Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1092 - Killing the Awakened

Chapter 1092 - Killing the Awakened

Chapter 1092: Killing the Awakened

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Chapter 1092 – Killing the Awakened

After Singular Burial paid the 10,000 Magic Crystals, he appeared to age significantly.

Zero Wing! I will make you pay for this!

His goal in dispatching such a large army to Stone Forest Town had been to take advantage of the situation and plunder some of the weapons and equipment Zero Wing’s members dropped. After all, Zero Wing’s members were famous for their excellent items. The average standard of Guild’s elite members was even higher than Heaven’s Burial’s.

However, not only hadn’t he gained anything, but he had also lost over 30,000 elite members and 10,000 Magic Crystals…

After Heaven’s Burial received the strategy he had paid for, he fell silent for a long time. He radiated a cold, deathly aura.

The message he received only contained one sentence—Use the Evil Earth Dragons to distract Lancelot and send someone into the Obelisk to activate the magic array.

He paid 10,000 Magic Crystals for this?

At this moment, Singular Burial even considered devouring s.h.i.+ Feng whole.

“Guild Leader Burial, what’s going on? What’s with the ugly look?” Peerless asked curiously when he noticed Singular Burial’s enraged laugh.

However, after some thought, he found nothing unreasonable about Singular Burial’s reaction. Heaven’s Burial had not benefited from this war whatsoever despite sacrificing the majority of his 50,000-elite-player army. It would be odd if Singular Burial were in a good mood. However, Peerless rather admired the other Guild Leader. He never thought that the man would be so open-minded as to laugh after such a loss. Only, the man’s facial expression was slightly tense.

However, Singular Burial was not ordinary. Very quickly, he sheathed his bubbling emotions and notified Abandoned Wave and Peerless of the method to raid Lancelot.

Abandoned Wave immediately instructed the bandaged man to control the Evil Earth Dragons to pin down Lancelot, while Peerless had the Red Jade Legion’s experts sneak into the Obelisk and search for the prepared magic array.


When Zero Wing’s members had retreated, Phoenix Rain, who was currently in the faraway Apocalypse Empire, had paid attention to every movement in Stone Forest Town.

A white-haired, slightly hunched old man also watched the war from inside the s.p.a.cious Guild Leader’s room.

Although this man was already in his 70s and looked as if a strong breeze could topple him easily, Phoenix Rain treated him with great respect.

This elder was none other than the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Great Pavilion Master. He was the true owner of the Pavilion, Ku Rong.

“Zero Wing is quite interesting. To think such a small Guild can catch both you and Nine Dragons’s attention at the same time,” Ku Rong said, chuckling as he looked at the destroyed and occupied Stone Forest Town. “However, while one of you has an optimistic view of the Guild, the other is trying to destroy it. I cannot figure out what is going through your youthful minds nowadays.

“But Rain, you’ve slightly overdone it this time. You’ve invested so much into Zero Wing. Now that Zero Wing has lost Stone Forest Town, how are you going to compete with Nine Dragons on Thunder Island?

“You know how important Thunder Island is to the Guild. Moreover, I’ve already stated that whoever takes control of Thunder Island will succeed me in the future. I have always had a favorable opinion of you. I hope you do not disappoint me.”

When Phoenix Rain heard Ku Rong’s words, her chest tightened.

In reality, she had always wondered if she had made the right decision to invest so much into Zero Wing.

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had only discovered Thunder Island by chance while exploring a dangerous zone out at sea. However, upon reaching Thunder Island, the Pavilion had discovered certain information which the upper echelons greatly valued. Even Ku Rong, the Great Pavilion Master who usually did not show himself in the Guild, made an appearance.

However, news about Thunder Island had quickly leaked, which attracted the attention of many Super Guilds. Several Super Guilds had already dispatched their capable forces to contest for the island.

Meanwhile, Ku Rong had made up his mind and publicly announced to the Guild the condition to become the next Great Pavilion Master. Whoever took control of Thunder Island would become the next Great Pavilion Master of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, and the future Great Pavilion Master would control all of the Guild’s resources, talents, and future development.

Even after so many years, Ku Rong had never once mentioned the matter of succession. Hence, Ku Rong’s abrupt decision after reading the collected information on Thunder Island had stupefied all of the Elders in the meeting. Phoenix Rain herself had been taken aback.

