Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1032 - Independent Players' Holy Land

Chapter 1032 - Independent Players' Holy Land

Chapter 1032: Independent Players’ Holy Land





Chapter 1032 – Independent Players’ Holy Land

The several upper echelons inside Blackwater’s Guild Leader’s office were shocked when they heard Abandoned Wave’s command. Though, they could understand Abandoned Wave’s train of thought.

Stone Forest Town’s latest transformation made it all the more tempting.

Stone Forest Town had been, at most, a tool that Blackwater could use to defeat Zero Wing, but now, the town was a mountain of gold and silver that could ma.s.sively help Blackwater’s establishment in G.o.d’s Domain.

To current Guilds, Magic Crystals were incredibly important.

If a Guild wanted to nurture and improve its members’ techniques quickly, sending them to the Divine Colosseum’s Trial Tower was undoubtedly the fastest way. In order to do so, they needed Magic Crystals.

Unfortunately, Magic Crystals were too difficult to procure. Even with the ma.s.sive wealth and connections the Blackwater Corporation possessed, they could only procure a limited amount. In the end, the Guild could only supply its experts and a small number of elite members with Magic Crystals.

In Blackwater, there was no lack of talented players.

As long as they had enough Magic Crystals, they could nurture large groups of experts as they wished.

Now that Stone Forest Town’s Mana density had increased and players could acquire a 30% EXP buff from the town’s hotels, the town would attract swarms of independent players. Unlike when these players’ choices of leveling areas had been limited, now, they could go to Stone Forest Town if they wanted to level quickly.

The sooner Blackwater took control of Stone Forest Town, the sooner it could officially start its conquest of G.o.d’s Domain.

“Boss Wave, we still have a lot of preparation. If we take action now, it might be difficult to take down Stone Forest Town,” Laughing Drunkard advised. “Moreover, Big Sis Ling has set out to negotiate with Pantheon. If Pantheon agrees to lend us their experts, it will be easy to take the town. We don’t need to be in such a hurry.”

“You’re right. I was a little impatient,” Abandoned Wave admitted as he took in a deep breath. He then laughed and said, “I was still angry about Zero Wing’s actions. Now, however, it would seem that I should thank them. They’ve even gone ahead and sent me a gift in their final moments. Let’s give them another two days to live, then. However, you should head to Stone Forest Town and investigate the new building. The town’s sudden transformation is definitely related to that tower. I want to know how we can construct one for ourselves as soon as possible.”

He had been somewhat impatient. The sealing magic array in the Stoneclaw Mountains was still incomplete. Without it, capturing Stone Forest Town would be quite difficult. However, once the magic array was complete and they persuaded the Super Guild Pantheon, Zero Wing wouldn’t be able to hold the town, regardless of the Guild’s capabilities.


As Blackwater planned to wait for the sealing magic array’s completion, the independent players throughout Star-Moon Kingdom were in an uproar. As a result, many major companies, which had doubted Zero Wing’s future, began to regret their decisions.

Due to the Magic Tower, Stone Forest Town’s potential and value had increased exponentially.

To companies like theirs, nothing was more important than sufficient players. Initially, they had been certain that Stone Forest Town’s player population would never be high enough. However, things had changed. With the town’s favorable environment, it was only a matter of time before its population multiplied by several times. If they set up a virtual store in Stone Forest Town, their businesses would definitely gain a following. If their companies could occupy a portion of the virtual market ahead of their compet.i.tion, they would have a brighter future in G.o.d’s Domain.

Suddenly, Aqua Rose contacted s.h.i.+ Feng. Happily, she said, “Guild Leader, some of the companies that were hesitating have contacted me stating that they want to discuss cooperation with you.”

Previously, she had worried that s.h.i.+ Feng had been too arrogant and that none of the companies would be willing to work with them. Now, however, over 20 companies had contacted her. Moreover, every one of these companies was far more powerful than the few that had tried to take advantage of their predicament.

“Oh? They sure are quick to decide. Unfortunately, there are still matters that demand my attention. Arrange a meeting with them for four hours from now in White River City’s Candlelight Trading Firm,” s.h.i.+ Feng instructed her after some thought. It had been quite some time since Blackwater had annexed Ouroboros. This should be the best time to purchase the Guild’s training center. If he waited any longer, something unexpected might happen.

Previously, he had learned a lot about the training center from Gentle Snow.

He had to admit that Ouroboros was indeed a veteran first-rate Guild. The fact that the Guild had dominated multiple virtual reality games over the years was not without reason. Its training center alone was impressive. Not only was the training center fully equipped with everything a Guild needed to nurture expert players, but it was also larger than the Big Dipper Training Center. Moreover, the training center had been built in the downtown area of a first-tier city with an extremely large population. Every inch of that real estate was probably worth its weight in gold.

If not for Gentle Snow holding a considerable amount of the training center’s shares, which allowed her to mark down the price, he wouldn’t have been able to get his hands on it, even if he paid double.

“Ah, right. Guild Leader, one more thing. It seems Phoenix Rain has gotten wind of this and wishes to join the discussion as well. Should we invite her?” Aqua Rose asked.

“Phoenix Rain?” s.h.i.+ Feng was slightly surprised. He then said, “Alright, call her.”

Phoenix Rain was a Pavilion Master in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. She should have considerable status in the real world, too. The fact that Phoenix Rain had qualified to send a Battle Team into the Dark Arena showed that the power backing her was extraordinary. She clearly had her own, abundant wealth. Her interested in these negotiations was nothing but good news for s.h.i.+ Feng.


Elsewhere, a 50-man team fought a pack of Level 45 Gra.s.sland Ice Wolves in a field. There were over 200 of these Elite ranked Ice Wolves with a Level 45 Chieftain leading the pack. However, this group gradually exterminated these Elite monsters like a well-oiled machine. Even against a Level 45 Chieftain, the leading Level 40 Guardian Knight tanked the Boss by himself.

“Boss, I heard that we can get a four-hour 30% EXP bonus buff by resting in Stone Forest Town. Should our Snowfall team head there?”

“Stone Forest Town is very close to the Stoneclaw Mountains. With the 30% EXP buff, we’ll level faster in the Dungeon than out here in the field. We can reach Level 40 sooner than planned. Moreover, with our adventurer team’s strength, grinding monsters in the Dungeon’s inner area shouldn’t be a problem. We’d be better off going to the Stoneclaw Mountains than the Undead Gorge.”

“That’s right, leader! Snowfall is one of Star-Moon Kingdom’s top adventurer teams. If we let the newer adventurer teams catch up to us, we’ll become a laughingstock.”

“Alright, Snowfall will continue our development in Stone Forest Town, then.”


After the news about Stone Forest Town spread, the various powerful adventurer teams across Star-Moon Kingdom began to make their way towards the Stoneclaw Mountains.

For a time, Stone Forest Town became a hub of the various adventurer teams.

As the various adventurer teams and independent players headed towards Stone Forest Town, s.h.i.+ Feng finished the town’s Battle Arena in the center of town. The building already took up as much s.p.a.ce as Zero Wing’s Residence, its five-story height casting a shadow over the residents. One could say that it was the most majestic building in Stone Forest Town.