Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1056 - Grandmaster Magic Array

Chapter 1056 - Grandmaster Magic Array

Chapter 1056: Grandmaster Magic Array





Chapter 1056 – Grandmaster Magic Array

Abandoned Wave, who was seated behind his desk, frowned slightly when he heard Qin Muyun’s words.

In reality, he was also uncomfortable with Stone Forest Town’s present situation.

Due to the construction of the Magic Tower in Stone Forest Town, many of Zero Wing’s elite and expert members had gathered there, instantly raising the difficulty of raiding the town significantly.

With the addition of the wandering merchants now, most likely, there would be many more independent players trying to join Zero Wing.

As long as these players became Zero Wing’s members, not only would they enjoy the members.h.i.+p perks at the Battle Arena, but they would also have the convenience of much shorter travel times to Stone Forest Town due to the Guild Transfer Scroll.

The time savings from joining Zero Wing had tempted many independent players with good standards and strength.

He had already received news that soon after the Battle Arena appeared, the number of players trying to join Zero Wing had started increasing exponentially. Moreover, practically every elite and expert player that recently joined Zero Wing had promptly migrated to Stone Forest Town to develop themselves.

“I understand. Tell Young Master Jing that as long as he gives me a little more time, Stone Forest Town will very quickly become the Blackwater Guild’s property,” Abandoned Wave said, nodding. “Also, tell Black Robe that the sacrifices he asked for are already ready.”

He had to admit that Zero Wing’s strength was ramping up quite rapidly.

Unfortunately, the Guild had the misfortune to meet him. Otherwise, there truly wouldn’t be anybody in Star-Moon Kingdom capable of stopping Zero Wing from becoming its overlord. However, now that the Blackwater Guild had arrived, Zero Wing could only perish.

Upon hearing Abandoned Wave’s reply, Qin Muyun turned around and left the office.


At the same time, using the Abyss Pendant, s.h.i.+ Feng appeared once more before the small cabin inside the ancient ruins at the core of the Golden Sands Archipelago.

This time, s.h.i.+ Feng immediately opened the wooden door and entered the cabin.

Although the cabin looked small on the outside and appeared to have only a single floor, stepping into the cabin was like entering a completely different world. The inside was just like a player-constructed building, where the internal s.p.a.ce was usually larger than what was visible on the outside. Only, the disparity between the wooden cabin’s frontage and interior s.p.a.ce was much more grandiose.

Upon entering the cabin, s.h.i.+ Feng came upon an elegant hall the size of two basketball courts. Exquisite gla.s.s cabinets dotted the hall. There were all sorts of rare items on display inside these cabinets, and no lack of items that could tempt even expert players.

Meanwhile, ten Level 200 NPCs stood guard around the hall, with four stationed by the staircase leading up to the cabin’s second floor.

In addition to these guards, there was also a handsome and beautiful young man who seemed to be the manager of the establishment. The youth’s appearance could fascinate even men. When s.h.i.+ Feng looked at the youth, he could only see the youth’s name, Harold, displayed. He could not see any other information about him.

However, if one used an advanced Identification Skill on the youth, they would discover that the young and beautiful Harold was not a human at all.

[Harold] (High Elf, Grand Wizard) Level ? ? ? HP ? ? ? ? ? ?/ ? ? ? ? ? ?

In the past, many players often discussed which NPC in G.o.d’s Domain they thought was the strongest. They would also make strength rankings for NPCs, according to the NPCs’ tiers. In other words, only NPCs of the same tier would be compared with each other. Meanwhile, as a Tier 5 NPC, Harold’s strength had always been a mystery to everyone.

After reaching Level 200, many players had attempted to use extremely powerful Identification Skills to examine Harold. In the end, however, they still failed to discern Harold’s level and HP. In addition, n.o.body had ever seen Harold’s true strength.

Although there had been six Tier 5 experts who had attempted to rob the Golden Sands Exchange Shop in the past, Harold had instantly annihilated them in a single move. After those experts died, not only did they each lose ten whole levels, but they also got jailed for over half a month. From then on, n.o.body else dared to provoke Harold. They only knew that this High Elf was exceedingly puissant. After all, it was simply impossible for an ordinary Tier 5 NPC to defeat six Tier 5 players so swiftly. Even the Windbreaker, Kite, had not possessed this kind of strength at his peak.

Hence, Harold’s strength had always been a mystery. Regardless, his strength was publicly acknowledged to rank within the top five among the various Tier 5 NPCs of G.o.d’s Domain.

After s.h.i.+ Feng entered the exchange shop, Harold slowly made his way over to him.

In a very friendly manner, Harold handed a delicate, corolla flower-shaped emblem over to s.h.i.+ Feng and said softly, “Sir, congratulations on becoming a member of our exchange shop. Here is our establishment’s member’s emblem. In the future, you may use this emblem to visit our shop any time you want. In addition, you may visit our shop’s second-floor hall. The items up for exchange there are all treasures carefully selected by our shop.”

“Thank you. I wish to take a look at the second floor, then. May I know what are the best products available for exchange this week?” s.h.i.+ Feng asked, speaking as if he were an old customer after storing the exchange shop’s member’s emblem.

After he had obtained the large quant.i.ty of Magic Crystals from the Battle Arena, he had directly paid 10,000 crystals to the system. Although he had felt a slight sting at the loss, compared to using the other methods to become a member of the exchange shop, it was already the best option.

“Please follow me, sir,” Harold said before leading s.h.i.+ Feng upstairs.

The size of the second floor’s hall was somewhat smaller than the first floor’s. Moreover, the number of gla.s.s display cabinets here was only one-tenth of that of the first-floor hall’s. Even so, the 30,000-plus Magic Crystals s.h.i.+ Feng had on him right now was most likely insufficient to buy even one-tenth of the items displayed here.

Even the cheapest item on display was priced at 2,000 Magic Crystals. Taking a casual glance around, s.h.i.+ Feng had also discovered many items priced above 10,000 Magic Crystals.

Sure enough, the second floor isn’t a place for normal people.

s.h.i.+ Feng was rendered speechless by what he saw.

Currently, 100 Magic Crystals could be used to exchange for 25 Gold Coins on the market. Ten thousand Magic Crystals would be equivalent to 2,500 Gold. In other words, among the items displayed, there were many valued above 2,500 Gold.

Two thousand five hundred Gold!

With that kind of money, one could already purchase an Epic item.

“Sir, of the many products that have arrived in our shop this week, these five items are the ones our shop is proudest of. Hopefully, they are to your liking,” Harold said very confidently as he brought s.h.i.+ Feng over to a gla.s.s cabinet protected by a magic array.

“This is…a Grandmaster Magic Array!” s.h.i.+ Feng could not help his shock when he saw the magic array protecting the five items.

He had done his fair share of research into magic arrays in the past and could even draw Intermediate Magic Arrays. Although he was not a master at crafting magic arrays, he could more or less discern their standard.

As for the magic array s.h.i.+ Feng was currently standing on, he had only seen the likes of this around the Palaces in imperial capitals.

Even a group of Tier 5 NPCs would have difficulty breaking through a Grandmaster Magic Array within a short time. If it were an even more powerful Grandmaster Magic Array, those Tier 5 NPCs might meet their end.

Yet, right now, one such Grandmaster Magic Array was actually being used to protect five items.

This was entirely too extravagant!