However, wrestling control of Thunder Island from Nine Dragons Emperor and the various Super Guilds was easier said than done.

It would likely require far more resources than she could imagine.

Moreover, even if she collected enough funds, her chances of taking control of Thunder Island were very small.

It seems I’ll have to find Black Flame or Ye Feng for a chat , Phoenix Rain thought as she ma.s.saged her temples.


Meanwhile, Stone Forest Town was quite lively right now.

After the magic array inside the Obelisk had been activated, Lancelot’s Basic Attributes had been significantly weakened. As a result, the power of his Spells had decreased.

After Lancelot had been weakened, players could finally damage the NPC. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to deal much. Even Level 40 experts’ damage was only in the dozens, while elite players only dealt two or three damage. Moreover, Lancelot dodged most of the attacks sent at him…

Even so, this turn of events gave these players hope of victory.

Lancelot’s maximum HP was now only 60,000,000. Although players’ damage was low, many a little made a mickle. Furthermore, they still had the support of three Evil Earth Dragons. From time to time, the Mythic monsters would launch attacks that dealt tens of thousands of damage. It was only a matter of time before they wore out Lancelot.

“Everyone, spread out! Melees, stop trying to approach the NPC and defend the magic array at the Obelisk! Ranged players, give him a beating!” Abandoned Wave commanded excitedly as he stood atop the Obelisk.

After the Obelisk’s magic array had been activated, shadow monsters, formed from Mana, began to a.s.sault the magic array fiercely. However, compared to Lancelot, these shadow monsters were very weak. They were mostly Level 60 Elite monsters. The three Guilds’ elite and expert melee players were more than enough to defend the magic array.

In addition, the three Evil Earth Dragons served as meat s.h.i.+elds.

Lancelot’s HP had already fallen to 20%.

To get to this point, they had paid the lives and souls of nearly 6,000 elite and expert players. Two of the three Evil Earth Dragons had also died in battle, with the last only had half of its HP remaining. However, based on Abandoned Wave’s calculations, the remaining Mythic monster should last them until Lancelot died.

Just thinking about the loot a powerful NPC like Lancelot would drop caused Abandoned Wave’s heart to jump with excitement.

According to G.o.d’s Domain’s iron laws, the stronger the monster or NPC was, the better the items they would drop. What kind of loot would an NPC, that even three Mythic monsters were helpless against, drop?

This thought had floated in Abandoned Wave’s mind throughout the battle against Lancelot.

Time quickly pa.s.sed. When Lancelot’s HP fell to 5%, the players inside the town charged at the NPC frantically. They completely ignored Lancelot’s AOE Spells.

“He’s nearly dead! Attack with everything you’ve got!” Abandoned Wave shouted.

Abandoned Wave wasn’t the only person with such thoughts. Singular Burial and Peerless’s hearts also began to pound.

Very quickly, Lancelot’s HP fell from 5% to 4% before falling to 3%. Meanwhile, Lancelot’s retaliation grew more powerful, which rapidly increased the three Guilds’ death rate. Every one of the Awakened NPC’s attacks could easily kill hundreds of players.

However, the Guilds’ members were too tempted by the NPC’s loot. They couldn’t care less if their allies died.

When Lancelot only had 1% HP remaining, s.h.i.+ Feng finally made his move.

Using s.p.a.ce Movement, he instantly appeared above Lancelot.

“There’s someone there!”

“Someone actually dares to try to steal our loot?! Kill him!”

Although everyone was absorbed in the battle, they were not so blind as to fail to notice an outsider.

Kill-stealing was common in G.o.d’s Domain. Even they often practiced the act. Hence, they were naturally wary of kill-steals. The instant s.h.i.+ Feng appeared, everyone instinctively s.h.i.+fted their attention to him.

“Wait, that’s Black Flame!” Some expert players with good eyesight quickly recognized the intruder.

“Black Flame! I never expected even you to make such a fatal mistake!” Abandoned Wave could not help but laugh at s.h.i.+ Feng’s foolish behavior. Immediately, he commanded, “Everyone, stop attacking the Boss! Focus on Black Flame!”

Although Lancelot only had 1% HP remaining, 1% of 60,000,000 was still 600,000. It was impossible for s.h.i.+ Feng to kill Lancelot by himself.