Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1063 - The Power of Five

Chapter 1063 - The Power of Five

Chapter 1063: The Power of Five





Chapter 1063 – The Power of Five

The Rangers, Elementalists, Cursemancers, and Summoners hiding in the forest numbered several dozens.

The Spells and arrows they shot out formed a wall that drove towards Aqua Rose’s party, leaving the five with no s.p.a.ce to dodge at all.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

As a series of explosions rang out, dust and dirt went flying into the air. Everyone from the Ghost Shadow Legion felt a strong gust of wind blowing in their faces.

It’s over?

Daybreak Fog quietly looked at the dust cloud before her in doubt.

Did I guess wrong, and these people aren’t Zero Wing’s upper echelon at all?

Although their frontal attack had been overwhelming, expert players could simply avoid them altogether rather than receive the attacks directly. After all, ranged attacks were not instantaneous. There was a small time lag between the launching and landing of the Spell. Moreover, there was also the system-provided ballistic prediction lines.

“So they’re just a bunch of tras.h.!.+ It seems Zero Wing’s experts only amount to that much after all!”

When the Ghost Shadow Legion members saw the rising dust cloud, smug smiles appeared on their faces.

However, as the dust cloud dissipated, the faces of those who were still feeling proud of themselves immediately darkened.

After the dust settled, what appeared was a large crater in the ground. However, this crater was actually in the shape of a semicircle. At the flat end of this semicircle, as if an invisible wall stood before Aqua Rose’s party, no damage had reached Aqua Rose and the others at all.

They actually blocked all those attacks?

Daybreak Fog’s eyes turned serious as she took in this unbelievable sight.

With a closer look, she could faintly make out a translucent barrier erected before Aqua Rose’s party. A moment later, this barrier shattered like gla.s.s, its fragments scattering to the ground before vanis.h.i.+ng out of existence.

“Violet, this Absolute Barrier of yours really is strong! It actually managed to block off all those attacks. With this, we’ll have to rely on you to block the ultimate moves of Bosses in the future,” Minor Wind said, chuckling.

“My Absolute Barrier is only a Tier 1 Skill. It can block Tier 2 Skills at most. Right now, it is only useful in fights against other players,” Violet Cloud said, shaking her head.

Although Violet Cloud had said so, this feat had still dealt an enormous blow to the Ghost Shadow Legion’s mental state.

They had considered the possibility that Aqua Rose’s party would directly dodge their attacks. However, they never imagined that the latter would actually be able to receive their attacks straight on.

At this moment, Daybreak Fog noticed that the Elementalist standing behind Aqua Rose was in the midst of chanting an incantation. Hurriedly, she shouted, “Not good! Everyone, scatter!”

As an Elementalist herself, Daybreak Fog had a deep understanding of the cla.s.s.

Even without the Spell’s magic array taking form, she could tell what kind of Spell it was just through the amount of Mana the incantation was gathering. Even if it was a Spell she was not familiar with, she could still judge the power of the Spell.

Meanwhile, Daybreak Fog’s senses were currently telling her that the Elementalist standing behind Aqua Rose was casting a large-scale destruction Spell, and that it was already too late for them to interrupt the Spell.

Hearing Daybreak Fog’s reminder, everyone in the Ghost Shadow Legion immediately broke into a sprint. At this time, the alarm bells in their minds were also going off, warning them that they would die if they did not flee.

“Don’t you think it’s a little too late to run now?” the Elementalist behind Aqua Rose giggled softly before pointing a finger to the sky.

A blue streak of lightning promptly shot towards the clouds. Following which, a gigantic twofold magic array appeared in the sky, covering a 100-yard diameter.

In the next moment, the blue magic array shot out a blue pillar of light that directly bombarded the rear line of the Ghost Shadow Legion. Then, the light pillar began expanding in size and devouring the escaping players one after another.

d.a.m.n it! It’s too fast!

Although Daybreak Fog had used Blink to get away, she still could not escape the expanding light pillar. In the end, she had no choice but to use Ice Barrier, becoming immune to all damage. However, her body also couldn’t move as a result.

As the light pillar faded, it left a plot of scorched earth in its wake. Black smoke wafted up from the blackened ground.

This scene stupefied the Ghost Shadow Legion members standing at the frontlines.

This scorched landscape was simply too terrifying. If not for them charging ahead, they would have already turned into ash and dust by now.

“Isn’t this a little too strong?!” Minor Wind fell breathless despite himself. “Big Sis Aqua, just what kind of person is your friend?”

This was his first time seeing a large-scale destruction Spell that could expand to cover such a large area so quickly.

Just this single attack had annihilated over half of the 100-man team before them.

“Her?” Aqua Rose looked over her shoulder to give Alluring Smile a glance. Chuckling, she said, “She’s just a battle maniac!”

