Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1164 - Duel of Swords

Chapter 1164 - Duel of Swords

Chapter 1164: Duel of Swords





Chapter 1164 – Duel of Swords

Miracle Dragon’s eyebrows jumped in surprise when he saw Gentle Snow’s calm exterior.

The audience was similarly stunned.

Gentle Snow was incredibly famous in the virtual gaming world. However, when it came to combat standards, she could only reign supreme among first-rate Guilds. Compared to the older generation’s peak experts like Miracle Dragon, however, she was greatly inferior.

No one had expected her current performance.

Even Galaxy Past and Purple Eye, Gentle Snow’s old rivals who had come to watch this compet.i.tion, were dumbfounded.

“Is that really the Gentle Snow I know?”

Purple Eye balled her fists as she stared at Gentle Snow, her heart refusing to believe this.

In the past, she hadn’t been very familiar with superpowers’ peak experts. She only knew that these experts were extremely powerful, and they lived in two completely different worlds. There was little chance for them to encounter each other.

However, after partic.i.p.ating in the Secret Pavilion’s simulation training system, she understood how strong these peak experts were.

Their combat standards were beyond her imagination. With equal equipment and levels, even ten of her wouldn’t be enough of a warm-up for one of those peak experts…

Yet, the Gentle Snow, who had stood on the same stage as the Star Alliance, could now hold her ground against a peak expert like Sword Freak. How could she not find this shocking?


“I have truly underestimated you. It’s no wonder why you had become Ouroboros’s Guild Leader,” Miracle Dragon could not help but smile the Blade of Disaster, which still trembled in his hands. “However, whether or not you take me seriously will depend on your ability to block my next move!”

Saying so, Miracle Dragon’s expression changed. Taking a deep breath, he took a step forward and executed Swift Sword once more.

This time, however, he did not settle for a single slash. Rather, he launched a series of attacks.

While Swift Sword was difficult to defend against, an expert of similar standards would have no issues blocking one strike. Hence, Miracle Dragon decided to up his a.s.sault and execute multiple Swift Sword attacks. This way, even an expert of the same standards would not casually challenge Miracle Dragon head-on.

Shrill, whistling sounds reached the audience’s ears. Everyone was fascinated as they watched Miracle Dragon attacks.

This was especially true for the Swordsman experts among the crowd.

Miracle Dragon’s swordsmans.h.i.+p was the peak they all aimed for.

Enraptured by the flas.h.i.+ng sword lights, even Starstreak, who was on the same team as Miracle Dragon, had gooseb.u.mps. If he stood in Gentle Snow’s shoes, he would have no choice but to activate a Lifesaving Skill against Miracle Dragon’s Consecutive Swift Swords.

Just before the sword lights struck Gentle Snow, the Berserker swung her silver greatsword.

Suddenly, an explosion shook the arena.

As Gentle Snow continued to brandish her greatsword, a series of explosions rang out from the stage. It sounded as if the stage were being bombarded.

After several seconds, Miracle Dragon stopped his a.s.sault, shock plastered on his face.

Even when he had faced Domain Realm experts, they had only blocked a portion of his attacks while relying on their footwork to evade the rest.

However, among the fifteen attacks he had just launched, Gentle Snow had effortlessly blocked every one…

This was the first time he had encountered such a situation since joining G.o.d’s Domain!

However, Miracle Dragon did not know that Gentle Snow currently wore the Level 50 Magic Light Set. Although she was missing the chest piece, she still had the Seven Luminaries Battle Armor, which possessed the Pa.s.sive Skill Magic Reinforcement, increasing her physique by 30%.

With her superior Basic Attributes and physique, Gentle Snow had no issues blocking Miracle Dragon’s Swift Sword.

“Too strong! She’s just too strong!”

“Was the Snow G.o.ddess always this strong?”

“c.r.a.p! Is she the incarnation of the War G.o.ddess?!”


The skill Gentle Snow displayed flabbergasted the audience.

Although many experts watched the battle, the number of people that could actually block Miracle Dragon’s consecutive Swift Swords could be counted on one hand.

Everyone had a.s.sumed that the Asura Battle Team had given up and just wanted to end this match as quickly as possible.

