Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1028 - Royal Guard

Chapter 1028 - Royal Guard

Chapter 1028: Royal Guard





Chapter 1028 – Royal Guard

As soon as Alluring Summer resurrected outside the arena, she turned to look at the young girl walking out of it, her face filled with shock.

Of all the experts she had encountered before, not one had ever managed to instantly kill her in a single move. She also had not believed that such a person existed. Not to mention, said person was a little girl.

Why is there such a huge gap?

Alluring Summer was baffled by this outcome.

Standing to one side, Aqua Rose could not help but reminisce when she saw the stunned look on her friend’s face.

Back when she had seen the strength s.h.i.+ Feng displayed, she had been thoroughly stupefied. Now, Alluring Summer was experiencing a similar situation.

The outcome of this match came as no surprise whatsoever to Aqua Rose.

Although they were all playing the same game, the disparity in strength had made her wonder whether they were truly playing the same game.

Alluring Summer was most likely pondering this same question at the moment, utterly confused by this situation.

However, this was reality, an extremely cruel reality. This was the most unreasonable aspect of games.

In ordinary virtual reality games, the gradual acc.u.mulation of Attributes made it very easy for a gap to appear between players.

Meanwhile, G.o.d’s Domain was even more special than the usual virtual reality games. Not only was there the gap of Attributes, but there was also the gap of combat experience and techniques.

Reaction speed, observation power, Skill utilization, grasp of timing, and many other aspects… If one was just a tad stronger than their opponent in all these aspects, in a situation where both fighters possessed the same Attributes, there would still be a ma.s.sive difference in the combat power displayed.

This battle was undoubtedly the best proof.

In terms of Attributes, Violet Cloud, who was currently Level 44, completely surpa.s.sed Alluring Summer. In terms of combat techniques, Violet Cloud, who had already entered the Refinement Realm, was also superior to Alluring Summer, who was only at the Half-step Refinement Realm. The result of this combination of advantages was a one-hit KO.

After falling into a daze for quite some time, Alluring Summer turned to look at Aqua Rose and asked curiously, “Aqua, tell me honestly. What’s her rank within the Guild?”

This was Alluring Summer’s first time encountering such a powerful Cleric since she started playing G.o.d’s Domain.

She did not believe that Violet Cloud ranked only within the top ten of Zero Wing. Based on her estimation, the girl should be among the top three at the very least.

If a Guild could have three of such experts, it was no wonder Zero Wing was considered Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one Guild.

“Probably within the top five?” Aqua Rose could not say for sure.

As far as she knew, s.h.i.+ Feng had not held back in nurturing Gentle Snow and the others after they joined Zero Wing.

Moreover, Aqua Rose had heard that Gentle Snow had already entered the Refinement Realm even before she joined Zero Wing. The weapon she wielded was even a Magic Weapon. She also had a hidden cla.s.s that enabled her to use Twofold Berserk.

In addition, there was Thoughtful Rain, who did not partic.i.p.ate much in Guild activities. The girl was very strong and was another one who had a special Legacy.

“She’s so strong, yet she’s only ranked within the top five?!” Alluring Summer exclaimed in shock. “You’re kidding me, right?!”

She truly found it hard to imagine what kind of Guild Zero Wing was.

There were actually four more monsters like Violet Cloud in the Guild. Just how were other Guilds supposed to go up against Zero Wing?

“What benefit do I get from lying to you?” Aqua Rose rolled her eyes at Alluring Summer. Grumpily, she added, “Now you know how powerful Zero Wing is, right?”

Although Aqua Rose was acting somewhat smug, Alluring Summer was paying no attention to her words whatsoever. Instead, she directly rushed up to Violet Cloud, hoping to continue challenging the young girl.

Before this, she had extreme difficulty finding a powerful expert to fight against. Now that this little monster was right before her eyes, how could she possibly let this chance get away? To a battle maniac like Alluring Summer, this situation was equivalent to placing fresh meat before a hungry wolf.

At the same time as Alluring Summer had joined Zero Wing, a huge incident had occurred over at the distant Star-Moon City.

A short while ago, monsters had captured an NPC town belonging to Star-Moon City, ma.s.sacring every player within the town and reducing a town with a population of nearly 20,000 players to a town of death.

In response, Star-Moon City had announced that players could launch a crusade against this town. As long as they managed to clear out the monsters from this town, they would obtain generous rewards, including direct promotion to a Count of Star-Moon City.

In G.o.d’s Domain, the importance of Reputation to players spoke volumes for itself. The higher a player’s Reputation was, the easier it would be for them to obtain a high-ranking or rare quest. Players could also receive discounts on their repair fees and teleportation fees. Most importantly, the number of Personal Guards they could hire would increase. At the Viscount rank, players were only allowed two Personal Guards. At the Count rank, however, players could have four.

Even if a player themself was not strong, if they had four high-quality Personal Guards around them, even expert players would have to give them a wide berth. Moreover, grinding Field Bosses would also become a very simple task. Only, it was extremely difficult to find high-quality Personal Guards.

Currently, even a Mysterious-Iron Guard would go for an astronomical price, not to mention Secret-Silver and Fine-Gold Guards.

However, players were no fools, either. Currently, even the various large Guilds had managed to find only a few Mysterious-Iron Guards, much less Secret-Silver Guards. Anyone who obtained one would definitely treat the NPC as their family heirloom. They would not sell the NPC no matter what.

Meanwhile, one of the rewards for the town crusade just so happened to be an opportunity to select a Personal Guard from the King’s Royal Guard.

The King’s Royal Guard!

That was the gathering place of Star-Moon Kingdom’s elites. Only the most outstanding guards could join the Royal Guard. Their Growth Potential would naturally be significantly better than that of the NPCs players could find on the streets.

Even if an ordinary player managed to obtain only a Mysterious-Iron Guard, they could immediately resign from their jobs in the real world and rely solely on G.o.d’s Domain to sustain themselves. If one obtained a Secret-Silver Guard and directly sold the NPC to a large Guild, they would no longer have to worry about living expenses for the rest of their lives.

Hence, the moment news of this was released, the entire Star-Moon City went into an uproar. Both independent and Guild players formed teams one after another and embarked on an expedition to take back the town. Many Guilds and Workshops even started preparing siege tools.

“Guild Leader, should we send some men over as well? In any case, that town is not very far away from Stone Forest Town,” Blackie suggested softly as he looked at s.h.i.+ Feng, who was currently overseeing the construction of the Magic Tower.

“No need to hurry. It’ll be fine even if we head out after the tower is constructed,” s.h.i.+ Feng replied, shaking his head. In reality, though, even he was greatly tempted by this reward.

The NPCs in the Royal Guard were dragons among men.

Generally, only players who had reached the Marquis rank had the opportunity to choose a Personal Guard from the Royal Guard. Even then, they would be required to complete a quest whose difficulty was no less than an Epic Quest’s. Extremely few players were capable of completing it. Fortunately, this quest belonged to the category of pure-reward quests, so players would not incur any punishment even if they failed. At most, they would lose their opportunity to recruit a Royal Guard.

Yet, now, players only needed to capture a town in order to receive such a reward. s.h.i.+ Feng was somewhat puzzled by this situation.