Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1062 - Forceful Break Through

Chapter 1062 - Forceful Break Through

Chapter 1062: Forceful Break Through





Chapter 1062 – Forceful Break Through

Hearing Daybreak Fog’s deduction, Singular Burial fell into deep thought.

“Have Ghost Shadow’s group stop them. Remember, don’t let a single player escape!” Singular Burial said strictly.

“We’re sending Ghost Shadow’s group?” Daybreak Fog was momentarily stunned. “Aren’t we making a big fuss over something so small?”

Ghost Shadow was Heaven’s Burial’s number one expert. He was already considered a top-tier expert in previous virtual reality games. Now, during his time in G.o.d’s Domain, he had come across a fortuitous encounter which allowed his techniques and strength to undergo a qualitative change. Only, Ghost Shadow had been improving himself away from the public eye all this time, so not many people knew about his current strength. They had originally planned to use him to surprise Zero Wing’s army.

Yet, Singular Burial intended to expose Ghost Shadow’s strength to hunt down a few players.

“I don’t think so. Even now, Zero Wing has yet to arrange an army to head over to Stone Forest Town. Instead, they are sending a few experts with Mounts over first. The only reason they would do so is most likely because there are no good commanders in Stone Forest Town right now. Among the Zero Wing members heading towards Stone Forest Town, a commander is likely among them. I believe that Ghost Shadow will be very interested in them. He might even come across Zero Wing’s number one, Fire Dance,” Singular Burial explained.

Of course, this was only a guess.

However, to make their raid on Stone Forest Town easier, he would rather mistakenly kill a thousand players than let one escape.

“I’ll head over as well, then.” Daybreak Fog could not help her growing interest.

It was a popular belief that Star-Moon Kingdom’s strongest female experts were in Zero Wing. Meanwhile, Aqua Rose was the most famous female player in Zero Wing. This was because she had once been an Honorary Elder of the first-rate Guild Twilight Echo. Following Aqua Rose was Fire Dance, who had displayed frightening strength in several past battles. However, Daybreak Fog did not agree with this sentiment.

Without having fought each other, how could she know which among them was the strongest?

If she came across either one of these women, she would initiate a proper fight.


“They dare to rush at us with so few people. They aren’t taking Heaven’s Burial seriously!” a strong, muscular Level 40 wearing a black mask gowled, sneering at the five players rus.h.i.+ng towards him from a distance. “Leader, you must leave one for me! I want to show these people that the real experts aren’t in Zero Wing. They are in Heaven’s Burial’s Ghost Shadow Legion!”

Although Heaven’s Burial was an upstart Guild, it possessed an extraordinary background. Otherwise, Blackwater would not have bothered to cooperate with the Guild. Meanwhile, in Heaven’s Burial, the Ghost Shadow Legion consisted of experts from many well-known Workshops.

Only, this matter was never made public. The Ghost Shadow Legion’s members leveled up and trained in secret. The Guild had even invited some of the virtual gaming world’s apex experts to spar and train them. In the real world, the legion’s members specifically gathered in a training complex, which Heaven’s Burial used to nurture its experts. There, members of the legion sparred with other members and underwent all sorts of vigorous training methods each day. It felt like a living h.e.l.l.

Correspondingly, however, their strength had undergone earth-shattering changes.

As for the experts who had made a name for themselves in Star-Moon Kingdom, they paid no attention to these people whatsoever.

After all, even the best among those experts was only strong enough to reach the sixth floor of the Divine Colosseum’s Trial Tower. On the other hand, even the weakest members of the Ghost Shadow Legion were sixth-floor experts, with many of them having reached the seventh floor. As for the legion’s commander, Ghost Shadow, he had reached the late stage of the eighth floor. He had long since surpa.s.sed the record Zero Wing’s members had set. Only, he had kept his record hidden all this time.

“Sure. You’ll deal with the magical However, if there is a female among them, leave her to me!” Ghost Shadow laughed.

In reality, he didn’t care about the several Zero Wing members heading towards him. If not for Daybreak Fog stating that Fire Dance might be among these players, he would not have bothered coming.

During the rank compet.i.tion between Guilds in the Trial Tower, Fire Dance had humiliated him. He had been a top-tier expert in the virtual gaming world for many years, yet this little girl had defeated him. After that incident, he had vowed that he would, sooner or later, pay back the humiliation he had suffered.

After a fortuitous encounter, not only had his combat standards improved greatly, but he also no wielded Epic ranked weapons. This was why he was so confident of defeating Fire Dance. He had walked the line between life and death to complete that quest. He had even sacrificed the lives of thousands of the Guild’s elite members.

In his current state, he would even dare to challenge Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame.


“Big Sis Aqua, I used Eagle Eyes and discovered a team of 100 players hiding along the sides of the forest path ahead. Should we circle around them?” Minor Wind asked.

Heaven’s Burial’s army was positioned all over the place. The Guild had sealed off practically all of the official paths leading from Saimu Town to Stone Forest Town. However, as the map was quite ma.s.sive, it was impossible for Heaven’s Burial’s elite army to be everywhere. As long as they moved through the forest, their party could avoid detection. The only problem was that they could attract monsters’ attention. If that happened, they would have to waste a lot of time. However, fighting Heaven’s Burial’s members would similarly put them in a bind.

“We don’t have that much time. Moreover, they don’t have a large group. We’ll force our way through!” Aqua Rose decided.

“Oh yeah! I was waiting for you to say that!” Minor Wind said, grinning.

Minor Wind rendered the other three party members speechless. It was obvious that Minor Wind had purposefully asked that question. The Ranger clearly wanted to test out the Advanced Mana Armor Kits he had recently equipped.

Three Advanced Mana Armor Kits provided an increase of roughly 10% to one’s Basic Attributes. To players with excellent equipment like themselves, that was the equivalent of an additional piece of Level 40 Dark-Gold Equipment.


“Ready the magic array!” Ghost Shadow commanded upon seeing Aqua Rose’s party of five approach. “Once they are within 50 yards, activate it! Don’t let even any of them get away!”

“Leader, rest a.s.sured; the magic array has an effective radius of 100 yards. As long as we activate it in time, they’ll have no hope of escape,” a Level 40 Elementalist said confidently.

When Aqua Rose’s group was within 50 yards of Ghost Shadow’s team, the latter activated their magic array.

Suddenly, a red magic barrier that was 30 yards tall and covered a radius of 100 yards appeared in the forest.

When active, the Six-star Crimson Array would lock an area within a barrier. It was a Basic Magic Array meant for ambus.h.i.+ng enemies. The only way to break free was to attack the barrier and deplete the casters’ Mana.

“Charge!” Ghost Shadow shouted in the team chat. Following which, he activated his Stealth Skill and made his way to his targets.

Immediately, the s.h.i.+eld Warriors and Guardian Knights hidden on either side of the small road took the lead and charged at the enemy’s Mounts, hoping to knock Aqua Rose and her teammates down.

Meanwhile, the ranged hidden a distance away began to launch one attack after another.