However, it would seem that this wasn’t the case.

“Who is this Gentle Snow?” Thousand Miles’s expression was twisted and ugly.

Even the various large Guilds had detailed information on Gentle Snow’s leaders.h.i.+p of Ouroboros, not to mention a super-first-rate Guild like Miracle. However, no matter how many times Thousand Miles read through Gentle Snow’s files, he had not found any information that hinted at the woman’s capability of standing against Miracle Dragon.

Although Gentle Snow originated from a first-rate Guild, she had never taken part in any of the superpowers’ training systems. She hadn’t been tutored by a famous expert, either, yet she now stood, toe-to-toe, against a peak expert like Miracle Dragon. Seeing Gentle Snow’s aura, Thousand Miles was even afraid that the woman would surpa.s.s Miracle Dragon at any moment.

How could this happen?


In another VIP room, Blue Phoenix was ecstatic.

“The Asura Battle Team has won for sure this time!”

If Gentle Snow alone could already put Miracle Dragon into such a bind, the duo should have a 70% chance of defeating Miracle Dragon if Fire Dance joined the battle.

Phoenix Rain sighed in relief. She hadn’t expected the Asura Battle Team to have such a trump card.

d.a.m.n it! How has Gentle Snow’s combat power improved so much?!

Nine Dragons Emperor, who sat beside Phoenix Rain, could not help his growing anxiety when he saw Miracle Dragon at a disadvantage.


“I admit that you are skilled enough for me to take seriously,” Miracle Dragon congratulated Gentle Snow. Aside from shock, his gaze contained a hint of joy. “I never thought that I would meet an expert such as yourself in the Dark Arena. It seems that I haven’t wasted my time making the trip here. I’ll show you my latest creation. If you can block this, I’ll admit defeat.”

Saying so, Miracle Dragon activated his Berserk Skill. Suddenly, his aura exploded from his body. It felt as if a fierce beast had just woken from its slumber. The man’s Blade of Disaster instantly released a black glow. When the greatsword moved, the weapon even sliced apart s.p.a.ce itself as it left a black line in its wake.

The audience gasped when they saw the greatsword’s sharpness.

“It seems that Miracle Dragon is finally getting serious.” When Starstreak noticed the Blade of Disaster cut apart s.p.a.ce, his gaze focused on the Swordsman.

In G.o.d’s Domain, the Swordsman cla.s.s had two development paths: the dual sword style and the greatsword style.

Among them, the dual sword style was more common. As one-handed swords were lighter, they were more suited to players who pursued speed and dexterity. When fighting monsters, one could also use either or both hands to block an attack.

As for the greatsword style, needless to say, a greatsword was much heavier than one-handed swords. This, in turn, made greatswords more difficult to handle. However, the advantage was obvious—they possessed great destructive power.

Miracle Dragon’s talent was suited to the greatsword style.

Not only could his combat technique, Swift Sword, make up for the greatsword’s lack of speed, but the weapon’s destructive power also made up for the Swift Sword technique’s lack of power. Most importantly, Miracle Dragon could use weakness observation, allowing him to detect his opponent’s weak points and exerting his greatsword’s full potential.

Moreover, Miracle Dragon was a Magic Swordsman. With the magic enhancement, his attacks’ speed and power had risen to a whole new level. Even those old, Domain Realm monsters wouldn’t casually face the man head-on.

“Fall! Six Extreme Slashes!”

As Miracle Dragon opened his eyes, he dashed at Gentle Snow as he launched six slashes.

However, his attacks were faster than his Consecutive Swift Swords. This time, he completed all six slashes in a single breath, targeting Gentle Snow’s blind spots. It was simply impossible for the Berserker to dodge all of the attacks.

The instant Miracle Dragon executed Six Extreme Slashes, the peak experts in the various VIP rooms held their breath as their eyes widened, deeply afraid of missing this exciting moment.

Meanwhile, Gentle Snow, the recipient of this powerful technique, could feel the pressure from Miracle Dragon’s Six Extreme Slashes. The pressure weighed down her arms and legs. How could she block such a technique?

Gentle Snow had no choice but to go all out.

Legacy Berserk Skill, Starlight Saint!

Seven Luminaries Domain!