Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1091 - Taking Advantage of Others' Misfortune

Chapter 1091 - Taking Advantage of Others' Misfortune

Chapter 1091: Taking Advantage of Others’ Misfortune

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Chapter 1091 – Taking Advantage of Others’ Misfortune

Lancelot looked like an ant before the three Evil Earth Dragons. It seemed as if a single slap was more than enough to take his life.


The three Evil Earth Dragons activated their Evil Roar Skills simultaneously, firing three gray beams at Lancelot.

As the Evil Earth Dragons’ specialty Skill, their Evil Roars had a very wide range. If struck, even Mythic monsters of the same level would receive significant damage. Their combat powers might even weaken.

The players watching from a distance felt chills crawl down their spines when they saw the three gray beams.

They finally understood why the tens of thousands of players that had attempted to raid Black Ridge Town had suffered such a miserable defeat. It wouldn’t matter how many players attacked the town. Against such a Skill, all would die instantly.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

The three beams of light converged into a single point, creating a deafening explosion.

Despite the explosion occurring in the air, the resulting shockwave nearly sent the players inside the town flying.

“Black Flame, do you think a single Tier 4 NPC can defeat us?” Abandoned Wave gleefully demanded.

Although they had lost Stone Forest Town and their war with Zero Wing ended in a draw, every player throughout Star-Moon Kingdom would know of Blackwater now that it had displayed its power. The Guild would have no issues recruiting elite and expert players in the future.

Blackwater would quickly recover its losses.

But what about Zero Wing?

Without Stone Forest Town, the Candlelight Trading Firm would be Zero Wing’s only source of income. The trading firm’s meager profits could never sustain a Guild of Zero Wing’s size. Moreover, Zero Wing could only operate around White River City. How could its development speed possibly compete with Blackwater’s?

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had also suppressed Zero Wing’s expansion into the Black Dragon Empire. Hence, it was only a matter of time before Blackwater surpa.s.sed Zero Wing.

By then, he would remove Zero Wing’s name from Star-Moon Kingdom permanently.

“Guild Leader, look…” Just as Abandoned Wave’s hope rekindled, Laughing Drunkard’s eyes widened as he looked towards the sky, shock flas.h.i.+ng in his gaze.

Still hovering in the air, Lancelot was unharmed. A five-layer ice barrier shattered and fell to the ground, piece by piece.

“He’s unharmed?”

“How is he so powerful?!”

“Is this a Tier 4 NPC?”

The spectating crowd gasped when they saw this, their hearts nearly skipping a beat.

A single Evil Roar could easily wipe out thousands of players or heavily injure a Grand Lord of the same level, yet Lancelot emerged unscathed after taking three of these attacks.

Everyone was confused. Why was there such a huge disparity in strength between these Tier 4 existences?

“Continue the attacks! He must’ve used a Lifesaving Skill! He won’t be able to use it repeatedly!” The outcome also surprised Abandoned Wave. However, he had a more complete view of the situation. The greatest difference between NPCs and monsters was their Skills’ strength. Otherwise, how could NPCs challenge monsters of the same tier?

As Abandoned Wave had guessed, the Five-layered Ice Mirror was a Tier 4 Great Wizard’s Lifesaving Skill. The Skill could not be used again within a short time. Moreover, the Skill had a very short duration of only 10 seconds.

Immediately, tens of thousands of Spells and arrows flew towards Lancelot.

However, Lancelot was too small a target. Only several hundred attacks actually struck the NPC. In response, Lancelot stretched out his hand and swiped it across the empty s.p.a.ce before him. Suddenly, a light blue magic s.h.i.+eld appeared around him, releasing a dazzling, eye-catching glow.

When the Spells and arrows met the magic s.h.i.+eld, it was as if they had crashed into adamant.i.te. The magic s.h.i.+eld remained intact even after receiving the hundreds of attacks.

By the time the first wave of attacks ended, Lancelot had finished chanting the incantation for the Tier 4 Spell, Earth Pulsation. The Spell had an effective radius of 300 yards. Upon the Spell’s activation, the ground in the affected area shattered. Over a thousand players died on the spot. Monsters beneath Lord rank were also killed.

Immediately after, Lancelot swung his hand again. Clouds of dark smoke rose from Earth Pulsation’s affected area and flew towards Lancelot.

This dark smoke was comprised of the slain players’ souls. Nothing nourished Lancelot more than players’ Immortal Souls.

As Lancelot absorbed the dark smoke, pleasure lit his expression. His aura also grew slightly stronger.

“He… He can absorb souls!” When Abandoned Wave witnessed this familiar scene, fear flashed in his eyes.

Immortal Souls were extremely important to players. If a player’s Immortal Soul were absorbed, the penalty could range anywhere from being unable to log into the game for several days to permanent death. In the latter scenario, players would have no choice but to start a new account…

When Peerless and Singular Burial heard Abandoned Wave’s words, they similarly paled.

They were not ordinary players. They had a general understanding of Immortal Souls.

If this NPC absorbed all of their present Guild members souls, the consequences would be devastating.

Yet, the powerful gravitational force continued to drag them closer to Lancelot. They couldn’t escape the NPC at all…


“It seems I’ll have to give them some hints.” s.h.i.+ Feng could not help but laugh when he saw these players’ despair. Immediately, he anonymously published a message on the official forums, mentioning that he knew Lancelot’s weakness. However, the information would cost 10,000 Magic Crystals.

Although his asking price was slightly high, if it could save tens of thousands of elite players and experts from losing their Immortal Souls, Blackwater and Heaven’s Burial would buy the information without hesitation.

As for letting Lancelot eliminate Blackwater and Heaven’s Burial’s members, that was not s.h.i.+ Feng’s goal.

If Lancelot absorbed these players’ souls, even s.h.i.+ Feng would be helpless against the NPC. Moreover, he would truly lose Stone Forest Town.

This was not his desired outcome.

His best option was to ensure that both sides suffered immense losses.

Of course, if Blackwater had not possessed the three Evil Earth Dragons, there would be no point in sharing Lancelot’s weakness.

In the past, Lancelot’s seal had been removed a total of three times. Unlike the first time the seal had been released, imprisoning Lancelot by repairing the sealing crystal had been impossible after his second release. They had beaten Lancelot within an inch of his life before he could be resealed.

If players wanted to suppress Lancelot, they needed someone or something to pin down the Awakened NPC for a moment. Only then could players approach the Obelisk and activate the magic array inside the structure. When activated, the magic array would suppress Lancelot, making him much easier to deal with.


Suddenly, Daybreak Fog contacted Singular Burial and asked, “Guild Leader, I just discovered a method to deal with the NPC on the official forums. However, the other party is requesting 10,000 Magic Crystals. Should we purchase the information?”

“Ten thousand?! Why doesn’t he just rob us instead!?” Singular Burial bellowed.

Although Heaven’s Burial could obtain plenty of Magic Crystals, 10,000 was not a small number.

However, as soon as Singular Burial finished speaking, Lancelot began to chant another incantation. The Mana fueling this Spell was no less than his Earth Pulsation. Moreover, due to Dark Gravitation, players were much closer to the NPC…

“Guild Leader, do we buy the information?” Although Daybreak Fog agreed that this price was ludicrous, they had no other options.

“Buy it!” Singular Burial gnashed his teeth. Losing one’s Immortal Soul was no trivial matter. He did not want to take this risk. Inwardly, however, he swore to himself, This seller better not reveal his ident.i.ty! I will not let him off the hook!