Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1055 - Town Trade

Chapter 1055 - Town Trade

Chapter 1055: Town Trade





Chapter 1055 – Town Trade

After completing the core components, s.h.i.+ Feng handed them over to Melancholic Smile.

The manufacturing of the Miniature Ballista was extremely complex, requiring many components. However, aside from the core components, the other parts were well within the capabilities of Advanced Lifestyle players.

As for the final a.s.sembly work, with Burning Abyss’s standards, the Master Engineer would be more than capable of handling it.

As for s.h.i.+ Feng himself, he still had many things he needed to do.

“Guild Leader, both the Blackwater and Heavenly Trading Firms are buying increasingly fewer Light Stones from us recently, yet the amount they are selling on their side has been continuously increasing. It is likely they have already obtained plenty of Light Stone Designs. Should we start lowering our selling price as well?” Melancholic Smile asked worriedly.

After she had returned and took up the reins of the Candlelight Trading Firm again, she suddenly discovered that the trading firm’s position in Star-Moon Kingdom had become increasingly precarious.

Setting aside the fact that both the Blackwater and Heavenly Trading Firms possessed exclusive products, just the compet.i.tiveness of the Candlelight Trading Firm’s hottest-selling product, the Light Stone, was already growing progressively weaker.

In addition, unlike the Candlelight Trading Firm, which only had Shops covering several of Star-Moon Kingdom’s important NPC cities, both the Blackwater and Heavenly Trading Firms had Shops covering the entire Star-Moon Kingdom. At this rate, it would only be a few days before they overtook the Candlelight Trading Firm.

If that happened, Candlelight’s income would take a significant hit.

“So even the Light Stones are unable to hold out any longer?” Looking at the list Melancholic Smile handed to him, s.h.i.+ Feng smiled as he said, “Since it’s no good already, it’s about time we switch to a new main product.”

“Change our main product?” Melancholic Smile’s thoughts s.h.i.+fted towards the Strengthening Device.

The Strengthening Device was currently very popular on the market. However, due to its exorbitant price, only larger Guilds could afford to buy it. In terms of market size, it was nowhere close to the Light Stone.

“Take this and have some trustworthy Alchemists learn it. From now on, our main product will be this item,” s.h.i.+ Feng said as he took out the Alchemy Secret Journal from his bag.

The Exotic Stamina Potion recorded inside the journal possessed effects that all players dearly needed. Moreover, the materials used to craft the potion were not particularly precious. Hence, its selling price would not be very high, either. Even ordinary players would be able to afford it easily.

“Guild Leader, you’re too amazing! You actually managed to get your hands on this thing as well!” Melancholic Smile exclaimed in excitement after taking a brief look through the journal. “If we have this potion, I want to see just how the Blackwater and Heavenly Trading Firms are going to compete against us!”

When consumed, the Exotic Stamina Potion increased a player’s maximum Stamina by 10% and Stamina recovery speed by 80% for 10 hours. This was a must-have item for players seeking to level up quickly. Moreover, the total cost of the materials required to make the potion was roughly only two Silver. If Advanced Alchemists crafted the potion, they would have a success rate of 50%. In other words, the total cost of making a bottle of Exotic Stamina Potion was around four Silver Coins.

With the excellent effects of the potion, even if they sold each bottle for 10 Silver, there would still be swarms of players willing to buy it. Meanwhile, at 10 Silver, it would still be cheaper than the Mana Mixture introduced by the Blackwater and Heavenly Trading Firms. In addition, the Exotic Stamina Potion was suitable for a much wider market than the Mana Mixture. With this, there was no way Blackwater and Heavenly could bring down the Candlelight Trading Firm.

The players of G.o.d’s Domain earned a limited income every day. As would be expected, they could spend their scant funds on only a small number of items. Hence, when players were choosing which trading firm to shop at, they would naturally choose the trading firm with the lower prices and more useful products.

Meanwhile, 10 Silver Coins was a considerable sum to ordinary players. Even elite players could just barely afford this price. Hence, if these elite players purchased the Exotic Stamina Potion, they would no longer have any money left for other items—which would definitely have a significant impact on the business of both the Blackwater and Heavenly Trading Firms.

Following which, Melancholic Smile happily took the Alchemy Secret Journal and left the Special Workshop to select people to learn the Exotic Stamina Potion’s recipe.

As for s.h.i.+ Feng, he used the Abyss Pendant’s Teleportation Skill to return to the Golden Sands Archipelago.


At the same time, two major incidents had occurred in Stone Forest Town. Moreover, both situations greatly excited the local players.

The first incident was that Stone Forest Town’s Battle Arena had constructed an underground floor housing combat rooms. Moreover, the new floor’s area was considerably larger than the first floor’s.

Since the Battle Arena only had combat rooms set up for rent in the first three floors of the building, the addition of the underground floor was equivalent to increasing the capacity of the Battle Arena by more than one-third.

Meanwhile, the second and more exciting incident was that the first group of wandering merchant NPCs had finally arrived at Stone Forest Town.

Wandering merchants were a privilege that only player towns enjoyed. This visit was something that would never occur in NPC towns.

Unlike ordinary NPC merchants, these wandering merchants would sell rare items that were not available anywhere else—even rare tools that were very useful to players, such as Magic Scrolls or special potions.

However, attracting wandering merchants to a town was not an easy task. To do so, a town needed extremely safe trade routes. Otherwise, these wandering merchants, who were highly risk-averse, would not travel to said town.

“There’s no stopping Stone Forest Town from rising now!”

“Hahaha! I’ve profited big today! I only spent three Silver to purchase a Swamp Scroll! With this scroll, if I party up with two more people, we will be able to thrash a Field Chieftain!”

“That’s nothing! Didn’t you see that a guy managed to purchase a Lucky Potion for a mere 12 Silver just now? I heard that the Lucky Potion will raise a player’s Luck Attribute by 10 points for half an hour. He then resold that potion for 10 Gold Coins!”

“What a pity. By the time I reached those wandering merchants, their products had already sold out.”


The arrival of the wandering merchants gave rise to discussions among the players in town about the NPCs.

The merchandise of these NPCs completely surpa.s.sed everyone’s imaginations. They had all kinds of rare and strange goods up for sale. The only unfortunate part was that they sold only a limited amount of the products each day. Moreover, the items they sold every day were not fixed.

However, it was also precisely because of this restricted supply that many players chose to live in Stone Forest Town. Meanwhile, this situation was a boon to Stone Forest Town, since it levied a 10% tax on all local sales. Although that was not a lot of money, the income from taxes would increase as the number of NPC merchants gathered in the town rose.

At the same time, word about the wandering merchants also began spreading in Star-Moon Kingdom’s official forums.

Stone Forest Town’s thrilling wandering merchants!

Purchased Lucky Potion resold for 100 times the purchase price!

News regarding the wandering merchants immediately piqued the envy of many players throughout the kingdom. Ordinary players would consider themselves rich if they had one Gold Coin on their person, all the more 10 Gold Coins. If they could encounter such fortuitous situations several times, they would be able to buy a Common Mount for themselves by the time they reached Level 40. Many expert players were too poor to purchase Mounts even after reaching Level 40.


Star-Moon City, Blackwater’s Guild Residence:

At this time, the elegant and beautiful Qin Muyun suddenly entered the Guild Leader’s office. With a slightly gloomy expression, she said, “Guild Leader, Young Master Jing is already dissatisfied with your performance because of this matter regarding Stone Forest Town. He says that you need to settle this matter as soon as possible. If you can’t get even such a small matter done…”