Sword Freak Miracle Dragon. The Asura Battle Team would annihilate the Evil Dragon Battle Team!


“Big Sis Snow is so amazing! I couldn’t even see those attacks, yet she blocked all of them! If I had been in her shoes, I would have been defeated.” Violet Cloud watched Gentle Snow with admiration. “I wonder when I’ll reach that realm?”

In response, s.h.i.+ Feng simply chuckled. In reality, he wanted to rea.s.sure Violet Cloud that her combat techniques were stronger than the Snow G.o.ddess’s. It was the gap between their equipment that made the difference.

The Seven Luminaries Battle Armor, in particular, was almost a cheat against melee players. Gentle Snow would not fare so well against the Witch of the West.

The Seven Luminaries Battle Armor had two Pa.s.sive Skills. Among them, Magic Reinforcement could improve the user’s physique by 30%. Physique improvement in G.o.d’s Domain was not limited to increasing a player’s speed and Stamina. More importantly, a player’s five senses also improved, which allowed them to keep up with speeds they normally could not.

This was the benefit of an item that had once been Legendary Equipment. Despite its fragmented state, its effects were still frightening.

Miracle Dragon also felt the effects of the Seven Luminaries Domain, decreasing his speed significantly. Even if she hadn’t used the three holy spears, with Gentle Snow’s current level, Basic Attributes, and physique, she would have no problem blocking five of the six attacks. With her Battle Armor’s frightening Defense, she wouldn’t receive much damage from one strike.

This was what made Fragmented Legendary items so terrifying. A single item could create a peak expert.

This was also why the various large Guilds in the past had been so desperate to obtain Fragmented Legendary items.


Meanwhile, on the stage, just as Gentle Snow was about to display the Seven Luminaries Domain’s might, Miracle Dragon revealed a bitter smile as he raised one hand and forfeited the match.

Miracle Dragon had kept his word.

Before everyone realized what had happened, the system automatically declared Gentle Snow and Fire Dance the winners of this match.

Following which, the compet.i.tion came to an end.

The Asura Battle Team had achieved complete victory over the Evil Dragon Battle Team!