Power and Wealth - Chapter 719: Settled!

Chapter 719: Settled!

Chapter 719: Settled!

Afternoon 4 pm.

Only Chang Dajin and Dong Xuebing remained in the office.

Mr. Chang, are all the recordings here?

We had searched his room, and there are no more DVDs.

Alright. I will let you all deal with Xu Zhong and will not interfere.

Im sorry to have caused so much trouble for you.

Haha. I am the one who caused troubles for you over this misunderstanding.

Thats right. Its a misunderstanding. But this is still our hotels fault. We had failed in managing our staffs.

Everything is cleared.

Its a coincidence for Geng Xinke and Lin Pingping to meet Xu Zhong at the hotel. Xu Zhong had a grudge against Geng Xinke when they were in high school. But Dong Xuebing doesnt know why, and Xu Zhong was forced to drop out of school because of Geng Xinke. This is why he secretly recorded the video into DVD and sent it to the Subdistrict as revenge.

This reason makes things simple, and Dong Xuebing is relieved.

Since this matter is settled, I am leaving. Dong Xuebing took the DVD and videotape. Oh, the medical fees for your security guards.

Chang Dajin quickly waves his hand. Its alright. This is our fault.

Dong Xuebing took out his wallet. I must make this compensation.

No, I cannot let you do this. Chang Dajin replied. We are friends, and friends should not talk about money.

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and smiled. Fine. Call me when you come to Nan Shan District. I will treat you to dinner.

Chang Dajin warmly replied. Sure. I will visit you when I am free. Oh, I will arrange a car to send you back.

No need. I drove here. Mr. Chang, you dont need to walk me out. Lets meet again.

The DVD incident is settled so fast because of Chang Dajins help, and Dong Xuebing is no longer mad.

Nan Shan District.

Late afternoon. It is almost time to report off work.

Dong Xuebing drove straight to the District Party Committee building when he returned. He parked his car and went straight to Geng Yuehuas office.

The secretary's office door is opened, and Ma Jian sees Dong Xuebing. What is it?

Dong Xuebing replied. I need to see Mayor Geng.

Wait a minute. Ma Jian returned to her seat and picked up her phone. After a few seconds, she hangs up. Mayor Geng asks you to go in.

Thank you, secretary Ma.

Ma Jian ignored Dong Xuebing and continued with her work. Her att.i.tude towards him has never been pleasant.

Dong Xuebing didnt mind and knocked on Geng Yuehuas office. He enters and closes the door behind him.

Geng Yuehua is standing in front of a shelf, looking for something. You are back.

Dong Xuebing nodded. Xinke and Xiao Lin are not around?

I asked Xinke to go home and wait for news.

Dong Xuebing walked over and took out everything from a bag. Its settled. It is not Xinkes political rivals who did it. His former high school cla.s.smate, Xu Zhong, did it. He was on duty at the hotels surveillance room and saw Xinke. He explained to Geng Yuehua. All the DVDs and videotape are here. You should burn these if you are going to destroy them. Burning them makes it impossible to recover the data.

Geng Yuehua takes out a book from the shelf and returns to her desk. She saw a few copies of DVDs. This is quite a lot.

Dong Xuebing laughed. I think that Xu Zhong intends to send it to all the departments in the Province and City Government. Luckily, I got there in time, or else who knows what he will do.

Geng Yuehua puts the DVDs and videotapes into a drawer and looks at Dong Xuebing. Did you encounter any problems on this trip?

Dong Xuebing replied. No. Everything went smoothly, and the hotels boss, Mr. Chang, is an a.s.sociate with the State Security Bureau. Thats why he installed hidden cameras in the room. Such an incident will not happen again. Dont worry about anything. Theres nothing I cannot handle.

Geng Yuehua nodded. Thank you.

Dong Xuebing is not used to Geng Yuehua being so polite to him. Whats there to thank? We are one family.

I heard. Geng Yuehua looks at Dong Xuebing. Before you left for Dong Hai District, you met Xinke at the entrance, and he hit you in front of many people.

No, we are not fighting.

He grabbed your collar, and it is not a fight?!

Dong Xuebing laughed. Thats nothing.

Geng Yuehua paused for a second. I apologized on behalf of my brother, and I had reprimanded him this afternoon.

I told you its fine. Dong Xuebing replied. I can understand how he felt. I would do the same thing if I were him. Since this incident is settled, dont tell him that I had helped. He had helped because of Geng Yuehua and didnt care how others saw him.

Geng Yuehua took out her phone and called home.

It was Geng Yuehuas mother who answered. She found out about the recording is very anxious. Yuehua, how is it?

Its settled. Ask Xinke to answer the phone.

What do you mean by settled? Tell me what happened?

Mum, get Xinke to the phone first.

You are making me worry. Geng Yuehuas mother said. Xinke, your sister is looking for you.

A while later, Geng Xinke answered. Sis. He is afraid of hearing bad news.

Geng Yuehua replied. Everything is settled. Tell Mum and Dad not to worry.

Sis, what happened. Geng Xinke is still worried.

The culprit is your high school cla.s.smate, Xu Zhong.

Xu Zhong? Geng Xinke thought for a while before remembering who this person was. Its him?! How come? I have not seen him after high school.

He is working at Cheng Hai Hotels surveillance room. Geng Yuehua replied sternly and told him what Dong Xuebing said. All the recordings and DVDs had been recovered, and they are with me now. Everything is settled.

Geng Xinke is relieved. Thank you, Sis.

You should thank yourself. Geng Yuehua replied coldly. Look at the trouble you have caused for me today!

Geng Xinke dares not retort to his sisters scolding.