Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1023 - Intense Battle at the Entrance

Chapter 1023 - Intense Battle at the Entrance

Chapter 1023: Intense Battle at the Entrance





Chapter 1023 – Intense Battle at the Entrance

When Blackwater’s members blocked Alluring Summer’s path, the people on the street turned to watch what was happening.

Setting aside Alluring Summer’s great beauty, her Level 41 drew everyone’s admiration. Between that and Blackwater’s menacing players, this group had no difficulty attracting attention.

So, he’s Laughing Drunkard of Blackwater.

Cold Autumn’s gaze chilled when he saw the leading silver-armored man.

Laughing Drunkard was one of the few experts who had risen to prominence in the Blackwater Guild.

Although his battle record was limited, he had, single-handedly, defeated the Star Alliance’s Purple Eye and a dozen or so experts, wounding the first-rate Guild. He already ranked within the top 1,000 on the G.o.d’s Domain Experts List. Moreover, it was obvious that Laughing Drunkard had not used his full strength in his last battle.

Due to this, the Secret Pavilion had investigated this man thoroughly. Even now, Cold Autumn could remember Yuan Tiexin’s words, warning him that, should he encounter Laughing Drunkard in the fields, caution would be best. His safest option was to step aside and take a long way around.

Now, after observing Laughing Drunkard in detail, Cold Autumn discovered that the man radiated quite a pressure. Laughing Drunkard wore a full set of excellent Level 40 Dark-Gold Equipment. The man also carried a snow-white spear across his back. Overall, the man looked like a daunting general on a battlefield. However, with his current strength, he shouldn’t need to fear Laughing Drunkard to the point of avoiding contact. This left Cold Autumn confused about Yuan Tiextin’s warning.

While Cold Autumn watched Laughing Drunkard, the man shot the youth a look, revealing a sneer, as if he had sensed Cold Autumn’s gaze. He then ignored Cold Autumn and returned his attention to the woman before him.

Watching Laughing Drunkard and the others, Alluring Summer nodded and said, “That’s right. What business do you have with me?”

“Good. We’ll give you 150 Gold; sell us all of your Advanced Mana Armor Kits,” Laughing Drunkard said in a commanding tone after confirming that he got the right person. “Of course, you can choose not to sell them. But I can’t guarantee you will leave White River City with your life.”

As soon as Laughing Drunkard made the threat, the dozen or so Level 39 players beside him encircled Alluring Summer, sneering at the woman.

Laughing Drunkard had not spoken softly. Almost every player watching his group had heard him clearly. Many players instantly voiced their complaints.

“That woman spent 600 Gold to buy those three kits, yet he wants to buy them all for 150 Gold? Blackwater’s members are too much!”

“Has Blackwater lost its mind? They dare extort others in broad daylight. Are they not afraid of the guards?”

“Sure enough, independent players shouldn’t stand out. I’ve heard that Blackwater members even dared to attack Ouroboros’s Guild Leader, Gentle Snow, in the middle of the city. That beauty has no choice but to concede.”

Many players began to pity Alluring Summer. Everyone understood that, rather than targeting Alluring Summer specifically, Blackwater’s true intention was to demonstrate its might in White River City.

Blackwater was currently engaged in an all-out war against Zero Wing. Now that Zero Wing had declared its large-scale auction in four days, Blackwater had to do something to suppress Zero Wing, preventing the Guild from making a comeback.

An independent player like Alluring Summer, who had purchased the Candlelight Trading Firm’s items and wasn’t particularly strong, would undoubtedly be Blackwater’s best target for a demonstration. Whether Alluring Summer handed over the items willingly or they took the items by force, the act would send a message that anyone who purchased items from Candlelight would suffer the consequences!

“You’re going to attack me if I refuse?” Narrowing her eyes, Alluring Summer smiled as she said, “I want to see if your Blackwater is strong enough to do so, then.”

“You must want to die!” A Level 39 black-robed suddenly appeared behind Alluring Summer, his eyes containing bloodl.u.s.t. The thrust his dagger towards the back of Alluring Summer’s head, giving the woman no room to dodge or counter.


Cleansed Rue, who stood by the side, inwardly cursed this sight.

