Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1024 - Mage God

Chapter 1024 - Mage God

Chapter 1024: Mage G.o.d





Chapter 1024 – Mage G.o.d

“So strong!”

“As expected of Zero Wing’s G.o.ddess!”

Aqua Rose’s Tier 1 Curse, Soul Annihilation, shocked every player on the street. Many female players were even mesmerized.

She’s Zero Wing’s Vice Guild Leader?

Cleansed Rue’s eyes widened in shock in shock as she saw Aqua Rose.

Although she had been in White River City for a time and had seen photos of Aqua Rose and watched many of the woman’s videos, this was the first time she had seen her in person.

However, the Aqua Rose she stared at was different from her Guild’s reports.

Based on the information her Guild had provided, although Aqua Rose was very strong, the woman’s combat power was only slightly stronger than the Star Alliance’s Red Feather. Although Aqua Rose had improved as time progressed and had even defeated Thousand Blades, one of the Glorious Lions Battle Team’s apex experts, in the Dark Arena, she was not strong enough to kill a Level 39 top-tier expert with a single attack.

Ordinary players might not realize how strong that Level 39 Berserker was, but as the Vice Guild Leader of a first-rate Guild, Cleansed Rue did.

This Level 39 Berserker’s timing was even better than the and Swordsman who had attacked first. He was definitely a Half-step Refinement Realm expert. Moreover, based on Laughing Drunkard’s tone, it was obvious that he was relatively confident in this Berserker’s strength.

A Half-step Refinement Realm expert was no noob. In a first-rate Guild, said expert would rank near the top of the Guild. Said expert might even become the Guild’s strongest player.

Yet, Aqua Rose had killed such an expert instantly…

Cleansed Rue began to wonder if Zero Wing had bribed her information department.

It had only been a short time since she had received the report on Aqua Rose. How could one person improve so quickly?

Suddenly, the masked Level 40 female beside Laughing Drunkard asked, “Drunkard, why don’t we gang up on Aqua Rose? If we kill her, it will deal quite a blow to Zero Wing. Guild Leader and the others will have less resistance when they strike.”

“Forget it. We should save some of our cards for later. Lethal Gale suffered precisely because he grossly underestimated Zero Wing,” Laughing Drunkard said, shaking his head as he glanced at Aqua Rose. He then said in the team chat, “Bullet, you two go all-out and deal with Aqua Rose. I want to see how strong this Vice Guild Leader is.”

Laughing Drunkard had planned to put on a dominant show in front of the Candlelight Trading Firm to suppress Zero Wing’s recently-rising prestige. Now, however, it seemed as if that were no longer possible.

Now that Bullet and the Level 39 had actively attacked someone inside the city, the NPC guards would kill and jail them upon arrival. It was also obvious that the two were not capable of killing the woman named Alluring Summer. Rather than lose their lives pointlessly, they might as well use this opportunity to test Aqua Rose’s strength.

No matter what was said or done, Aqua Rose was Zero Wing’s Vice Guild Leader, a VIP.

If they could collect some information on Aqua Rose now, it would be easier to deal with the woman in the future.

This war between Guilds would not be determined with just one or two big battles or several dozen minor skirmishes. Aside from an economic war, information gathering was extremely important. Information could determine a war’s outcome if used during a crucial moment.

“Understood!” After Bullet and the received their command, they activated their Berserk Skills before turning and das.h.i.+ng towards Aqua Rose. Like machines, there wasn’t a shred of hesitation in their eyes.

Both players’ Attributes rose significantly, and their dangerous auras resembled that of wild beasts. The surrounding players instantly felt death loom over them, and they started to back away from these two players.

After the two activated their Berserk Skills, each temporarily gained the combat power of a Lord of the same level.

Yet, as if the pressure these two players radiated were a spring breeze, Aqua Rose remained unfazed as she stood before the Candlelight Trading Firm’s entrance.

