Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1033 - Rise of Stone Forest Town

Chapter 1033 - Rise of Stone Forest Town

Chapter 1033: Rise of Stone Forest Town





Chapter 1033 – Rise of Stone Forest Town

s.h.i.+ Feng was satisfied with the finished Battle Arena.

The Battle Arena had a total of five floors. This was Stone Forest Town’s current limit. If he wished to construct it higher, it would have to occupy a larger area. However, Stone Forest Town was only a small town. There wasn’t much room.

Even so, the five-story Battle Arena had been considerably costly to build.

A single floor already cost 1,000 Gold, and this did not include all the cost of the various decorations and props. With the money he had spent on this five-story building, he could’ve easily purchased a high-potential plot of Land in a major city.

Of the five floors, players could rent the combat rooms on the first three floors. Naturally, these rooms were more expensive than in NPC cities. After all, players could enjoy the Ample Mana State throughout the building. Hence, s.h.i.+ Feng had set the rent at 1 Silver per hour. While ordinary players might consider this a steep price, the independent players capable of reaching Stone Forest Town all possessed relatively high combat standards. This price should not be a problem for these players.

As for the fourth floor, s.h.i.+ Feng intended to use it to hold a weekly tournament. Champions would be awarded excellent weapons and equipment as well as Coins. s.h.i.+ Feng also intended to use this tournament to attract expert players. If the opportunity presented itself, he could recruit talented players through the tournament. Meanwhile, Zero Wing would charge spectators an entrance fee.

Finally, the Battle Arena’s fifth floor consisted of private rooms. There was also a tournament field. However, to partic.i.p.ate in the fifth-floor tournament, players had to rank within the top five in the fourth-floor tournament. These players would also have access to the private rooms.

Not only could players enjoy benefits similar to the town’s hotels, but these private rooms were also much larger than usual hotel rooms. Players could also enjoy the view overlooking Stone Forest Town from their rooms.

Meanwhile, unlike the fourth-floor tournament, the fifth-floor tournament would incorporate an elimination system. The fifth floor could only accommodate a maximum of 30 players. New arrivals could challenge the ranked players. Afterward, based on their weekly ranks, the top 30 players would get to remain on the fifth floor while the rest were disqualified. Also, the higher ranked a player was, the more benefits they enjoyed.

Now that we’ve finished the construction, it’s time to recruit some NPCs to manage this place.

s.h.i.+ Feng could not help his excitement as he gazed at the towering Battle Arena.

In the past, many large Guilds had constructed Battle Arenas as soon as they had their own Magic Towers in order to make a fortune. Unfortunately, Shadow had struggled to obtain a town of its own, much less construct a Magic Tower.

By the time Shadow had its own Magic Tower, other Guilds’ Battle Arenas had become incredibly popular. Shadow had no hope of competing with them.

This trend was similar to the real world’s fighting compet.i.tions. Back then, the Battle Arenas had become hugely popular throughout G.o.d’s Domain. Due to this, the Battle Arenas had replaced the fighting compet.i.tions in the real world.

Now, not only had s.h.i.+ Feng obtained a Magic Tower so early into the game, but he also had a Battle Arena to go with it. With this, he could seize a share of this market before others.

By the time he constructed his city, he could further expand his Battle Arena business.

Unlike towns, he could construct Mana Towers in a city. Moreover, a city’s buildings could be much taller.

In the past, a Super Guild that had specifically constructed a ma.s.sive tower meant for combat—the Combat Tower. Countless players had gone crazy over the Combat Tower. Many experts had even made a goal of reaching the tower’s peak. If they could reach the top of the Combat Tower, Guilds would instantly target them for recruitment. Even if they did not join a large Guild, reaching the top of the Combat Tower would award them enough to enjoy a life of leisure for the rest of their days.

Whether it was for fame or wealth, many players chose to challenge the Combat Tower.

Now that s.h.i.+ Feng had constructed his first Battle Arena, the first stage of his project was complete. Next, he needed to scale up this project.

However, it was particularly difficult to ramp up such a large-scale project.

Furthermore, the cost of constructing a building that stood over 100-stories tall was even enough to drive Super Guilds insane.

Following which, s.h.i.+ Feng used a Return Scroll and teleported to White River City, intending to search for management NPCs.

Meanwhile, shortly after the Battle Arena was complete, it became the focal point of Stone Forest Town.

“Isn’t this a Battle Arena?”

“Why has Zero Wing constructed a Battle Arena here?”

“Are you a fool? Don’t you know that PvP is not allowed in player towns? Now that the town’s Mana density is so high, it would be a waste not to spar!”

“I wonder when the Arena will open to the public? I want to try it out!”

“Hopefully, it won’t be too expensive!”


The town’s players discussed the Battle Arena excitedly. To players who had experienced the Trial Tower, they knew that the denser the environmental Mana was, the stronger they would be in a fight. They would be able to improve their techniques faster. After all, not everyone possessed extraordinary concentration. A Mana-rich environment could help players maintain a high degree of concentration.

Only, the cost of using the Divine Colosseum’s Trial Tower was too high. Each challenge cost one Magic Crystal. Even elite players could not afford such an expenditure.

However, it was a different story for a player-constructed Battle Arena. As the establishment was intended for public use, the fees wouldn’t be as high as the Trial Tower. Moreover, unlike the Trial Tower, players could conduct PvP matches with other players in the Battle Arena. Their development in the Battle Arena might not be any slower than in the Trial Tower.

For a time, news about Stone Forest Town’s Battle Arena gradually spread throughout Star-Moon Kingdom.

Players who had not been particularly interested in Stone Forest Town began to change their minds.

There were all sorts of players in G.o.d’s Domain. Some loved adventuring, some loved fighting, some loved leveling up, and some only had money on their minds. However, all of these players shared one common interest.

Combat standards!

Even expert players found it difficult to endure the Divine Colosseum’s prices. Generally, only Guild players with the support of their Guilds could afford to play there. As for NPC cities’ Underground Arenas, while one could gain some combat experience from fighting there, fighting for long periods would easily cause one to lose focus. When that happened, players needed to take a break and rest. The Ample Mana State just so happened to make up for this flaw.

“There is no stopping Zero Wing now!”

“How great would it be if I were a member of Zero Wing? If that were the case, traveling to the Battle Arena would be more convenient.”


Suddenly, more and more players wanted to travel to Stone Forest Town. Seeing this, the several major companies that had broken off their discussions with Zero Wing regretted their decision even more.

When they heard the news, these companies immediate sent new representatives to contact Aqua Rose, claiming that the previous representatives had declined Zero Wing’s offer without the companies’ consent and had thus been fired. They also expressed their wishes to re-enter negotiations with Zero Wing.

These companies had looked down on Zero Wing with contempt, thinking that Blackwater’s victory over the Guild was certain. However, even now, Blackwater couldn’t touch Zero Wing. The most it could do was whittle Zero Wing down. However, now that Zero Wing had a gold mine like Stone Forest Town, it was practically impossible for Blackwater to weaken Zero Wing with its minor hara.s.sments.

As everyone discussed Stone Forest Town, s.h.i.+ Feng finally returned to White River City.