Power and Wealth - Chapter 720: The ‘fighting' incident!

Chapter 720: The ‘fighting' incident!

Chapter 720: The fighting incident!

Next day. 10 am.

The air is filled with smog today.

Dong Xuebing conducted an inspection round of the Subdistrict Office and saw all his staff working hard. They are not gossiping about anything particular, and this made him relieved. Geng Xinke and Lin Pingping's recording was not exposed. Only a few people know about this incident. He had instructed the Secretary of the Disciplinary Work Committee, Qu Yiqiang, to keep this a secret. Moreover, the person involved in the District Mayors brother.

Dong Xuebing nodded and went upstairs to his office.

Suddenly, footsteps are coming from upstairs, and Geng Xinke appears in front of Dong Xuebing.

Secretary Geng. Dong Xuebing smiles. You seemed to be very busy.

Geng Xinke stopped. Yes. I am going to the neighborhoods to check on the earthquake prevention and mitigation awareness campaigns progress.

Thanks for working so hard. Dong Xuebing looks at him. Are you free this evening? Want to have dinner together?

Geng Xinke coldly replied. I am busy today. Lets talk about it another day.

Dong Xuebing laughed. Alright. Lets arrange another day.

Director, I am going off.

Ok. Dong Xuebing patted Geng Xinkes shoulder as they pa.s.sed each other.

Dong Xuebing is not surprised by Geng Xinkes att.i.tude towards him and knows he has some misunderstandings. Hmm. Some are no misunderstandings, and their grudges had formed a long time ago. Its not easy to resolve their conflicts, and he doesnt care how Geng Xinke treats him. Its good if they can settle their differences, but it doesnt matter if reminds unresolved. He only needs to let Geng Yuehua know that he can help her and her family.

But Dong Xuebings att.i.tude towards Geng Xinke caused a commotion among the Subdistrict Office staff unknowingly.

Eh, whats wrong with Director Dong and Secretary Geng today?

Dont you know about it? Geng Xinke hit Director Dong yesterday.

Huh? When and how did it happen?

It happened outside of the District Party Committee building yesterday, but I dont know the reason behind it.

I have heard about it too. It seems Secretary Geng had grabbed Director Dong by his collar, and Director Dong did not retaliate.

This is weird. When did our Director Dong have such a good temper? This is not his usual style.

Ah. The No. 2 hitting the No. 1. This is not a small issue, and Secretary Geng might be.

I heard Mayor Geng had scolded Secretary Geng in her office because of this incident yesterday. We still dont know if he will be punished, and I heard the Districts Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee is investigating this incident.

The recording incident was not exposed, but Geng Xinke hitting Dong Xuebing created a commotion.

Work Party Secretary Office.

Dong Xuebing received a call from the Districts Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee when he returned to his office.

Is this Director Dong? Wu Liang asked.

Secretary Wu, its me. Dong Xuebing replied.

I am looking for you because of yesterdays afternoon incident. Someone reported that Deputy Work Secretary Geng Xinke had hit you. I need you to tell me what happened. Dong Xuebing is Geng Xinkes leader, and it is wrong for the latter to hit his leader, let alone do it in public. This is a serious matter regardless of the reason behind it. Since someone had reported this and there are many witnesses, the Commission for Discipline Inspection cannot ignore it. Even if Geng Xinke is the District Mayors brother, he must still be punished.

Dong Xuebing knew there was no way for Geng Xinke to escape punishment.

Although the punishment will not be severe with Geng Yuehua around, this is not what Dong Xuebing wants to see.

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and asked. Secretary Wu, what do you mean?

Wu Liang is surprised. Huh?

Why would Secretary Geng hit me? Dong Xuebing replied. Is this a misunderstanding? I did have an argument with Secretary Geng about work, and I showed him a doc.u.ment. He only reached into my car to get it and did not hit me. I think someone might have misunderstood it. I am stating this. We have some differences at work, but its not to the extent of hitting each other.

Wu Liang is surprised. Are you sure he did not grab your collar?


Alright. Its fine then.

Wu Liang doesnt know what Dong Xuebing is up to, but since he said nothing had happened, theres no need to carry on with the investigation. Furthermore, Wu Liang is with Mayor Gengs faction, and he wants to help Geng Xinke. He intends to complete this investigation quickly and give him light punishment. This way, no one can blow up this incident and use it against Geng Yuehua.

After hanging up, Wu Liang reported it to Geng Yuehua.

Dong Xuebing said Geng Xinke did not hit him. They had some differences and argued. Wu Liang said.

Geng Yuehua paused for two seconds and replied. Ok. I know.

At the same time.

A neighborhood under Guang Ming Subdistrict.

Geng Xinke is walking around watching the Neighborhood Committee staff doing the campaign. He is waiting for the District Governments announcement of his punishment. His sister had settled the DVD matter for him, and Lin Pingping had returned to Yan Tai County. But he grabbed Dong Xuebings collar and knows he will be punished for his actions.

Geng Xinke waited the whole day and was surprised.

Geng Yuehua had told him he would receive punishment, but its almost the end of the day, and the District Government has not called him. The Commission for Discipline Inspection did not look for him, and its like nothing will happen.

No punishment?!

This incident is over?!

Geng Xinke calls Geng Yuehuas Secretary, Ma Jian, to ask about his situation.

Ma Jian replied softly. I am not sure. I heard the Commission for Discipline Inspection had investigated but found nothing. I think you should be fine.

I will be fine?!

Geng Xinke is relieved. He thought his sister had used her authority to stop this investigation. After all, he had only grabbed Dong Xuebings collar and did not punch him. This is not considered hitting Dong Xuebing and is not so severe.

If possible, Geng Xinke does not want to be punished.

Geng Xinkes mood got better as everything was finally over.

When it was almost time to report off, Geng Xinke received a call from the District Government Office, and his face changed. The District Government had issued 1.5 million funds for the earthquake response exercise. He remembers this was a ridiculous request by Dong Xuebing and did not expect the District Government to agree.