Watching the two players charge at her, Aqua Rose simply waved her staff. The ground beneath her feet turned pitch-black, and as if this black shadow were contagious, it spread quickly, covering the ground around her. The shadow then enveloped the and Swordsman, and they instinctively jumped into the air to avoid the attack.

“Begone!” Aqua Rose did not even bother to look at her a.s.sailants as she swiped her right index finger across the air.

The pitch-black shadow rose from the ground, transforming into a pillar of black light that shot into the air. Even players several streets away saw the pillar of black light.

Giving neither of the players a chance, the black pillar devoured them whole. Despite the two players activating their Lifesaving Skills, they screamed in agony from inside the pillar. They felt as if they were trapped in h.e.l.l. The spectators even began to pity them after hearing the screams.

When the pillar of black light finally disappeared, only Aqua Rose and two pieces of top-tier equipment remained on the battlefield…

“They died?”

“How did she do that?”

This scene left everyone gasping.

Unlike the Berserker, who had died without any display of strength, Blackwater’s and Swordsman had shown off their combat standards against Alluring Summer. Thus, everyone watching the battle had a clear grasp of how strong those two experts were.

Laughing Drunkard, who watched from afar, wore a dark expression.

Aqua Rose was a lot stronger than he had expected. Until now, she had only used two Skills. This wasn’t enough for him to judge her current standard. Moreover, the information he gleaned from the pillar of black light was not enough to reach a conclusion. The and Swordsman had died for nothing.

After Aqua Rose finished collecting her loot, she looked towards Laughing Drunkard and said, “If you still want to fight, attack me together. I don’t have time to waste on fighting you one by one.”

Currently, she was in a relatively good mood. She had only used two Skills to earn two pieces of Level 35 Dark-Gold Equipment. She could probably make close to 100 Gold if she sold these two items. Unfortunately, Blackwater’s members had swiftly retrieved the equipment the Berserker had dropped. Otherwise, she could have earned more money.


When Blackwater’s players heard Aqua Rose’s provocation, they all wanted to jump into action.

Although Aqua Rose’s Skills were indeed powerful, Skills like those generally had very long Cooldowns. If they charged at her now, they would be more than capable of defeating the Cursemancer.

“We’re leaving!” Laughing Drunkard extended a hand to stop his teammates. “Now is not the time to fight them. We will have plenty of opportunities in the future.”

Saying so, Laughing Drunkard led his team away from the Candlelight Trading Firm’s entrance, earning jeers and mocking gazes from the surrounding players for his trouble. At the same time, the bystanders began to admire Zero Wing even more than before.

White River City’s native players cheered.

In their eyes, Zero Wing was a local Guild, while Blackwater was the enemy. Naturally, they would celebrate when Zero Wing suppressed Blackwater.

“Aqua, isn’t your transformation a little too intense? It’s only been some time since we’ve seen each other, yet I nearly failed to recognize you.” As everyone left the venue, Alluring Summer, who had silently stood by the side, smiled and greeted Aqua Rose.

“Not here. Let’s continue our conversation inside.” Aqua Rose responded to the greeting with a smile of her own. She then led Alluring Summer into the Candlelight Trading Firm.


The remaining players on the street were stunned.

They had never expected Alluring Summer to be acquainted with Zero Wing’s Vice Guild Leader, Aqua Rose.

They know each other? Why doesn’t the Secret Pavilion know anything about this?

Cold Autumn was similarly shocked. Alluring Summer’s strength could not be ignored. After seeing the speed of her double-casting, Cold Autumn knew that the woman was extraordinary. Unfortunately, Aqua Rose had ended the battle too abruptly, giving Alluring Summer no opportunity to display her true strength.

If s.h.i.+ Feng were present, he, too, would have been surprised.

After all, he was extremely familiar with the woman named Alluring Summer.

s.h.i.+ Feng wasn’t the only one. Practically every player in G.o.d’s Domain had heard of her in the past. Her fame had all been due Alluring Summer’s past nickname.

The Lightning Mage G.o.d!