Upon hearing this, Alluring Summer could not help but stretch out her hand and pinch Aqua Rose’s waist. Not only had her friend forcefully dragged her all the way out here, but she also actually called her a battle maniac.

“Alright, enough. We don’t have much time to waste here. Let’s hurry up and move!” Aqua Rose said hurriedly as she tugged on her Mount’s reins.

At this moment, the members of the Ghost Shadow Legion were already frightened stiff by Alluring Smile’s attack. Although they had seen videos showing large-scale destruction Spells in use, experiencing one in person was something else altogether.

When they felt the might of the large-scale destruction Spell, a feeling of helplessness overwhelmed their bodies.

“Everyone, get a grip! Large-scale destruction Spells are extremely rare! They can’t possibly have another one! Even if they do, as long as we close in on them, they won’t be able to use it!” Daybreak Fog shouted as soon as her Ice Barrier ended.

Although Aqua Rose’s party had caught them off guard, their advantage remained unchanged.

Moreover, now, she was even more certain that someone of Zero Wing’s upper echelon was definitely among the party of five. Otherwise, it would simply have been impossible for them to use a large-scale destruction Spell. As long as they managed to hold back these five players, they would have a much easier time conquering Stone Forest Town later on.

At Daybreak Fog’s words, everyone from the Ghost Shadow Legion immediately snapped out of their daze. The melee players standing at the forefront started moving once more.


Previously, it was a wall of Spells and arrows that had a.s.saulted Aqua Rose’s party. Now, it was a wall of players.

With s.h.i.+elds defending them from attacks and the healers in the rear line providing them with heals and protection buffs, even Minor Wind’s arrows could do little against them.

At this time, Shadow Sword, who was in front of Aqua Rose, took the initiative, saying, “Let me!”

Shadow Sword unslung the blood-red greatsword hanging on his back. This greatsword was the new weapon Shadow Sword had obtained after saving up Guild Contribution Points every way he could. He had even traded in his previous weapon for this greatsword. Meanwhile, this greatsword was none other than the Holy Weapon s.h.i.+ Feng had obtained from killing the Demonic Ape King—Crimson Moon.

Currently, Shadow Sword had already upgraded Crimson Moon to Fine-Gold rank. As a result, his level had dropped to just barely over Level 40. If he were to upgrade the weapon to Dark-Gold rank, his level would fall below Level 35.

“He dares to come at us all by himself? Let’s surround him and beat him to death!”

Seeing Shadow Sword charging towards them, the melee players of the Ghost Shadow Legion immediately sprang into action. As for the Bronze warhorse Shadow Sword was riding, they paid no attention to it whatsoever.

Individually, their power might not be a match for the Bronze warhorse. However, they could easily hold it back if several of them worked together. It would be just like fighting against a Boss monster.


Along with the sound of an impact, three MTs blocked the warhorse Shadow Sword rode.

Just as the other melee players were approaching Shadow Sword from both sides…

“I was waiting for this!” Shadow Sword grinned as he tightened his grip on Crimson Moon. He then abruptly swung it.

Whirlwind Slas.h.!.+

Immediately, a crimson storm sent the eight melee players approaching him flying. Even the three MTs blocking the warhorse had to retreat three steps, damage of over -2,000 points appearing above their heads.

Such powerful Strength!

Daybreak Fog was stunned.

The members of the Ghost Shadow Legion were not your ordinary expert. Whether it was in terms of combat standards or weapons and equipment, they were top-notch. Yet, now, Shadow Sword actually beat these powerful experts and sent them flying by as if they were Common monsters.

However, the Ghost Shadow Legion members were all experts. After their first a.s.sault got repelled, they coordinated their movements even more closely with each other for their second a.s.sault. Moreover, with Shadow Sword’s Whirlwind Slash on Cooldown, how was the Berserker going to defend against an attack coming from all sides?

“Scram!” Seeing his enemies crowding around him once more, Shadow Sword brandished Crimson Moon again.

Unlike the previous attack, Crimson Moon radiated a faint red glow this time, having successfully triggered the Blood Boiling effect. At Fine-Gold rank, the Blood Boiling effect increased Shadow Sword’s Strength by an additional 1,000 points for 12 seconds.

With Shadow Sword’s current Strength, even a High Lord of the same level would be no match for him.

This time, although Shadow Sword could not attack using Whirlwind Slash, he could use the Active Skill that came with the Tier 1 Set Equipment for Berserkers, Bladestorm.

In the next moment, a red storm raged. All players within a 15-yard radius got blown into the air, invisible wind blades cutting their bodies time after time. In the end, these players transformed into streaks of white light and disappeared one after another. Then, weapons and equipment rained down on the ground.