While Laughing Drunkard had been talking, he had sent an expert to approach Alluring Summer stealthily and attack her should the negotiations fail. This was truly despicable behavior.

As everyone thought that Alluring Summer was done for, they watched the Level 39’s dagger pa.s.s through the woman’s body harmlessly. Rather than finding its target, the’s attack struck Alluring Smile’s afterimage.

Her reaction time is so fast!

Cold Autumn’s eyes widened, shocked at Alluring Summer’s speed. If he faced such a sneak attack, he would likely lose his life, then and there, yet Alluring Summer had dodged the attack as if she had predicted it.

However, these players from Blackwater weren’t ordinary players either. Every one was an expert. After realizing that his attack had failed, that turned to where Alluring Sumer had aimed her Blink. After discovering the woman, he used Shadow Steps.

In the blink of an eye, the appeared behind Alluring Smile once more. With a backhand swing, he sent a Backstab at Alluring Smile, the fluidity of his movements impressing many of the Guild experts who watched the fight.


Before anyone realized it, an Ice Wall had appeared behind Alluring Summer. When the dagger struck the wall and subsequently slowed, Alluring Summer tilted her body forward slightly, deftly dodging the’s Backstab. Following which, she turned and before anyone realized it, completed chanting and tracing the runes for another Spell. She then pointed her finger at the

Immediately, an arc of blue lightning shot from Alluring Summer’s extended finger and struck the before her.

However, the was no fool. Understanding that the lightning attack was quite powerful, he immediately activated Vanish, utilizing the brief 1.3-second invulnerability to block the attack.

“It seems this chick is quite strong.” Seeing that Alluring Summer’s was extraordinarily strong, Laughing Drunkard turned to one of the Swordsmen beside him and said, “Bullet, go, help take care of that chick. After this, I’ll ask the Boss to help you apply for training at the main headquarters.”

“Thank you, leader! I’ll take care of her!” The Swordsman named Bullet licked his lips before activating Windwalk and charging towards Alluring Summer.

Cleansed Rue frowned when she saw the expert and expert Swordsman working together against Alluring Summer.

She could tell that both the and the Swordsman could easily rank near the top of Hundred Flowers Palace’s players with their combat standards. If their coordination was good, even Cleansed Rue herself was not confident of defeating them.

When Bullet arrived before Alluring Summer, the latter turned suddenly once more and pointed her finger at the Swordsman.


Another arc of lightning flew from Alluring Summer’s finger. Moreover, the lightning was even faster than before. The attack was far more powerful this time.

Before anyone realized it, three Ice Walls had appeared around Bullet, preventing him from moving sideways or backward and leaving him with no choice but to defend against the attack.


Bullet quickly activated Parry to block the attack. However, the instant his weapon met lightning, his body was launched like a cannonball, cras.h.i.+ng through the Ice Wall behind him and landing over twenty yards away. The ma.s.sive power within Alluring Summer’s attack made everyone shudder involuntarily.

Such skilled double-casting!

Alluring Summer’s performance surprised Cold Autumn.

“It’s no wonder why you dared to challenge us. So, you have a few tricks up your sleeves. Ghost, join them. I want to see how long she can hold up,” Laughing Drunkard ordered.

“Understood!” At this time, a large, tanned Berserker named Smoking Ghost stepped forward. Without hesitation, he used Charge on the fatigued Alluring Summer.

Just when this Level 39 Berserker’s weapon was about to hit Alluring Summer, a three-meter-tall skeletal claw appeared beside the Berserker without so much as a sound. Catching Smoking Ghost by surprise, the skeletal claw grabbed the Berserker before squeezing him, releasing a loud crunch. Smoking Ghost’s body transformed into a pile of ash that fell through the skeletal clawed fingers.

“This is…”

Every spectator was stupefied. They could not figure out what had happened. That had been a Level 39 Berserker!

Even Cold Autumn and Cleansed Rue were shocked.

They could not believe that such an expert had died in a single move.

Suddenly, a clear voice resonated down the street. “This is Zero Wing’s territory! Do you people from Blackwater think you can do whatever you want here?!”

The crowd turned towards the voice’s owner.

They were speechless.

The person who had spoken was none other than Zero Wing’s Vice Guild Leader, Aqua Rose.